How do We Termite Control & How to find Professional Pest Control Company in Lahore?

How do We Termite Control & How to find Professional Pest Control Company in Lahore?

Termite control service Lahore will work with you every step of the way to eliminate termite damage in your home. After examining the site and assessing the damage to the foundation, we will recommend immediate solutions and protective measures to eliminate the termites and stop their infestation. We will immediately implement an action plan to minimize the impact on your structure. Termite Control Services Pakistan will provide you with termite extermination and treatment plan that takes into account the extent of the infestation and ensures that no further damage is done to your home. We offer a range of termite control and treatment methods to find the best solution for each case. We also offer preventive termite treatments to prevent termites from reoccurring in the future. Your home or building is an important investment. We ensure that termite infestations do not reach dangerous levels. By spreading knowledge and awareness through documentation, inspection reports and specific information, Termite Control Pakistan provides the experience and knowledge to deal with any termite problem.

What do termites look like ? Identifying termites entails spotting little, whitish insects with segmented bodies that resemble ants but have straight waists and equal-sized wings.

What is Eliminate Moisture & How to Eliminate? 

  1. Moisture is one of the main reasons that various pests, including termites, are attracted to your home. Eliminating excess moisture from your home can help deter termites from invading. If you live in a humid environment, investing in a dehumidifier can help. In the summer, you can run your air conditioner regularly during the day to keep your home at a cooler temperature and remove excess moisture from the indoor air.
  2. Fix water leaks. Watch for leaks or rotting areas in your home. Rotting roofs and damp walls are ideal habitats for termites. Repair and patch leak promptly and inspect them frequently, especially in basements and dirty corners of your home. These areas often go unnoticed and are the first places to attract pests. Leaky areas in basements can be particularly attractive because they are closer to the ground and termites are more likely to attack this area.

How to Clean Up Termites?

  1. Whether you hire a professional to deal with termites or bed bugs or not, it’s important to clean up your house. Pay special attention to the unusable paper, cardboard, old magazines and newspapers, as they provide an ideal habitat for pests such as termites. If a room is infested with termites, never move items, including furniture stored in that room, to another part of the house that is not infested with termites.
  2. If you have a garden, keep a distance between the ground and trees. Most experts believe that a distance of at least eighteen centimetres is important. This way you can prevent termites from attacking the foundation of your house and your furniture. You can create a physical barrier for termites by separating the soil from the wood with stones or concrete, especially in areas such as patios and gardens.
  3. Use borates on the wood before priming or painting it. Borates are one of the most popular termite repellents. You can spray borates on the wood before priming and painting. It penetrates the wood and essentially prevents termites from attacking and chewing on the wood. After the spray dries, you can apply the primer to the wood for window frames, doors, furniture, etc. This borate spray is strong enough to repel termites for decades.


Will termites Kill in the Sunlights? Where We find Services in Lahore?

  1. If you find termites damaging a piece of furniture, place it in direct sunlight for at least three consecutive days. This strategy for termite protection works well in the summer because termites cannot tolerate high temperatures. Placing infested furniture in sunlight will kill termites and remove moisture from the furniture, preventing new infestations from occurring. It is recommended to thoroughly remove dust and use termite spray before moving furniture indoors. You can also do this for furniture that is not infested with termites to make sure it is termite-free.
  2. If your house has been infested with termites, the first thing you should do is call a pest control company for a thorough inspection and subsequent termite treatment. Considering the damage termites have done to your home’s foundation and furniture, the cost of termite treatment does not seem to be high.
  3. After treating your home for termites, in addition to the measures mentioned above, you can better maintain your home against termites by regularly cleaning your furniture with oil, such as neem oil. You can also book an annual pest control service with Urban to inspect your home and treat it if needed.
  4. Kaufmann Enterprises Limited provides 100% satisfactory and guaranteed termite control services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan using the latest technology and modern equipment. Most people look for the best termite control services in Pakistan because they know that termites can cause serious damage in hidden places of the house, behind walls, basements and cellars.
  5. Unfortunately, most Pakistani homeowners do not think of termites as a potential threat to their valuable wooden structures when planning their housing budget. With termite damage to homes running into millions of rupees, termite control is extremely important.

With 15 years of experience, the experts at Kaufmann Enterprises strongly recommend that the best solution to prevent termite damage is a thorough annual inspection and the use of a “termite bait system” to detect termite colonies and eliminate them from your valuable home.

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Tips For Solving Termite Problem 

Firstly, need to recognize that the risk of termite damage increases depending on where you live, and need to have extensive experience in this area. If you have a termite damage problem in your home or building and think you need our help, give us a call.

Finding Company for Pest Control

Some Companies has regional offices in Lahore and Karachi and has expanded their operations to other major cities in Pakistan to help people in all parts of the country. They provide the best termite control services in Lahore and our satisfied customers in Lahore have recognized us as the best termite control company in Lahore. On the same pattern, they also provide the best termite control/termite extermination services in Karachi and our large customer base in Karachi has rightly appreciated us as the best termite control/termite extermination company in Karachi. Some Industries will continue to innovate and select the best quality products to provide the best termite control services in Pakistan. The best termite control company in Pakistan the services of industry are recognized by thousands of satisfied customers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and other cities of Pakistan.

What are termites?

  1. Subterranean termites are the most destructive wood pests in the world. They cause billions of dollars in damage each year and have a significant negative impact on a family’s most important asset: their home. The real problem begins when termites attack furniture, cabinets and other wooden parts of homes and buildings that people have built for comfort.
  2. The presence of termites often goes unnoticed because they hide behind wallboard, siding and trim. In all areas, homeowners should be aware of subterranean termites and take precautions to avoid their infestation. The best way to minimize termite damage is to understand the description of termites, their life cycle and methods of infestation, and to take preventive and control measures.

Identification of termites

Subterranean termites are gregarious insects that live in colonies in the ground, hence the name “subterranean”. These colonies are composed of three forms or castes.

Kings and Queens

Each termite colony has at least one king and one queen, who is considered the centre of the termite colony. The queen’s sole purpose is to reproduce. A termite king can live up to 30 years.


The termite queen lays thousands of eggs per year. These eggs eventually hatch into nymphs.


During the worm stage, the nymphs are divided into different castes. Workers, Soldiers, Breeders and other Breeders.


Workers are termites without eyes or wings, who maintain the colony, build and repair nests and pipes, find food and take care of other termites. They are the largest group of termites and are most often found in infested wood.


Soldiers are sterile, wingless and blind. Their only job is to protect the colony. They can also be found in infested wood.

Breeding individuals with wings

These termites eventually leave the colony as a swarm of adult termites. After forming a colony, they shed their wings and form pairs. Each pair, consisting of a male and a female, will attempt to establish a new colony.

Additional multipliers

  1. They help increase the population of an existing termite colony and replace the termite king or queen when they die. Subterranean termites feed on cellulosic materials such as wood. Plant products such as paper, cotton and linen are often aggressively consumed by termites. They can even burrow into the core of deadwood and living plants. Most subterranean termite species are unable to digest cellulose directly and rely on protozoa and single-celled bacteria living in the hindgut. The digested cellulose is then shared with the growing larvae and other workers, soldiers and reproductive individuals.
  2. Termites are attracted to certain fungi that destroy wood, making it easier to eat and access. In some cases, the fungus can serve as a source of nitrogen to feed the termites. Moisture is important because subterranean termites are very resistant to drying. To survive, termites must come in contact with soil (their primary source of moisture) and other above-ground moisture sources, such as faulty plumbing, leaky roofs, leaking air conditioning condensers and poorly maintained drains.
Signs of infestation

A termite infestation can be difficult to detect. To determine if a home or building is infested with termites, examine the entire structure for bulges (such as wings on windows or termite carcasses), seepage pipes or damaged areas.

Preventing termite problems

Many termite problems can be prevented through thoughtful planning, mechanical modifications and proper building renovation. The basic idea of prevention is to limit termite access to food (wood), moisture and shelter. It is important to plan the work before it begins. The construction site should be paved or modified so that the soil moves away from the building in all directions. In existing homes, it may be necessary to correct slopes and install drainage pipes. Reclaimed porches, patios, sidewalks or windbreaks should be sloped away from the house.

Chemical Treatments

Subterranean termites usually enter through the surface of the building. Therefore, the application of desmoplakin to the soil will prevent them from entering for several years. For complete protection, a full chemical or physical barrier must be created between the structure and the soil. Even in existing homes, such barriers should be installed where there is a termite infestation. Read more general information on termites

  • We strongly recommend that you have one of our experts inspect your home to determine if termites are present.
  • Even if termites are not found, we can prescribe preventive treatments.
  • A good inspection is often done in inaccessible or dangerous areas.
  • If termites are present, our experts can show you how to get rid of them.
  • Termites can be harmful to your home. Our termite control technicians understand the structure of the building and how it affects the planning and implementation of the termite control program.
  • Our termite control technicians are trained to correctly interpret the inspection results and understand how they relate to the selection of appropriate control methods.
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Important Benefits of Termite Control

Termites are difficult to detect and can pose a serious threat to new and old homes and buildings. Termites can enter homes and buildings through walls, cracks, pipes and, in some cases, floor gaps. They are known to be destructive insects and can cause significant damage to buildings. Soil nesting termites can corrode buildings and their structures. Wood-nesting termites will eat the wood in the home, including wooden fences, wooden stairs and wooden furniture. In Pakistan, termites cause more damage to homes than any other natural disaster. It is very important to eliminate termites and their causes before they cause serious damage.

Termite protection or termite extermination, as the name suggests, uses chemicals to kill termites and protect your home, building or office from termites. The best time for termite treatment/termite control is during the construction phase of the home or building. In addition, it’s not just about protecting your home from termites, but also about food safety and overall health. If you are interested in the benefits of termite protection/termite control, please click here.

Protecting building foundations with termite protection

Building foundations are made of composite materials, such as steel rods and wood structures, which attract termites. In addition, cracks in the home’s foundation, cracks and window seams are all opportunities for termites to enter. Termite protection or termite control services eliminate termites and ensure the integrity of the building’s foundation. Termite control not only protects the building’s foundation, but also the furniture, especially wood furniture.

Termite control prevents the spread of termites

Termites are very small, but they are numerous. Sometimes people do a termite inspection and think their home or building is termite-free, but termites hide and can cause problems later. They exist as a family and are responsible for reproduction. Therefore, termite protection and control can prevent further termite infestations.

Termite control gives you peace of mind

Termites are destructive and can destroy your buildings in a matter of months. If not addressed promptly, the repair of your building can be very costly. Effective and timely termite protection/termite control allows you to minimize potential damage and maintain much-needed peace of mind.

Termite control helps detect other pests

During termite protection/termite control, you can control and monitor other pests such as spiders, flies, mosquitoes, lizards, roaches, etc. Termite treatment/termite control keeps most other pests out of the area where the treatment was done.

A regular termite inspection is essential before and after construction. If you notice signs of a possible termite problem around your home or building, the expert team at Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. can help you in all major cities of Pakistan.

Termite control services in Pakistan

Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides the best termite control services in Islamabad with the help of an experienced and professional team, so we are rightly considered as the best termite control company in Islamabad. The head office of Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, which provides the best termite control/termite control services in Islamabad, is located at “1st floor, Plaza #77, Linear Commercial, Maintenance Road, Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi”. You can contact us directly or book an appointment online to avail our quality termite control services in Islamabad with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Termite control services in Rawalpindi 

Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides top-notch termite control and extermination services in Rawalpindi with an experienced and professional team, which makes us rightly considered as the best termite control company in Rawalpindi. The headquarters of Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, the best termite control company in Rawalpindi, is located on “1st floor, Plaza #77, Linear Commercial, Maintenance Road, Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi”. Contact us directly or book an appointment online to avail of our quality termite control services in Rawalpindi with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

What is the Natural Way to Eliminates Termites?


Nematodes are parasitic worms that like to feed on termites. You can buy these little worms online or at speciality stores. You can then release them in the area where you know (or suspect) termites have taken up residence, and they will get to work finding their meal. The nematodes will multiply and continue to search for termites until they are gone. They are very effective at eliminating termites if you introduce enough of them into the colony.


Sodium borate, usually sold as a borax powder, can both kill termites and wash your laundry. You can either sprinkle the powder on the infected area or mix it with water and spray it on the area you think is infested. As with vinegar, you’ll need to reapply the solution to make sure you’ve reached most of the colony.

Orange oil

Orange oil consists primarily of d-limonene, which is deadly to termites. The oil is extracted from orange peels and is available at home and garden supply stores and online. The orange oil causes the termites’ exoskeleton to dissolve, causing them to lose moisture and protein and eventually die. Spray the oil directly on the termites or on areas where you suspect a termite infestation. The oil can also be sprayed to repel termites. So spraying oil regularly is a good way to rid your home of termites, whether you have them or not.

Wet cardboard

Termites like two things: water and cellulose. Sprinkle a piece of cardboard with water and you have a termite buffet of all flavours. Why do you need it? If you think you already have termites in your home, you can attract them to a specific location with this cardboard bait. Once you see that termites have settled on the dresser, you can remove the piece of cardboard and burn it to destroy the termites inside. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to attract termites.


Termites hate sunlight. They can even die if they are exposed to too much sunlight and heat. If you have a piece of furniture that you suspect is infested with termites, you can put it in the garden to rest in the Arizona sun for a while. During the summer months, it won’t take long for all those unwanted pests to leave your furniture. If your home’s structure is infested with termites, you can’t move the beams into the yard. However, you can install UV lights to irradiate the area and get the same results.

Perimeter Barrier

Ideally, your home should have been protected by a barrier during the construction phase. If not, you can always install one, although it may take a little time. You will need to dig a small trench around the house to place the barrier in the ground. If you use the right materials, the barrier will prevent subterranean termites from entering your Arizona home directly.


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