Why Does a Business Need General Liability Insurance?

Why Does a Business Need General Liability Insurance?

Managing a business in the food and hospitality industries comes with various risks, prompting owners to get insurance policies for their operations. A general liability insurance policy can help protect your business from claims related to property damage, physical injury, reputational risk, and more. This allows you to run your business while simultaneously reducing your risk of financial loss from such claims.

How Can a Business Benefit From General Liability Insurance?

General liability coverage can help protect your business in the event of a lawsuit. It can also preserve your reputation and minimize financial loss. Here are several reasons why businesses need general liability coverage:

Fulfill Legal Requirements

There are specific insurance requirements defined by law for commercial businesses to follow. Some states may require certain companies to have active general liability coverage before obtaining a license. Landlords may also require an active policy before they lease you a space for your business to operate. Having general liability insurance can help you comply with such legal requirements while also protecting your company from lawsuits.

Prevent Financial Loss

Liability claims arising from your business’s daily risks can be quite costly. Legal fees, settlements, and medical expenses can be a financial burden and potentially cause long-term harm to your business. A general liability policy can help protect your business’s cash flow and profitability by covering costs related to these claims. An insurer typically covers legal representation, court fees, medical expenses, and settlements, shielding your business from such financial burdens.

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Protect Reputation and Brand Image

Business operations that cause third-party injuries or property damage can damage your brand image and reputation. You may face bad reviews, negative publicity, customer complaints, or a market-wide boycott of your products or services. These can impact market share, sales, profitability, and customer loyalty. General liability coverage can help defend businesses against claims that could damage their reputation.

What Does a General Liability Policy Cover?

General liability policies do not mitigate all potential risk exposure but can help cover damage, injuries, or illnesses resulting from business operations. Here’s what a general liability policy can cover:

Bodily Injury

Customers who suffer physical injuries on your premises can sue your business if the injury results from any products or services you offer. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries, which could warrant expensive medical costs or settlements. A general liability policy can help protect your business from such claims.

Property Damage

General liability policies can help protect your business from property damage claims regarding you or your employees. This could include a server accidentally spilling a drink on a customer’s personal property. Claimed damage to expensive items like laptops or phones can be costly, creating a sizeable financial liability for your business.

Advertising Liability

Another party can claim that your business engaged in false or misleading advertisements. Having a general liability policy can help protect your business from claims related to advertising liability. Coverage can also extend to claims of copyright infringement related to the unauthorized use of third-party property.

Reputational Risk

Your employees represent the business, so you might be liable for any false or damaging information they put out about a competitor. This includes claims related to malicious prosecution, defamation, libel, slander, or privacy rights violations. General liability coverage can help handle such claims by paying for professional representation and handling settlement amounts.

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What Types of Businesses Need Liability Insurance?

Most small commercial businesses can benefit from basic liability insurance. This includes the following business types:

  • Coffee shops
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafeterias
  • Catering Companies

Food and hospitality businesses that directly serve food and drinks, experience a high number of daily customers, or operate in high-risk environments should consider a general liability policy. Other businesses, such as tax consulting services or clothing boutiques, can also benefit from investing in liability insurance coverage. 

Get General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance can help business owners handle daily operations with a minimized risk of adverse claims related to their products or services. Liability insurance coverage can help cover legal fees, medical costs, and third-party injury or property damage settlements. It can also help fulfill legal obligations and preserve your business’s reputation. Consider liability insurance to help protect your small commercial business.

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