Demand for Covid-19 vaccine increase, BioNTech sales beat expectations

Demand for Covid-19 vaccine increase, BioNTech sales beat expectations
Headquarters of the company Biontech in Mainz, GermanyHeadquarters of the company Biontech in Mainz, Germany (March 13, 2021)

The industry-leading biotech company, BioNTech recently posted its quarterly earnings data. As the report indicates, the company once again beat the sales expectations – this happened for the second straight quarter. The sales of the company jumped to almost 2.8 billion euros, as the demand for its Covid-19 vaccine has increased drastically.

BioNTech is a German biotech company that worked with American company Pfizer to develop its Covid-19 vaccine. Previously, the company had announced that it was expecting full-year revenues from the vaccine to be about 12.4 billion euros, however, recently, the forecast was updated to about 15.9 billion euros.

As of July 21, BioNTech had already signed contracts for as much as 2.2 billion doses for delivery this year. In addition, another 1 billion doses of the vaccine should be delivered by 2022 and beyond. According to the report of the company, they are expecting to reach an annual manufacturing capacity of as much as 3 billion doses by the end of the year.

This makes BioNTech one of the most successful biotech companies around the world. Thanks to the vaccine developed with Pfizer, the company has become one of the leaders in fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the success of the company, many people started investing in its shares. Over the past few months, investing in biotech stocks has become very popular amid developments around the world. Being at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, these companies are great investment options for many.

The company announced that BioNTech and Pfizer managed to already cross the one billion mark for the Covid-19 doses shipped around the world. This milestone was reached after only six months. BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the only two jabs using messenger RNA technology, which is a whole new step in the vaccination.

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As trials showed their high effectiveness, the demand for such vaccines increased drastically. The profits of the company for the first half of the year reached as much as 3.9 billion euros. Because of such high revenues from the vaccine, BioNTech is on its way to becoming one of the best-selling drugs around the world, and the revenues will be split with Pfizer.

Because of the ongoing events, many people started investing in such companies. As a trader, there are some things you should keep in mind when investing in biotech stocks. This includes the methods of trading, stock trading fees, stock exchanges, and many others.

Technology & vaccines

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important modern technology can be in fighting against viruses as well as facing other challenges. Numerous companies around the world developed Covid-19 vaccines in a very short time, especially compared to other vaccines throughout history.

While the huge investments and effort put into vaccine development was such an important factor, modern technology, and its support to scientists was another very important thing that helped the development of Covid-19 vaccines.

The vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech uses totally new technology. This mRNA vaccine is the first of its kind used massively to vaccinate people all around the world. The majority of other Covid-19 vaccines are using older technologies that had been used many other times throughout history.

The development of new technology for the Covid-19 vaccine increases hopes for creating vaccines for other diseases as well. For example, Pfizer announced that they were working towards using the same technology in the development of vaccines for numerous other diseases, including cancer.

This is a huge step forward for the whole medical sector and could mean a chance for further development of the whole industry. These types of vaccines have already proven to have the capabilities to revolutionize future vaccines and treatments for cancer and other diseases.

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Up until now, all of the vaccines were created in the same way – by using a form of the actual virus itself. However, it has changed a lot in the past few years. While there are some people who are worried about the mRNA vaccines and the whole technology, the fact is that they have been under trial for over 25 years now, which makes them a great fit for a quick, yet effective way of ending diseases.

These vaccines introduce cells to the body, which end up setting off an immune response against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Many believe that this might be the biggest transformation in the way people see vaccines. The main idea behind these types of vaccines is for the mRNA to tell a cell to make a protein that is used by a certain virus, this, in turn, produces an immune response and gives the body the ability to find the actual virus.

Covid-19 pandemic & its impact

Covid-19 had a huge impact on numerous industries around the world. Due to the fast pace of the virus spreading globally, the majority of the countries had to introduce specific regulations and restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

Although many industries have struggled, the pandemic helped scientists get the funding they needed to quickly develop an effective vaccine with totally new technology. Many believe that the pandemic played a huge role in the popularization of mRNA vaccines and the technology behind them, which can be quite helpful for many other diseases as well.

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