13 Essential Car Apps to Have the Best Driving Experience

13 Essential Car Apps to Have the Best Driving Experience

Smartphone apps come in many shapes and sizes, from weight watching to schedule management. For car enthusiasts, map apps became a stable program on their phones. Most map apps help drivers find the best routes from point A to point B.

And aside from maps, there are many other helpful and efficient car apps that you should have on your smartphone. Here are the top 13 essential car apps that can make your driving experience better.

1. ACar

Platforms: Android

Good For: car maintenance

ACar helps you maintain your vehicle and provides information about your car in an easy-to-understand interface. You’ll see your driving directions, let you manage gas mileage, and keep a history of all your travel logs. You can synchronize ACar with your other Android devices. You can use ACar to remind you of your Toyota new car warranty expiration.

2. Android Auto

Platforms: Android and iPhone

Good For: Using various smartphone apps with your car

Android Auto is one of the most popular car apps. It connects your smartphone to your vehicle, so you can enjoy hands-free calls, searches, mapping, media, and many more. You can receive reminders, texts, emails, and GPS tracking using the Android Auto app.

3. Car Home Ultra

Platforms: Android

Good For: Using your smartphone while driving, gas mileage, speed, etc.

Car Home Ultra lets you use your smartphone through voice commands. You will also get helpful information like speed, gas mileage, weather, parking sites, altitude, and more. You can create shortcuts for your apps so it’s easier access from your display.


Platforms: Android

Good For: car fixes and maintenance

New car owners will appreciate having the CAR PROBLEMS AND REPAIRS app on their phones. This app will help you diagnose your vehicle without the need to call a mechanic. This helpful app offers different DIY techniques so you can fix your car immediately.

You can also use CAR PROBLEMS AND REPAIRS with a used car. Aside from your used car dealership fees, ask about this app from your second-hand car dealership. If you’re looking for a replacement car, you can also check some cheap car apps for the best deals.

5. CarG

Platforms: Android

Good For: car maintenance, mileage, setups, and parts replacement

CarG helps you maintain your vehicle so it’s always in tip-top shape. You can count on this app to keep your car air conditioning, gearbox, motor, and other components maintained. CarG also sets up reminders in case you need to visit a service center.

6. CarLink

Platforms: Android

Good For: infotainment, navigation, mirroring your smartphone

The CarLink is an IVI system that works your car infotainment system. It can also provide info on your mileage and remind you of any service schedules or parts replacement. CarLink is also compatible with other navigation apps and can mirror your device to your car’s system.

7. Drivvo

Platforms: Android

Good For: car maintenance, repair, gas mileage

Drivvo keeps you updated with your gasoline mileage, professional services, and tax payments. If you’re a driver, you can use this app to track your routes for real-time earnings. Drivvo is free on Android; just update to the Pro version for more features.

If you have a second-hand car, you can use Drivvo to track service and maintenance. Be sure to get your second-hand car only from certified used car dealers for the best value.

8. Find My Car

Platforms: Android

Good For: GPS Navigation

Find My Car lets you look for your car inside a huge parking space. It works like a GPS nav app and comes with more car management features. Also, you don’t need the internet to use the Find My Car app, so it’s very convenient no matter where you are.

9. Honk

Platforms: iPhone

Good For: parking meter expiry, parking assistance

Honk lets you be mindful of your parking meter time and will help you remember where you parked your vehicle. You can also Honk for the location of nearby cafes, gas stations, ATMs, and parking sites.

10. inCarDoc FREE

Platforms: Android

Good For: car diagnostics, repair, and monitoring

Car problems can be solved with the inCarDoc FREE. This app has all your car details, including engine codes, tools, and more. It scans and monitors your car’s activities and keeps track of various diagnostic codes. inCarDoc FREE also comes with GPS navigation, speed, and fuel mileage.

inCarDoc FREE is also a helpful app to remind you of your warranty like your Toyota bumper-to-bumper warranty. If you have a car leasing with insurance in Florida, the app can remind you when it’s time to visit a Toyota dealership in Florida.

11. INRIX Traffic

Platforms: Android and iPhone

Good For: Traffic updates, maps

INRIX Traffic helps you find the best route so you can arrive on time. This app also updates you with the latest traffic news, road conditions, and many more. INRIX Traffic also has access to different traffic cameras and lets you report incidents on the road.

12. Sygic Car Connected Navigation

Platforms: Android

Good For: navigation

Sygic Car Connected Navigation works with all known car brands, including Honda, Ford, Suzuki, and Jaguar. It has a minimalistic design, so you can easily control your phone apps through your car’s steering wheel. You can use voice commands to make calls, access the map, media, and other compatible apps.

13.  Waze

Platforms: Android and iPhone

Good For: maps, road conditions, traffic updates

Waze is one of the most popular car apps with more than 50 million users. It lets you in on the latest traffic conditions, routes, maps, and any roadside hazards or accidents. It works with Facebook, so you’ll get notified if a friend is headed the same way.


These car apps will not just help you drive safer and more efficiently but will also keep you on track when it comes to car care, repairs, and maintenance. Find out which app works best for your driving style and needs.


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