1 Bedroom House Plans

1 Bedroom House Plans
3D rendering of a children room interior. Computer generated image of a children room with a single bed.

1 bedroom house plans are great for homeowners that don’t want to join the “tiny homes” movement but would still like to downsize on their existing home.

There are many reasons people do this; maybe you are ready for retirement and are unwilling to maintain your existing home. Maybe you’re a young couple that would rather own a home than pay rent. Maybe you’re willing to join the minimalist movement but would like a little room to breathe.

Whatever your reasons are, here are 10 reasons why a one-bedroom house plan could be right for you.

As a homeowner, you would want a place that suits your lifestyle and a one-bedroom home gives you that option. Whether you’re buying or building your smaller home, finding the space in prime locations is much easier to do with a smaller home.

Take for example you would like to have your home by the beach. It’s much easier to buy a one-bedroom apartment or land close to the beach to build your home!

  • Cost-Effective

One of the best things about one-bedroom floor plans is that they are cheaper to build than bigger homes with multiple rooms.

If you really want to cut down on costs, you could consider having an open floor house plan where the kitchen, living room, and dining area share the same space. Not only is the open floor plan more cost-effective, but it also brightens the space making the home look bigger than it is.

  • Easier to Maintain

For homeowners that are in their golden years, having a huge house to clean and a large yard to maintain can be a pain in the neck, literally!

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One-bedroom homes are ideal for the elderly and not only because they are easier to maintain but because these homes can be customized to meet the needs of the elderly.

Ideally, if you’re disabled and need a wheelchair, the house can be customized so that it sits on one floor, negating the need for stairs. Additionally, you can incorporate an open house plan, making it easier for you and your wheelchair to access all areas of your home.

  • Sense of Safety

Having a smaller home can imbue a sense of safety for the homeowner. Let’s face it, having a huge home makes you a target for burglaries and home invasions. Seeing as these perpetrators will assume that big homes have more expensive things to steal.

Additionally, having a smaller home means that you can add security elements to your home and be perfectly secure. Keeping you safe from anything that goes bump in the night.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Many people are becoming more conscientious about the environment because climate change is happening at an alarming rate.

With this in mind, you’ll find that a growing number of people are choosing to have smaller homes. Having a smaller home reduces your carbon footprint and is an eco-friendly option.


For starters, utility bills aren’t as expensive so you would be cutting down on light pollution and reducing the overall energy consumption in your home. Additionally, people who live in smaller homes are more conscious of their carbon footprint and are more likely to live a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Limited Guests

If you’re not particularly partial to having guests come to your home and stay the night, having a one-bedroom home can be ideal.

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Whether it’s friends or family, some guests tend to overstay their welcome. Having a home with just one bedroom will limit the number of times guests can stay over.

After all, who wants to sleep on a pullout couch indefinitely?

  • Helps Build Relationships

Whether this is a blessing or a curse, one-bedroom homes can help build existing relationships. In larger homes, there is so much space available that it’s easy for loved ones to lose sight of each other and drift apart.

In a one-bedroom home, it’s hard to drift apart simply because you’re sharing a smaller space and have to interact more frequently in these spaces.

  • Simpler Living

Living simply and being environmentally conscientious don’t have to be synonymous with each other. For those that would like a simpler lifestyle, a one-bedroom home can give you what you yearn for. Simpler living incorporates some of the elements we have talked about and incorporates others.

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Simpler living means different things to different people. It can mean spending more time outdoors, having time for hobbies, spending more time with family, or finding yourself with a bit of rest and relaxation.

Final Thoughts

Many people have the misconception that living in a smaller home is more of a necessity rather than a lifestyle.

This notion has been debunked time and time again with many people opting to live in smaller homes rather than living in sprawling mansions.

So, what are you waiting for? Your one-bedroom floor plan awaits.

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