How to Craft Compelling Instagram Content: 8 Fresh Ideas For 2021

How to Craft Compelling Instagram Content: 8 Fresh Ideas For 2021
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Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses, and to establish your business on the platform, it is essential to produce good quality and engaging content. The platform has developed modifications in the past months, and media managers need to adapt to new changes. About content strategy, you must be aware of what, when, and how to publish content on Instagram. In this article, we shall see how to craft an excellent Instagram content strategy for your brand.

1. Determine What to Post on Instagram

Once you set up your business profile, observe your top-performing posts and figure out the kind of posts that magnify engagement. Determine the content depending on the following factors,

Bio-Link Clicks

It is an essential criterion to follow. When someone checks in your profile, that means after seeing one of your posts, they have made an extra tap over and visited your account. Remember that if someone pays a visit to your profile, they want to know about you, what you do, and why they have to follow you. Instagram lets you add an external URL to your bio, and it could be a link to your website, a blog, a podcast, or any website link to promote. To know the number of visits to your websites, tap insights, and then click Accounts Reached. By identifying the number of visits to a profile, you will better understand what type of content your audience is interested to see.

Analyze Content Performance

Make sure you have a strong content strategy to post on feeds, stories, live, IGTV, and reels. Use all of these features to increase the chance of seeing your posts by the audience. Initially, you could start experimenting with all the features and observe the top-performing posts’ metrics. That data tells you the type of content you need to create further.

Track the Shares & Saves

Shares and saves are two essential metrics to track the content performance on Instagram and the kind of content you need to post. 

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Question yourself.

What kind of content would drive my audience to save the post? Probably, tricks, tips, BTS content, educational content, or know-how content, etc. Invest some time to come up with an answer to this question. The same thing applies to sharing your content. The type of posts you craft for your brand has to inspire someone to share with their audience. The information on this must help you to produce content that goes well with the audience.  

2. Discover the Ideal Time to Post on Instagram

Typically, the right time to post is during lunch breaks and evening times on Instagram, the times when people have finished their work. There are four ways to analyze your suitable time to share your products and brand on Instagram,

  • Figure out the perfect time zones to understand the audience’s most active times- this analytics data is present in the native app.
  • Test with multiple posting times and track your performance.
  • Observe your competitors’ posting times.
  • Monitor your business behavior.

3. Explore Hashtags to Use on Instagram

Most people are confused about what kind of hashtags to use on Instagram. Although hashtags do a great job, overusing them might lead to low engagement rates on Instagram. Hashtags are like keywords that help the audience find your brand quickly and allow you to group your posts on Instagram. The capability of a hashtag depends on the audience that uses the exact keywords. When you tap on a hashtag, you would see plenty of posts related to that topic. You could also follow the hashtag if you want to see upcoming posts. Hashtags not only categorize your posts, but are an efficient way to receive automatic Instagram likes which leads to increased engagement, and build brand visibility. The kind of hashtags you want to place depends on the emotions you need to express, the audience you wish to connect with, the products you want to promote, or to find out your business or events.

4. Identify Where to Put your Hashtags

Where to include your hashtags- captions or comments? Some may insert hashtags at the end of post captions, and some may put them in the first comment. Based on your ROI, you need to experiment with what suits your account the best. According to Instagram hashtag research, 87.7% of brands put hashtags within captions. It is good to place them in captions if you have to promote hashtags for a campaign or make an audience share posts with the hashtag.

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5. Monitor Number of Hashtags to Use

The platform lets just thirty hashtags for every post. Posts with hashtags tend to spark more conversations, but sometimes it might make your brand more desperate or attract the wrong audience.

6.Assess your Caption Length on Instagram   

Concerning the modifications in the platform, turning up with the proper Instagram caption is pretty hard in 2021. Do you have to write a one-word caption with an emoji? Or do you have to jot down one-line captions or tiny blogs within your captions? Instagram metrics like comments, reach, likes, and impressions let you understand the ideal caption length for your brand. Bear in mind, most of the followers would scroll through the feeds quickly. Hence, keep your captions short and sweet. Include the essential texts in the first three captions to ensure the text would capture followers’ attention and encourage them to take respective actions.

7. Forecast Audience Behavior from Past Content

The reactions of the audience on Instagram are a rich source of data. You can determine the content they share or communicate with, along with the demographics, interests, and behavior. Then, you could make use of this information to decide on further marketing and reach target customers. The insights on these help you understand the trends and buying patterns for the future. Also, it helps to predict the potential customers for your products and the times they would make a purchase.

8. Examine Competitors Content Strategy

During the planning of content strategy, you need to consider two types of competitors,

  • Your brand’s highest competitor or the ones who impact your annual income.
  •  Aspirational competitors or the brand’s that you admire

To succeed in the competition and build brand awareness on Instagram, set up Instagram competitive standards and examine your business. 

Final Thought

How would you determine your content strategy on the platform? Which tools would you use to track your key performances? What is your plan to craft the best content on Instagram? Tracking your efforts could be overwhelming as the businesses today are facing ever-increasing metrics to go after. Implement the steps mentioned in this article to stand at the top with your strategy. Create monthly or weekly meetings to examine your post timing on the platform, and set up benchmarks for your brand.

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