10 Reasons We Should Appreciate Educators For Motivating Students In Education Every Day

10 Reasons We Should Appreciate Educators For Motivating Students In Education Every Day

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges’- Joyce Meyer

Did you know an average educator can impact over 3000 students during their academic life? Again, 88% of people claim that a teacher had a significant and positive impact on their life and 79% of students strongly believe that a teacher has encouraged them to follow their dreams.

It can never be undermined that teachers are the backbone of the life of students. They have an incredible and long-lasting impact on every academic individual’s life. Despite the challenges thrust upon them by the ghastly COVID-19 pandemic, they continued to show constant compassion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to each student and assisted in their individual learning journey.

Not only now, but they prepared curriculum maps and teaching calendars that made sure to cover the standards. They endured hours of professional development so that students became well-versed in all the current educational pedagogy. They adopted- old and new- intrinsic and extrinsic- motivational strategies that inspired students and helped them become the forerunners of the future.

Thus, on this National Teacher’s Appreciation Day, we take a couple of moments to thank our educators who believed in us and motivated us to develop our own determination to succeed in the long run. Along with that, in today’s comprehensive post, we will also take a close look at the golden strategies educators implemented for years together to encourage them to live up to their true potential.

10 Vital Strategies Teachers Used To Motivate And Inspire Students To Learn

  • Providing Students A Sense Of Control

While the guidance is utmost crucial to keep students engaged and motivated on tasks, teachers over decades have also emphasized students having some choice and control over what happens in the classroom. This english homework help students to retain engagement. Like, they have allowed their students to select the kind of assignment they want to do or the problems to work on so that it offers them a sense of control that may simply motivate them to do more.

  • Ensure Fear Free Classroom

Fears have always managed to blockage learning outcomes. Thus, teachers have always avoided imposing punishments in the classroom. Effective educators believe whether it is punishment or giving discouraging comments, they never motivate students to learn successfully. As a matter of fact, fear acts as a barrier to participate in the learning session efficiently. This is why mainly educators ensure they make their classroom fear-free to inspire their students to learn.

  • Clarify The Objectives
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Whether in the past or present, every student liked getting clear and concise instructions. Thus, efficient teachers have always made it a point to clarify each objective, and the target aim to be accomplished. They always discussed the obstacles along with probable antidotes they might face during the course of their study. This makes the students more motivated to discuss further issues.

Clarify The Objectives

  • Being A Great Listener

Mike Richardson, a teacher at a reputed school in the USA, always believes that it is important to become a great listener and listen to what your students want to express. He says that he found a great instance of this advice in his classroom itself. He had to replace Mr. Stuart as a history teacher mid-term. Students were incredibly affectionate of Mr. Stuart; hence, they naturally disliked him.

Therefore, Mike started taking proper steps to sort out all the issues they were complaining about. He became an exemplary listener. As a result, eventually, they started liking him, and he was successful in earning their trust. As a consequence, it became easy to motivate them efficiently.

  • Encourage Positive Competition

Competition in the classroom isn’t always the worst thing, and in some situations can motivate the students to try incredibly hard and work to excel towards success. Therefore, teachers always work hard to foster a friendly spirit of competition in the classroom. They encourage group games related to the material or other chances that enable the students to ‘show off’ their skills and knowledge.

  • Entrust Them With Responsibilities

One of the remarkable motivation strategies teachers have been implementing for years is giving the students responsibility. They make sure to assign the students with certain classroom activity which involves paying utmost dedication. When they sought to provide them responsibilities, a trust grows within them, and they start believing that they are important to you since they are being valued. This helps them in being motivated to actively participate in the classroom.

  • Provide Varied Experiences

Not all students have or will respond to lessons in a similar way. For some of them hands-on-experiences prove to be the best. In comparison, some like to learn by reading books quietly or working in groups. To keep all of them motivated, teachers always ensure to mix up the lessons so that students with varied preferences get time for concentrating on the things they like the best. This further paper help them in staying engaged and pay attention.

  • Encouraging Self- Reflection
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Most students want to succeed. They simply need assignment help in figuring out what steps they need to take to reach their career milestones. Thus, teachers always try to motivate students to take a hard look at themselves and assess their strengths and weaknesses. They often get more motivated by creating these kinds of critiques than by having a teacher do it for them. This fosters ultimate confidence in them as they feel in charge of creating their own objectives and ambitions.

  • Using Memory Work And Recitation

Memory work has lost its popularity in recent years, but that doesn’t imply that it is not a powerful tool. This is why mainly teachers encourage students to recite facts or passages together, so they cannot simply assignment help but learn them. That doesn’t mean they ‘drill and kill’. They make the process intriguing and exciting. They make sure that student varies the voice they use, varies who uses it, and who says throughout the day. In this way, they add variety and interest to the recitation.

  • Explore Real-Life Situations

Most educators believe relating their lesson plans with real-life teaching is vital. Thus, they try their best to make the lessons intriguing with fun and games. They tell a relevant story to students with a mixture of humor. In this way, grasping the lesson becomes incredibly easy for the students as they can relate it to their own experience. As a consequence, students become motivated to learn and attend classes enthusiastically.

The Bottom Line

Motivation is the key. It is the sole responsibility of an educator to ensure an effective classroom. An educator never should believe that he/she will enter and leave the classroom only with ‘good stories’ without ensuring an efficient and motivated classroom. By motivating their students every day, teachers must make the best classroom for their future students. After all, teachers are preparing a nation, a new world, which will rule others and the earth very soon.

Finally, remember- “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

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