Why are live chat and chatbots a must-have for your business?

Why are live chat and chatbots a must-have for your business?
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Nowadays, implementing an automation marketing tools system is very simple. The set of marketing automation solutions will help businesses easily control and complete their marketing and sales campaigns. Through that, businesses can best promote their marketing campaigns, in order to increase conversion rate, significant revenue. Find out more with the Techno N Guide now.

Marketing automation is the transmission of messages to customers completely automatically by software. These software allow users to create a flexible series of messages to send to target customers. Businesses can send appropriate messages based on their spending habits, customer interactions with the website in the past, where they are in the purchasing process, etc.

More broadly, marketing automation combines several marketing and business development concepts. These include content marketing, email marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization. As for automation marketing tools, the most commonly used are live chat and chatbot. Let’s dig into these two features in more detail.

Live Chat: One of the tools to help you interact with customers

Live Chat is a tool to help you use the website more effectively. It helps customers to quickly make interactions with the website owner. Especially, if you use live chat through the mobile application, you can work from anywhere at any time.

If you are selling or providing a product or service, communicating with your customers is extremely important. As soon as customers see products on the website, customers may arise a series of different questions. At this point, having questions answered is an important key for customers to be convinced and choose your product.

If you are running a small business, however, the amount of queries are just piling up and your current support team can reply to everyone on time, consider adding a chatbot to your customer support service. 

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Chatbot: How to Apply to Business?

Chatbot software can be said to be no stranger in today’s technologically developed era. Chatbot has helped optimize productivity, reduce costs through customer care, as well as taking care of people’s lives and health.

Chatbot is one of the marketing trends in 2021. Not only is it a powerful support in customer care, but it also supports many other outstanding features. For example, the feature to control the whole process from the phone through the mobile application just like live chat. 

Chatbot software is equipped with pre-installed scripts and trigger words that helps you respond to customer messages automatically. This helps the system understand the questions to simulate effective conversations and provide the right responses. Chatbot is a robot that automatically responds to customer messages on Facebook Messenger, website, etc. to serve sales and customer care.

What automation software is used for?

  • Help ensure customer experience

Customers can search for the information they want automatically, and can unsubscribe when they want to stop bothering. This is one of the strengths and weaknesses of the chatbot, if not exploited carefully, it will fall into spam.

For example, your website is learning English. customers will be happy, every time you prompt them to learn English when they agree. On the contrary, they will feel very annoyed if, without agreeing, they keep sending messages continuously.

Solution: you need to ask the guest’s permission when you start sending something.

  • Create a shortcut for customers to find the product

With the advantage of understanding customer psychology and its products. You can completely set up product combos that match the preferences of your customers without advertising or visiting the website.

This is a very powerful thing when you understand the behavior and preferences of customers, then I will suggest products that are suitable for them. They are not only happy but also grateful to you. It can be said that the pinnacle of chatbots and live chat is here.

  • Chatbot software resonance
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In other words, chatbots will help marketers get busier and sales staff more idle. Staff can work from the comfort of their phone at any time. It requires constant creativity to form customer buying habits, as well as easy sales. For those who like to be strategic, this is one of the must-try tools.

Not only stopping at a campaign, it will be a series of customer journeys to find your brand. It can be said that it is a CRM (method to help businesses approach and communicate with customers systematically and effectively) in miniature, for example.

  • Customer care 24/7

Even when you and the staff are all asleep, the chatbot is still active and advising customers. An employee who is always hardworking and undemanding. You can follow the process with a mobile application. However, this requires the mindset of the installer and your ingenuity to make content. 

For example, if a customer comments on a certain article, the customer will immediately receive an automatic response but no one closes the order, so you need to cleverly set up the customer response.

Final thought

After all, automating your business cannot completely replace humans when it comes to support. But it can be an alternative first point of contact for anyone who needs a hand. Help to take the first steps towards achieving the goal. Evidently, if you work through mobile application, you won’t lose any potential leads as you have control 24/7.

On a final note, research shows that customers have embraced automation tools as part of customer service and e-commerce. Additionally, 80% of companies are already using chatbots and live chat through websites as well as mobile applications.

Soon chatbots and live chat may come in versions and may specialize in many different tasks, but the most important thing here is that they can effectively help you and your customers achieve their goals. It is still a cost effective solution for your business.

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