12 Tech Pranks To Try To Anyone

12 Tech Pranks To Try To Anyone
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There’s no denying that our everyday lives these days are run by technology. For example, if we got too absorbed in work that we forgot to make dinner, we could easily have our favourite fast food delivered to our door in 30 minutes or less. When we want to be more aware of the calories in our food, we can always use a calorie-counting app. If we miss a friend and decide to visit them, we hail a ride. If we were to explain the digital age to someone who has lived in the 1950s, they’d think we live in a world so magical. But it is, isn’t it?

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Especially if you are a creative-minded prankster who wants to bring out the fun in any situation presented. You have now lots of choices to pull fun at your friends or family. The first thing is to work your way through these modern forms of technology. The second step is to learn how to manipulate these things to make something fun and even memorable! Then, if you’re excited, you can read on to find out different pranks that you can create using apps or just default features of modern laptops/mobile devices.

1. Lyric Prank

If you haven’t heard of this famous prank, then we’ll give you an introduction to it. This is a prank that you can do with any texting app you have on your phone. To make this work, find a song and text the lyrics line by line to your prank victim until they realise that you’re not telling them anything but just texting random song lyrics. To make this prank fun, you need to find a song that you can play with. Pro tip: don’t use a hit song or a song they surely know because that will give the fun right away. Be creative!

2. Prank Call

If you are thinking about making a prank call, definitely try Ownage Pranks’ prank call app! This prank hotline app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbour randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from funny soundboards and genius prank scripts and performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable. Yes, no need for voice acting rehearsals anymore before calling! More than that, they value your privacy; that’s why they have a spoof call feature that uses anonymous caller ID for when you are going to make your pranks. Still not satisfied? You can send them a prank request if you want something more elaborate. Ownage Pranks is that one-stop app for when you want to make a prank call because they have everything!

3. Wifi Hacking Prank

If you search for the keywords “Wifi Hacking Prank” on your Apple or Android devices, you will be met by multiple wifi hacking prank apps. (As you should. But surprise, they exist!) Okay, it might leave you wondering how these apps work. It doesn’t hack anyone’s wifi but instead performs a simulated hacking process that you can show to your friends. The goal is not to scare your neighbour so that you can know their Wifi’s password. Your victim should be any of your audience who might think you’re so cool that you can hack any nearby Wifi. Of course, you’ll be busted a few minutes later – but at least they thought you were brilliant, even just for a while!

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4. iShaver Pro

It’s rude (and criminal) to suddenly trim someone’s hair without their permission. But boy, wouldn’t that make a good prank! Thanks to weird apps on the internet, you can not enact the same stunt without cutting anyone’s hair! The app iShaver Pro is an app that acts as a fake electric shaver – or at least it sounds like the real thing. When you are behind your friend, you can make fun of them by striking at the right time to tell them that you are about to cut their pretty hair and suddenly run the app with the shaver noises behind their head. This will give them an immediate response that you’ll probably regret later but would be laughing more about in the further future.

5. Fake Call

It is what it is. Using Fake Call gives you a Fake Call Experience to make people believe that some incredible people are ringing you up. You can set the time that your phone will show a caller with names you can customise. You can put whoever you like, like Barack Obama, Anne Hathaway, or whoever you please! Make sure to act like it’s no big deal and that your victims will see it!. Now, they know how cool you are to have this type of connection!

6.  X-Ray Scanner

Not a lot of people know that X-rays aren’t efficiently and casually done. We bet you fifty bucks; there would be at least five people that you know in your life who think that it’s merely just taking pictures of your skeletal system and that it is no big deal. But it’s far from that! However, we can always pretend to have X-rays anywhere and anytime we want using an app. So it’s best to play this prank on younger people and make them think how cool it is that your phone can see through their bones!

7.  Message Typing Prank

If you are texting a friend through iMessage, try to lure their attention in for something important. For example, text them “We need to talk.” or “Did you hear about what happened to _____?” Once you have their attention, this is where you strike your attack. First, make a quick Google Image search about an iMessage typing GIF. Now, download that, and send it to your friend and leave it there. Once they comment on how slow you’re texting or how they’re still waiting for what you have to say to them – that’s when you know your prank is successful!

8.  Fake Money Scanner

You can find Fake Money Scanner apps both on Apple and Android. Why this? Well, first of all – the times are confusing nowadays. There are just so many tech developments that an average Joe can even keep up with. You’ll never know what’s not possible anymore. So if you tell a friend that your phone can scan fake bills, it’s easily believable! (Just try not to joke this on a techy friend or someone with a computer science background. Otherwise, you’re good.) Secondly, it’s fun! You get to tell people their bills are fake or not and act as if you’re doing something really important.

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9. Airdrop Prank

Back in the olden days, people used Bluetooth on their phones to send random things to strangers. Now that the times are different and phones can make quicker exchanges of media files, then this prank can work so much better! If you are in a public place, find a funny photo you like to send to anyone (As a rule of thumb, nothing inappropriate, please!) and just send it away! Hopefully, the other person will appreciate the joke. But if not, at least you were able to make yourself laugh.

10. Voice Changer Plus

If you feel like adding funny effects to your voice, it’s best to use this voice changer app! Think of this as the PicsArt to your voice recordings. You can choose different voice filters to make it more masculine, feminine, child-like – and more! You can also manipulate the speed, pitch, or even the tone of your voice. How is this close to a prank call app? Well, prank call apps use pre-recorded sounds when sending automatic prank calls to your victims. This app can help you make your own pre-recorded pranks that you can use to play to your victims. It’s like a DIY automatic prank call app, if you may!

11. Scare Your Friends

Those who have stayed long enough on the internet probably remember those online computer games where you will spot the difference between two photos. Once you’re focused enough – a horrifying picture of a dead doll will startle you with shrieking sounds and all! It’s kind of popular back in the late 2000s. It was so popular that people would immediately get suspicious if a friend lets them play a seemingly straightforward game that needs focus. Scare Your Friends work the same way, except it’s an app and more advanced now. When your friends borrow your phone for something, say, for playing a game. You can choose a scary photo beforehand and set the timer for when it will appear on your screen. Of course, there’s no way of them knowing this, which makes it such a sneaky prank to play with!

12. Fake WhatsApp Messages

Everybody likes to take screenshots of everything nowadays. And sometimes, even if they are fake, people will buy it because it looks real! If you google “fake WhatsApp chat generator”, you’ll learn that you can easily fake a conversation to send to your friends or post on social media. You can make a funny conversation that you only have in your head but never happened, or you can use it to prank people into believing that you’ve had a conversation with a celebrity or any fabulous and famous person.

Out of the 12 prank ideas, did you find anything that’s your favourite? Ours is Ownage Pranks’ Prank Call app. Why? It’s innovative, fun, and safe to use for both the prankster and the prank victim. Don’t hesitate to try multiple items on this list. It’s the pinnacle of the digital age, anyway. Nothing can get any better than what’s now!

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