3 Best Books/Novels to read in 2021

3 Best Books/Novels to read in 2021

Reading is that one action that assists you to escape reality and immerse yourself into a different world. The novels we read assist us know the world much better and kind thoughts.

And well, a number of them also offer us quotations that impact us that we make them tattooed.

Novels take you to unique worlds you have never seen before like it’s the dream world of Harry Potter and also the area of heartbreak such as in The Fault Inside Our Stars.

However, not all people build their reading habits straight from childhood and as adults, so we still do not know where to get started. One book that you should suggest your child is rich dad poor dad.

It is sometimes a bewildering bargain due to the number of books offered but besides, you ought to learn the way to begin so you could readily begin a love affair with books and foster it as time goes by.

Best books to Read in 2021

1. Harry potter and the goblet of fire by J.K Rowling

Harry potter

The story is narrated by J.K Rowling. however, it’s mostly about the magic world of Harry Potter. The story is narrated around Harry Potter and his companion’s fourth year at the school.

The novel is full of suspense and amazing scenes. However, if you have don’t watch any of the series Harry Potter, then this one is recommended one to start with.

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With millions of copies already sold in the market, this novel is available online in the form of harry potter and the goblet of fire pdf.

2. The Catcher in the Rye from J. D. Salinger

The Catcher

This one was initially released for adults however through time, The Catcher in the Rye is now popular with teenaged readers moving through a stage of rebellion.

The protagonist Holden Caulfield was expelled from his college as a result of poor grades. He’s in a perplexing place in existence and can’t even envision telling his parents about the entire ordeal. Fairly typical, is not it?

The publication is the travel of Holden who discovers he is shedding his youth to go into the adult world. Like every adolescent, he sees it hard and also plans on working out to turn into a recluse. But you have to read the novel to find out whether he takes the measure.

What’s more, it is going to cause you to live your adolescent angst around again.

3. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


The Alchemist is a very simple read with concealed meanings. The main reason it locates itself within this particular list is that despite its easy narration, it’s a book you will be in a position to genuinely know as soon as you’re of a certain era.

The storyline follows the story of Santiago, a shepherd boy, who also thinks that a particular recurring dream he’s been with is that a prophecy of some type.

He visits a fortune-teller to inquire about it. She informs him she sees a treasure at the pyramids in Egypt which Santiago must find.

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On his trip, he meets with an older man who informs him of private legends. “Your private legend is exactly what you’ve always wished to achieve.

Everybody, when they’re young, knows exactly what their private superstar is,” and, “If you need something, all of the universes conspire in assisting you to reach it.” To determine when this is accurate, give it a read.

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