Why is machine learning poised to become an alternative career for IT professionals?

Why is machine learning poised to become an alternative career for IT professionals?

The era we are entering requires more efficiency. The pandemic ridden world has never seen such a ravaging menace. The gargantuan losses in terms of valued labour and minds can never be replaced within time. Machine learning is the most reachable solution to this crisis. What machine learning ensures is less error. But the ethical question of what it should and should not do still prevails. Increasing successful implementations can render machine learning from means of compensation of human resources to a job slaying tool. Machine learning will definitely increase the value of human inputs. As the mundane error-prone jobs can be outsourced safely. However, based on the nature of a job, a degree of human supervision is essential. Though the amount of supervision needed can depend on multiple aspects of a tool or task. The training of a machine learning model is most specific. The training process involves a lot of time.

Machine learning tools are developed and trained in accordance with the task it is expected to perform. The nature and sensitivity of the task determine the kind of training and supervision it requires. This article will discuss multiple fields with a dominating presence of machine learning. And how the presence is transforming the industries.


The healthcare industry is perhaps the most sensitive and demanding of this discussion. Errors in the service of health can lead to the loss of lives. And thus the degree of supervision is higher than usual. The healthcare industry thanks to machine learning can make sense of large patient databases. These databases include patient history and details. The presence of these databases and the ability to exploit their potential delivers accurate treatment. Personalized therapies powered and designed with the help of machine learning-based data analysis is way more effective than a generalized treatment approach.


Another effective tool deployed by the healthcare industry is smart wearable devices. These devices are mainly deployed for realising remote diagnoses. These devices transmit relevant data to the concerned authority and help in the lightning-fast execution of treatment.


Success in plantation and agriculture involves predicting multiple factors accurately. Which includes soil information, weather information, geographical and population information. Due to the presence of government and private databases, this information is widely available. But the key to success lies in a perfect analysis of the available data.

Machine learning tools concentrating on agriculture are usually adept in analysing the data available and suggest a suitable plantation time. Appropriate fertilizers and pesticides. In addition to that q, a good ML tool can also determine the nature of a crop or vegetable a farmer should look forward to harvesting.


The data an internet user generates is huge. Which includes personal data, financial and location data etc. The shopping patterns of an individual are also significant as it depicts the financial and consumer behaviour of that person. Advanced machine learning tools can predict the purchase patterns of a buyer based on history and financial data. This leads to a massive opportunity for targeted marketing. Which means showing relevant advertisements to people. This invasive but unique method of marketing results in increased sales and is thus exploited as much as possible.


After the healthcare industry, logistics industries are the hot spot for the implementation of machine learning tools. From Tesla’s self-driving cars to the automatic traffic control systems, almost every automated aspect of traffic control is powered by machine learning. Logistics institutions are tracking and directing their fleets of transports with the help of machine learning. As the tendency of making erroneous decisions reduces in strength, traffic experience will become flawless over time. And most of the credit will be granted upon the massive implementation of machine learning in controlling the traffic our lives encounter.

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Given the wide implementation of machine learning, it is safe to assume that the scope of employment in the field might increase drastically. Given the pandemic situation obstructing the prospects of in-person training, a machine learning online course can really save the day. It is wise to learn machine learning from home and look for opportunities for hands-on training. A recommended course of action will be to look for the most reliable online machine learning course and complete it with utmost dedication. Then relocation can become an option given the opportunities available at a given time. In India, Bangalore and Gurgaon are the most likely candidates for relocation of ML professionals. As these cities house a lot of startups able to provide employment.

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