10 Office Productivity Tools Every Management Should know

10 Office Productivity Tools Every Management Should know

The best productivity tools make it easier for employees to work between teams, whether working in the office or at home. The primary function of productivity tools is to focus on collaboration and project management, so you can keep in touch with other team members and get the latest updates and information you need anytime, anywhere. It can be done on a project-by-project or on a department basis to ensure that the manager can find the right person in the right place to complete the work.

Management tools are essential to prioritize schedules and work to deadlines, such as managing time and tasks. Also, the interface should be simple and easy to use so that the manager does not get into trouble managing all the content. In addition, all content must be presented clearly so that contact management information can be easily found and processed.

Enable global employees to achieve higher levels of productivity. In the ERP Training, you will learn how to use comprehensive cloud applications to increase productivity, use complete analysis tools, simplify the purchase process and save money.

Other tools can help improve efficiency and productivity simply by making complex tasks more manageable and more straightforward. It can be anything from backup management to social media monitoring and customer relationship management.

Here are a few of the best productivity tools on the market that can make your work easy.


ProofHub was released in 2011 and is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool designed to help you plan, organize, collaborate, and deliver projects on time. ProofHub is used by thousands of teams all over the world. Its simple interface and powerful functions eliminate the trouble of project management. There is also a mobile app so that you can stay in touch with work anytime, anywhere.

Its features include task management, online proofing, timers, discussions, notes, Gantt charts, calendars, reports, documents, and third-party integration. Through ProofHub, you can access Freshbooks, Google Calendar, Dropbox, iCal, Box, Google Drive, Outlook, and Onedrive within the interface. It is a great way to keep all the scattered files in one place.


A lot of things can happen on LinkedIn. If you are interested in a career or business, do not miss it. With LinkedIn, you can follow thought leaders, access craft-related resources, build relationships, find jobs, share content, and learn new certification skills.

It is the largest network of professionals on the planet, and you can join for free. This site has been criticized for using your email contact list. Also, if you do not want to broadcast all the small changes made to your profile, configure your privacy settings.

Google Drive, Docs, and Apps

Google Drive and Docs provide all the essential productivity tools that students, entrepreneurs, or professionals need. Create the required documents (from text files and spreadsheets to presentations and engineering drawings) and store up to 15GB of data in the cloud for free. Share your documents and collaborate with others to edit, improve, and organize your content.

You can get your custom email domain, a host of enterprise-grade applications, and more storage space by spending few dollars a year. It comes with a mobile application, so you can access and edit documents anytime, anywhere. It provides all the essential functions needed to create and manage forms without the benefits of advanced features and perks of alternative premium tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office Suite.


The Trello board is made up of multiple swim lanes that can represent different steps in the workflow (for example, “To do, “In Progress,” “Done”) and is ideal for visual organizers. Drag and drop an activity or ‘tab’ into the appropriate swim lane to switch between stages, giving you a bird’ eye view of where all tasks are at.

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The cards have been assigned to individuals and are given due dates. They can be filled in with additional details, and they can even include subtasks to split large tasks into smaller tasks. Trello can increase the productivity of the team by acting as a centralized place for assigning tasks. Putting everyone’s jobs in one place makes your team more visible. Everyone knows what others are doing and stays on the same page. Your small business has big goals. These goals are easy to remember but achieving them is difficult. Trello can help you.


Evernote is a central place to store all your notes, images, documents, and brainstorming. It is available on all devices, so you can view your messages anytime, anywhere, and create new notes. The Google Evernote extension allows you to cut information directly from a web page into your Evernote notebook.

You can take notes by entering notes or by converting voice to audio. Evernote automatically saves your messages and syncs them with your account. Work efficiency is improved because there is no need to cover the monitor with sticky notes. Use Evernote’s search feature, and you will find what you’re searching for in seconds.

You can access Evernote from anywhere, so you can write down as they come to your head and remember it when you return to the office. It is handy if you constantly jump between devices.


Slack is a popular instant messaging application designed to reduce the number of internal emails your team exchanges, which is an essential factor in your productivity. It supports voice and video calls, screen sharing and is free for groups of up to 10 people. The Slack app allows you to create one or more channels, each of which can be public or private for use by a few select team members. It helps keep conversations on a topic in a single chat.

But what sets Slack apart from other messaging applications is its application library. No matter what function you think of, there may be an application from automatically meeting minutes and automatically saving attachments to Dropbox and Google Drive to adding tasks to the to-do list manager. Some of these applications are paid, but many of them are free, making Slack an ideal choice for all kinds of businesses.


Regardless of the state of your organization, you may be in one place and have the required documents and personnel in another place. That is where TeamViewer comes in handy. After installation, this powerful and free tool allows you to access and use your remote device as if you were sitting in front of it. You can hold web conferences such as audio, video, whiteboard, text chat, and secure file sharing with clients. You can collaborate with up to 300 people at a time and record meetings for future reference.

It is not just about desktops. The latest TeamViewer allows share screens on iOS devices. That is something you cannot get anywhere else. The updated TeamViewer Android application provides one-click access, reducing data usage by up to 80%. No matter what device you are using, the new single-window interface makes it more intuitive and easier to control the device, transfer files and perform the operations you usually need.


The first law of the web is that no matter how much time you spend online, you can’t explore all the exciting things you find. As a result, you open more and more browser tabs, add bookmarks that you can never see, and email link for future reference.

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Pocket is used as a central storage space for later viewing videos, articles, and other content. The Pocket can download content for offline use; if your choice meets your expectations, you can send it to another user’s Pocket or via social media to share it directly.

Saving is more straightforward than expected. Pocket is not just a browser-based service. You can save directly from Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, and 1,500 other apps. The free version of Pocket works well, while the Premium version goes further by removing ads, making content a permanent resource, and providing a series of advanced search tools.

MetaCtrl Sync

It enables intelligent background synchronization between your Android device and the most popular cloud storage services (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box).

After the configuration is complete, you can automatically upload the new files on the device to the cloud and automatically download the cloud storage files. Delete the file in one location, and then delete it in another place. It can also be used with multiple devices and is always up to date.

If you’re using cloud storage on your desktop, it sounds familiar because that’s how the desktop client works, but the Android app lets you handle the process yourself. That is why it makes sense to install the MetaCtrl application.

Basic sync is provided for free, but paid updates allow you to sync large files, work with multiple folder pairs, use more brilliant change tracking to speed things up, and deliver announcements. There are numerous plans, but they are not subscription-based, and the ultimate option is also a one-time payment.


Clockify time tracker helps you track all time and provides an overview of productivity performance. You can use the timer to track time in timer mode or add time manually or via a timesheet.

After tracking the time, you can conclude whether you are a productive person or spend a lot of time on daily activities. To do this, you can generate and export detailed reports on work-related activities and all other activities and import the results into other programs for further analysis.

You can also get the weekly report to see if you and your team meet the required daily and weekly quotas. You can use Clockify to track time on the web, iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows, and Linux. You can also try Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

Productivity Tips

Here are some typical productivity tips to get you going.

Learn about keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts can save a lot of time, so if you spend hours in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word, take the time to learn the main shortcuts. They will soon become part of your muscle memory, and you will want to know how you got on without them.

Clean the computer

If you are a person like me, you are a complete tab monster, your desktop is covered with screenshots, and your computer rarely shuts down completely. All these tiny problems are big problems for the computer you are struggling with. Neat things, sometimes empty the trash can and let tuckered little things lie down at night. A fast computer means you are quick, so do not ignore the simple fixes.

Old School Lists

We’ve covered all the great tools today, but building a good old list has some unique features. The physical aspect of handwriting a to-do list (and deleting a to-do list) can be very cathartic. You do not have to digitize everything.


Productivity is a measure of value, the value created by spending time, money, energy, and other resources. Depending on how value is defined in different contexts, the above applications, tools, and strategies prioritize the work that needs to be done, determine the most effective way to achieve it, and help create the highest value by concentrating on what matters.

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