Why Choose Ocean Freights to Ship Your Cargo?

There are not many ways to ship goods for cross-border trades. Airfreight and sea freight are the two main ways to deliver goods internationally. However, 80% of all the goods carried are transported through the sea, making ocean freight the backbone of world trade. There are many factors to consider while deciding which freight is better for the transportation of your shipment.

Cargo volume, freight, charges, shipping time are some of the fundamentals taken into account before choosing one type of freight over the other.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should opt for sea freights-

1.Low Freight Charges

This is an economical way of shipping goods. Ocean freight charges are lower than its alternatives. The major reason behind this is the lower maintenance costs of the sea carriers and the criteria of deciding charges. Additionally, in sea freight, you pay according to the container option you choose. However, when a load of your shipment is lesser, it is calculated in cubic meters.

The result, however, is an inexpensive way of shipping goods around the world. Several shipping companies offer nominal freight charges for impeccable services.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

No matter what the size of your shipment, ocean freight offers safe and effective transportation. The containers loaded with goods are further loaded over the vessel that transports them through the sea route.

Small-sized consignments can share space with other goods in a container while storing large and bulky goods in one or more containers based on the requirement. The arrangement is conducive to effective transportation.

3.Suitable for bulky Goods

Sea freights are also the best way to transport high-volume items because of the safety they offer. Heavy-duty goods are conveniently transferred through vessels without adding to the freight charges. The containers used in sea shipping are suitable to store heavy-duty items with much larger volumes making world trade easier.

4.Promised Safety

Unlike air cargo, ships which can transport goods of all sizes and weights are present. The management of ocean freight ensures the security of goods being transported. Some products are made of sensitive materials and can damage during shipping. However, researches prove that ocean freight is the safest option to transport sensitive shipments.

In extremely sensitive items, extra safety provisions are made to ensure careful freight and delivery of consignments.

5. Ecological

Presently, checking the carbon footprint of your business has become a necessity to ensure sustainable development. Many brands are coming out as 100% environment-friendly. Yes, the carbon footprint of any business also involves the shipping of its goods. Sea freights are environmentally superior to any other mode of transportation mainly because of their low carbon emission.

Sea freights have many advantages, including cost-effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendliness. The transportation of heavy and bulky goods is safe with sea shipping. However, the success and efficiency of the transport heavily depend on the shipping service you choose. Matson shipping is a renowned service helping traders across the globe to ship products safely and on time.


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