10 Clever Ways To Improve Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

10 Clever Ways To Improve Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

Facebook is the best social media platform where your customers love to spend time. Therefore, 92% of marketers use Facebook for advertising their company’s products & services. If you’re also using Facebook ads for generating leads, attain more customers, or boosting your sales but not getting good conversions. It’s time to discover the clever ways to improve Facebook ads conversion rate to achieve your business goals.

Even though Facebook ads leverage you to attain your sales goals, generate valuable leads, and help in brand awareness without blowing out a larger budget. Your business needs to venture into effective digital marketing techniques to boost growth & surpass the competitors. You need to manage the content and comments as well on your Facebook page. You need to hide facebook comments that are irrelevant or can damage your reputation.

Either you can hire a digital marketing professional for creating digital marketing strategies for your business growth or you can save your money & acquire digital marketing skills for scaling your business. I find, second option most effective.

Because Nobody knows your business & customers better than you. If you integrate your business knowledge with digital marketing skills. It can be a quantum leap for your business growth. But, before you enroll in any digital marketing program, take time to research & analyze different institute’s curriculum & teaching styles. And, only after that you should decide which digital marketing training institute in Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, or whatever city you live in is the best and most suitable for you.

I hope you got the idea of how you can accelerate your business growth with digital marketing skills. It’s time to dive into how to optimize Facebook ads for conversion.

10 Clever Ways To Improve Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a matric that helps to determine the ad performance according to the impression, clicks, and conversions.

Your goals can be different such as purchase, download, watch the video, or filling up the lead form but the conversion rate is the same that represents how well your ads are working.

So, let’s get ahead to learn the breakthrough facebook conversion ads strategies to boost conversion rate.

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1.  Choose Conversion As Your Marketing Object

Your marketing goal can be anything. Maybe you want people to watch your latest product video, download your app, get traffic to your site, or generate leads. Facebook has different marketing objectives to help you achieve your business goals.

For Example, If you choose video views as your marketing goal. Facebook will calculate the conversion rate according to the impression or click. but if you want visitors to sign up for the form you have attached the video. You surely want Facebook to deliver your ads and calculate the conversion rate based on actual conversions (filled lead form).

Besides, the conversion objective leverages a variety of options to target your audience which makes it best.

conversion objective

2.   Utilize Custom Audience

Facebook has a feature to create a custom audience. Which can be included in your target audience or excluded.

By using this Facebook ad optimization technique you can save your budget to show ads to potential users based on their activity on your website and exclude the audience who has already purchased from you.

But, for doing this you need to install Facebook pixel code on your website. It helps to store data of user’s activity and on your website’s pages.

Utilize Custom Audience

3.  Include Social Proof In Ad Description

Most marketers don’t take advantage of Facebook ad descriptions. But, you can hook your audience by showing them something that builds trust in them.

For Example You can add the numbers of how many people have already used your products and got benefits. More precisely If you’re a fitness trainer you can write, 130+ clients transformed their fitness already.

4. Eye-Catching Ad Creative

Ad creative is the foremost thing that can grab user attention and stop scrolling. And, remember you only get 2.6 seconds to catch the user’s attention.

Therefore, using striking images & visuals is something you can take help of. Use bright colors, leave white space, and don’t overwhelm the creative with text to craft an eye-catching visual for your Facebook ad.

5.  Write Short & Compelling Ad Copy

The beauty of ad copy lies in the ability to persuade customers with fewer words. Yes! Long ad copies can instantly make users yawn and make them go without looking through the exclusive offers and value from your product & services.

If you don’t want this to happen. Make your copy compelling to read, easy to understand what you offer, and persuasive to take action.

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6.  Segment Audience For Better Relevance

You’re familiar with your audience persona. And, the Facebook pixel stored data of your audience’s behavior and activity on your website. Great! It’s time to utilize one of the most clever ways to improve Facebook ad’s conversion rate.

You can segment your audience according to the stages like: some audience land on a website and walk off, some check out product pages, some went through add to cart page and some didn’t buy even reaching the payment option.

All of these audience groups have different reasons for not getting converted. Now, you need to put yourself in their shoes, figure out the reason for their leaving and create an irresistible offer for each group to target them in your next Facebook ad campaign.

Segment Audience

7.   Broaden Your Potential Audience

Facebook campaign best practices focus on smart work rather than harder. Once you get data of your potential buyer through Facebook pixel after creating a custom audience you can use the look-alike option to target the users with similar demographics, interests, and behavior.

Broaden Your Potential Audience

8.   Use Strong Call To Action

Call to action is the most important part of Facebook ads conversion rate. 40% of your conversion rate depends on it.

Even if your ad visuals are attractive, headline is captivating or copy is persuasive you may lose valuable click-throughs if your call to action is not relevant & persuasive enough to encourage users to take action.

You should use direct call to action such as: discover, Yes! Send me etc.

9.   Employ Existing Post Engagement

Win the battle ground before you step in. Using your existing posts like, shares, and comments are the best Facebook conversion strategies big companies are using.

You might have seen thousands of likes & comments on some ads, and wonder how they acquire that. Well, It’s the magic of previously gained engagement with their loyal customers.

If you have any posts related to your product & service already in your Facebook feed. You can take advantage of it to increase your Facebook ad conversion rate.

Employ Existing Post Engagement

10.   Test, Track & Analyze Your Campaign Performance

In Facebook ads, there is nothing set in stone to increase your campaign performance. You won’t get to know how deep the water is unless you dive into it. So, it’s important to track your CPC, CTR, and ROI while running the insight of what’s working and what’s not.

You can do A/B testing on the headline of your ad, copy, visual, call to action, track the performance of your ads, and do modification after analyzing what’s actually working for you

Conclusion: Learning facebook ads optimization strategies helps to retain ad budget to drain out on unqualified leads and provide high conversions. For making it happen, I have got you acquainted with 10 clever ways to improve Facebook ads conversion rate for making your next Facebook ad campaign a giant success.

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