Why we need to give cyber security a long, hard look

Why we need to give cyber security a long, hard look

Have you ever wondered how far we have come from our ancestors in terms of a lifestyle? Even the basic necessities of today were a futuristic luxury for our ancestors. In many parts of the world, access to the Internet is becoming a basic right of people. Technology has definitely changed how our society functions and will continue transforming the basic constructs of our lifestyle in the future as well. The digital world has penetrated our lives deeper than we care to admit. Today most of us cannot think of life, let alone live it, without a mobile phone and an internet connection.

Whether it is education, healthcare, communication, food, entertainment, shopping or finance, we depend heavily on the digital world for our basic needs. Some services like banking and education have been so deeply transformed by innovation in information technology, that today we can find hundreds of standalone digital services in these sectors. An increase in these digital services has also created an environment of increased and advanced privacy issues that our parents never had to face. As it becomes easier to transact with our money, it also becomes easier to lose it in cyber incidents. While we can enjoy the benefits of learning anything from the comfort of our homes, we must also notice how many students are choosing to learn ethical hacking online. What this means is that the more our digital world expands and innovates, the more protection it needs.

For a long time, we have been so busy enjoying the fruits of the Internet and the digital world that we hardly ever made security a priority. Every day, businesses go digital and online stores open their doors for the public. From individuals to companies to administrations, everyone has neglected and put cyber security in the backseat for quite a long period and that has only led to teaching us a bitter lesson. However, it’s better to be late than sorry. The world is coming to terms with the fact that information security needs to be at the top of our minds every second of the day because hackers never sleep and cyber incidents don’t knock before they come. In a world where people like even the basic cyber security training, encouraging people to undergo CEH training is a far cry.

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However, surveys have shown that things are looking quite better in the information security industry. Organizations are quickly filling up their cyber security departments and investing heavily in information security by making it a top priority for their business. Many organizations are even planning to have standalone cyber security departments. On the other hand, educational platforms are making it easier for students to opt for cyber security training programs from their homes and learn from the best mentors of the world without having to relocate. Governments of the world are also taking significant measures to encourage cyber security awareness among the general public and promoting cyber security education among students and professionals who can contribute their talent and skills in making the world a safer place and combating digital terrorists and cyber warfare between nations.

The merits of learning cyber security are quite attractive. The more you know about cyber security, the more you will understand why it is such a promising career, especially for the future of our world. It is clear that we need to reassess our stance on information security in a world that is shaped profoundly by information technology. In other words, the Information Age that we live in cannot last for long unless we vow to take urgent and strong action for Information Security as well.

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