10 Hacks To Make Your Home Office / Bedroom Look Great

10 Hacks To Make Your Home Office / Bedroom Look Great

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is, after all, where you’ll spend at least a third of your time, and although most of that time will be spent sleeping, it’s still important for your bedroom to feel right. With just a little effort and some design know-how, you can transform a drab bedroom into something truly inspirational Virtual staging. Here are 10 of our favourite hacks to help you make your bedroom look and feel that much better.

1. Add some sliding wardrobe doors

Getting up in the mornings and dragging yourself over to your wardrobe is never fun, but with some fun sliding wardrobe doors, you can elevate this piece of furniture and make it more exciting for yourself. There are a range of different options available, so you’re bound to find something that works for whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for. If you’re feeling particularly snazzy (and brave!), you could even opt for mirrored doors so that you can check out any outfit you assemble before you go out!

2. Cut back on clutter

We know that it’s hard to want to work on your bedroom when you come back from a hard day’s work, but removing clutter from the environment can have myriad benefits. Not only will your bedroom look much better – after all, a tidier environment is much more pleasing to the eye – but you’ll also get more done and feel better about it into the bargain. Set aside some time to sort through any clutter that might be accumulating in your bedroom and you’ll be glad you did.

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3. Put up some artwork – your own if you can

If you’re a creative sort, then it could be a good idea to display some of your artwork around your bedroom. This could help you to get inspired to create another piece, and it’ll let you constantly evaluate the work you’ve done and see where there’s room for improvement. In addition, if you have guests over – and you let them into your bedroom – they can see what you’ve done and be wowed by your creative talent. Pick calming, soothing pieces rather than anything too confrontational.

4. Let in lots of light

Sometimes, when clutter builds up – or even if your bedroom is simply in a disadvantageous position in the house – you can struggle to get enough natural light in to make it a pleasing environment in which to spend time. Don’t underestimate the importance of letting in enough light! Doing so can boost your mood, help your productivity, and even help you sleep better, since you’re waking up with the light rather than anything artificial.

5. Paint with pastels

Even though you may not prefer to use pastel colours in your everyday decoration, the bedroom is the perfect place for them. You want to use calming, non-stimulating colours for your sleep environment; your bedroom should be a place you can comfortably and quietly drift off to sleep rather than a frenzy of vibrant colours and shapes. Use light, neutral shades, not just for the walls but also for the furniture, bedsheets, and anything else in the room.

6. Don’t work in your bedroom

This isn’t so much something you can change about your bedroom as a change you can make in your habits, but it will help in the long run. If you work from home, try to work somewhere other than your bedroom. You don’t want the daily stresses and challenges of work to be associated with your sleep environment, after all. Working outside your bedroom will also help you to avoid the temptation to just lie down for a ten-minute nap, which could be harmful to your work cycle.

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7. Put lots of plants in the room

Plants are essentially magical. They have so many benefits when they’re added to a room that it’s a wonder they’re not in much, much higher demand! If you don’t think you’ll have the time to care for more demanding specimens, you could try plants that are much easier to care for, like cacti, aloe vera, or other succulents. It really is worth taking the time out of your day to water these beauties, though; your mood, your mental health, and your lungs will all thank you for it.

8. Clear out furniture you’re not using

Have you got a desk in your bedroom that you don’t use? If so, it might be better served elsewhere in the house. You may have installed it in that room with good intentions – “I’m going to get more work done here” – but if that just isn’t panning out the way you wanted, you should move it to a different room. The sparser and more minimalist your bedroom is, the more the focal point will be the most important part of the room: the bed itself.

9. Add dimmer switches or smart lighting

If there’s one room in the house where being able to control the intensity and hue of the lighting is paramount, it’s your bedroom. Smart lighting would make a great addition to the room; you can use your smartphone to adjust the shade, brightness, and timing of your lights, and you can even create custom schedules so that they blink on and off whenever you need them. Smart lighting is a great idea throughout your home, but it’s especially effective in your bedroom.

10. Don’t give up the cuddly toys

Sometimes, when we’re children, we’re forced to part ways with things that bring us comfort and joy. This can include cuddly toys, which can actually be a great boon for adults to sleep alongside as well. Cuddly toys can bring us a sense of security and safety; they can boost our mood if we find ourselves sleeping alone; and they can help if we’re going through a tough time like a bereavement or health condition. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should ditch your fuzzy friends!

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