10 Free Android Apps to Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones

10 Free Android Apps to Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones

Nowadays, many android apps have been made to monitor kid’s smartphones. This is the digital era where parents also find it difficult to look after their kids. Parents are also getting addicted to digital devices. Children are not getting proper attention from parents. Children are having a negative influence from outsiders. Parents are unaware of their kid’s digital activities.

So with the increasing number of digital innovations, parents can now monitor their kid’s device activities whether it’s iOS, macOS, Windows, or Android. It helps to protect your kids from the negative aspects of smartphones. This term can also be used as “Digital Parenting”. It will help parents to know about their device activities. They will get to know about their issues and problems.

There are many ways you can monitor your kid’s Smartphone. The best and safest way to monitor your kid’s digital device by using parental control apps. There are many free and paid parental control apps. But we will guide you on free android apps to monitor your kid’s Smartphones.

What is Parental Control App and Why It’s Used?

Firstly, you should know about parental control apps. It’s an app or software where users can track all the activities that are happening on mobile devices. It works on different device platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and many others. This parental control app helps to monitor the device activities of children remotely.

There are many free apps available but the free apps have limited features and the paid apps have unique features to control kid’s device activities. The parental control app isn’t considered hacking. It’s used to check screen time, block inappropriate content, block apps, monitor calls & messages, and can manage many other activities. The parental control app is also used to protect your child from negative influence.

Why do You need To Monitor Your Kid’s Smartphones?

Nowadays, it’s necessary to monitor your kid’s digital devices. Smartphones can be informative, educational, and fun but they can also be risky. There are many dangers of smartphones. Parents are not mindful of what their children are exposed to. Smartphones have made kids’ lives easier but also makes them more challenging.

Kids are addicted to smartphones. If parents take their cell phones kids tend to show their anger or their mood will be changed. They rely on a smartphone for every activity. Children are facing many mental and physical health complications. There are many mature and explicit contents that your kids may stumble on.

They are not following the safety rule on the internet. Children are talking with strangers on social media. They are not being able to focus on their studies. Due to these reasons, you need to monitor your kid’s smartphone. So here are the 10 free android apps to monitor your kid’s smartphones.

1. Google Family Link

Google Family Link is the best and free monitoring app for Android. This app is developed by Google. This helps to control your kid’s smartphone screen time. You can monitor their daily time average of each app and you can set a timer to restrict your kids from excessive smartphone use.

Google Family Link

You can allow your kids to view appropriate content and apps. You can manage their safe search settings and google play store. You can even lock their smartphone whenever you want. The features of Google Family Link are as follows.

  • Monitor apps time
  • Location tracking
  • Screen lock
  • Screen time
  • Filter web content
  • Restrict app download

Pros of the Google Family Link are as follows.

  • Free app
  • Compatibility on Android and iOS
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Remote accessing

Cons of the Google Family Link are as follows.

  • Limited Features
  • No call and message monitoring
  • No Alert function

2. ScreenTime Labs

This’s the number one free parental control app for Android. It also provides a paid subscription plan. ScreenTime has won the national parenting product award back in 2019. This app ensures that your kids find the right balance between their childhood and smartphones. You can get the daily report of all the smartphone activities. You will get to know which apps and websites your kids are using the most.

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ScreenTime Labs

You can also monitor their Youtube app and check their search history. You can restrict your kids from downloading mature content or apps. These are features that Screetime provides to monitor your kid’s Android Smartphones.

  • App usage
  • Homework and tasks
  • Schedules
  • Monitor Web history
  • Monitor Social Media
  • YouTube monitoring
  • Daily summary reports
  • Instant pause

The pros of ScreeTime are as follows.

  • Free app
  • Compatibility Android and iOS
  • Time scheduling
  • Provide password protection

The cons of ScreenTime are as follows.

  • No call and text monitoring
  • No Alert button
  • No location tracking on Android
  • 1 Device monitoring

3.   Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky is an antivirus software company but later on, it also develops software to protect your kids from online danger. This app has a paid version with unique features and also has a free version with limited features. The free version also provides effective features which are enough to monitor kid’s cell phones. If your kids are using inappropriate apps you can manage their device through this app.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

You can set the settings on the web browser and the kids will only see the age-appropriate content. The parental control settings will restrict your kids from viewing those harmful content. You can also manage their spending time on cell phones. Here are the features of Kaspersky safe kids.

  • Screen time management
  • Safe search setting
  • Filter online content
  • App usage control
  • Real-time alert
  • Battery tracker
  • Child locator

The pros of Kaspersky safe kids are as follows.

  • Unlimited device monitoring
  • New monitoring safe search setting in YouTube
  • Compatibility across all device platform

The cons of Kaspersky safe kids are as follows

  • Limited features on all device platform
  • No real-time alert on the free version

4.  Safe lagoon

This app is an award-winning parental control app. The safe lagoon provides a free plan and other two paid plans. You can use a free plan to monitor your kid’s  Android devices. This parental control app helps to protect your kids from online threats. You can track all the activities of the web browser. You can check their search history and can manage their settings from this app.

Safe lagoon

You can remotely disable the internet on your kid’s Android phones. All the activities will be recorded on your WebCenter and you can review each activity remotely. The features of Safe lagoon to monitor your child’s mobile phones are as follows.

  • Web Filtering
  • Web Center
  • Family GPS tracking
  • IM messages monitoring
  • Block websites and apps

Here are the pros of Safe lagoon.

  • Web Filtration by age category
  • Compatibility across all device platforms

Here are the cons of Safe lagoon.

  • Limited functionality
  • 1 Device or profile monitoring

5. Family Time

This app is also the most effective free parental control app. The majorities of features are free and you can also use the premium feature. You can monitor your kid’s real-time location. It also provides a geo-fence alert on your devices. You will have a free dashboard from where you can manage, control, and block the smartphone’s activities. You can also monitor your kids remotely which you are getting on a free app.

Family Time

There‘s also an SOS button. If your kids are in trouble or danger you will get a notification from your kid’s smartphones. You can track their real-time calls and messages. You will get detailed reporting daily, weekly, monthly. You will get a real-time alert notification. Compared to other free apps this app provides more features. These are the features of Family time.

  • Remote Device Management
  • Alert and SOS buttons
  • Monitor web history
  • Geo-fencing
  • Track calls and contacts
  • Parental control dashboard
  • App blocker
  • Family Pause

Here are the pros of Family time.

  • Easy setup and download
  • Alert and SoS settings
  • Compatibility on Android and iOS
  • Mobile and web-based dashboard
  • Remote Monitoring.

Here are the cons of Family time.

  • No social media monitoring
  • No web Filtering on a free plan
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6.  OurPact

This’s one of the best Android monitoring apps in the market. Ourpact is a paid parental control app but it also provides a free solution plan. It’s an easy-to-use parental control software that provides multiple options and child protection programs on mobile devices. You can see the average time activities of each app. You can set a limited time for kid’s phone usage. It will send you a notification if the time is going to finish.


You can also allow and grant your kid’s phone. If you find any harmful apps that your kid is using you can block the app. You can block any apps for a certain time and can allow using the app later on. The features of this app are limited so here the features.

  • Schedule screen time
  • Block and Grant apps
  • Web filtering
  • Block Texting
  • App rules

The pros of Ourpact are as follows.

  • Time restriction
  • User-friendly interface
  • Swipe button to block and grant

The cons of Ourpact are as follows

  • Limited features
  • No calls and message monitoring

7.  fenced.ai

This is the well-known parental control app that helps to protect your kids from online vulnerability. This’s paid app because all the features are unique but it also provides free features to monitor kid’s smartphones. You can only monitor kids’ calls and text messages. You can check the call duration of the call and also can check the date & time of the calls. This app provides unique features which are given below.


  • Social media Monitoring
  • Alert function
  • Monitor device activities
  • App screen time

The pros of fenced.ai are as follows.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Unlimited device monitoring of calls and messages
  • User-friendly layouts and interface
  • Keylogger function
  • Compatibility across all device platforms

The cons of fenced.ai are as follows.

  • Limited feature for a free plan
  • No social media monitoring on a free plan

8.  Kidlogger

Kidlogger is a free app that helps to protect your kids from inappropriate apps. There are also two paid plans with their unique features. The free version provides to track the call of a kid’s cellphone and provides you with the call lists. You can also check their SMS. You can block any apps that you find unsuitable for your kids. Here are the features provided by Kidlogger are as follows.


  • Email reporting
  • Monitor calls and SMS
  • Provide typed keywords
  • Monitor web activities
  • Screenshot function

Here are the pros of Kidloggers.

  • Compatibility across all devices platforms
  • 5 device monitoring on a free plan
  • Screenshot of each message

Here are the cons of Kidloggers.

  • Limited free features
  • Complex UI
  • Limited functionality of every device platform

9. Kiddoware

This’s the reliable parental control app for kids. This app is only available on Android. There are many free features to monitor your kid’s cellphone. You can lock any app and mobile phone remotely through kiddoware. You can set the settings and only kids-friendly content will appear on kid’s cell phones. You can control their downloaded app. The features of Kiddoware are as follows.

  • Apps blocking
  • Screen time controls
  • Web content filtering
  • Web content reports
  • Remote device management


The pros of Kiddoware are as follows.

  • Kid-friendly interface
  • Free features
  • Remote controlling

The cons of kiddoware are as follows.

  • No remote management on a free plan
  • Works on Android only

10. Boomerang

It’s an Android and iOS parental control app. It ensures that your kid will not spend a lot of time using a mobile device. It will help your kids to establish good digital habits. You can set their bedtime schedule. You can allow your kids to use age-appropriate apps and sites.


This app will detect all the mature and explicit content found on your kid’s mobile device. It will send you a notification about inappropriate content. The features of Boomerang are as follows.

  • Location tracking
  • App control
  • Screen time
  • Messages monitoring
  • Device reporting

Pros of Boomerang are as follows

  • Compatibility on Android and iOS
  • All premium features can be tested

Cons of Boomerang are as follows

  • Limited function on iOS
  • Expensive


Hence, these are the 10 free android apps to monitor your kid’s smartphone. Each parental control app has its unique features. These all parental control apps are the best Android apps also. You can go through each monitoring Android apps and can choose the best one that will be suitable for you and your kids.

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