Best Productivity Tools to Use in 2021

Best Productivity Tools to Use in 2021

We often hear that phrase – “time is money”. For entrepreneurs, this couldn’t be more true. And in most cases, especially at the beginning of the project, the tasks only multiply, but not the time. It is in these moments that we would like to have 4 arms so we could accomplish more things: answer more emails, make more calls, manage more projects, etc.

On the other hand, distractions are everywhere around us. Starting from social media notifications, YouTube videos, games, all the way to unimportant phone calls, messages… So how do we get rid of them? It’s quite simple actually, you only need to use the right productivity tools to better organize yourself. Below we have compiled a list of the best productivity tools to use in 2021, follow along.


If you are dealing with a lot of PDF documents on a regular basis then this tool is most certainly for you. EasyPDF will help you convert PDF files to editable file formats and vice versa in a matter of seconds. Besides that, you can split, compress and merge documents as well. You can upload your files directly from the computer or from supported cloud services (Dropbox and Google Drive).

EasyPDF is completely free to use, has no limitations in document size and the number of documents you can convert, and has no ads. The conversion process is pretty straightforward and it will take you only a few minutes to convert your files. EasyPDF is secure and anonymous meaning that the files are delited from the servers 24h after the conversion is complete.

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Trello is a collaborative communication and management tool that you can use for free. Thanks to this application, you can organize your days or your individual and team projects according to your deadlines and priorities. Trello presents itself as a simple and intuitive dashboard where you can pin projects pending to start, ones that are in progress, and completed ones as well. This way you will be able to keep track of your individual and team projects, without forgetting anything.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do lets you create simple yet intelligent to-do lists with reminders. You can track your progress on various projects and create as many separate lists as you want to organize your projects. Use it to monitor almost any project, shopping list, etc.

Focus on day-to-day tasks using the Day-to-Do function in the To-Do field. You can add items from your projects and to-do list to My Day and see at a glance what you need to accomplish for each day. Add expiration dates and reminders so you wouldn’t forget anything.

To-Do looks like Wunderlist, which is no coincidence because Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015. If you used Wunderlist before, you can import your data from Wunderlist directly into To-Do. Your to-do lists will be synced across all your devices, so you can manage your tasks on the go.


Hootsuite is well known to most marketers and business owners because it allows post scheduling for up to 50 social media profiles (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). And all of this from 1 centralized place! Incredible time savings over time spent on social media. That’s not all, this practical tool gives the performance indicators of your posts as well in order to adapt your strategy later on. There are various plans you can choose from with $19/month being the cheapest one.

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With RescueTime, you will improve your productivity by analyzing your behavior and time spent on the internet. The main principle of RescueTime is to analyze your internet traffic habits. That way you will be able to quantify your time spent on different websites and social media channels.

By using this tool you will shortly find out that you are spending more time distracted than you think! The idea is therefore to slow down your consumption of certain online media that eat up your time and boost your productivity. RescueTime has the option to send alerts when you exceed the time you have allocated per day to each site/application.

There is a multitude of other tools that can increase your daily productivity. The important thing is to continually optimize your work and stay dedicated to using them. Feel free to let us know about your favorite productivity tools in the comments below.

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