How Is Technology Playing A Vital Role During the Pandemic?

How Is Technology Playing A Vital Role During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has changed what we would consider normality into a distant memory. To curb the rise of Covid-19  cases, governments banned social gathering and generally any form of socialization. The number of lockdowns around the globe is unbelievable, and Covid-19 has truly held us hostage.

One of the things that have also changed with this global pandemic is our use of technology. It’s now, more than ever, a necessity, and the mere fact that it’s making life a bit bearable and livable is something no one would have predicted, especially during this pandemic.

Vital Role During the Pandemic

Of course, we still relied on technology pre-covid, but it had not taken center stage. The majority of us used our tablets, cellphones, and laptops for mostly work, school, and play, but now, digital technology is all that remains as the lockdown measures take effect wave after wave.

Communication through personal devices like smartphones is the order of the day. Additionally, education and working have also transitioned and become fully online, and these gadgets are what keep us connected with family, friends, and co-workers.

There are more ways technology has played a critical role during the raving of Covid-19, and below is a much-detailed look into them.

Apps for Mental Health Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is pretty common and can cause a very unpleasant experience to anyone going through it. Depending on the spectrum and level, anxiety can be accompanied by sleepless nights, feelings of despair, and panic attacks.

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Apps for Mental Health Help

With every media outlet around the globe covering Covid -19, the increased number of cases, getting anxious and distressed is very easy. These mental health smartphone apps like Wysa, and BoosterBuddy, help people cope with these challenging times much more easily.

According to several pieces of research, mediation and wellness apps are helpful against anxiety and depression. The activities within help distract the mind and thoughts, helping you feel much calmer and more relaxed.

Through Technology, Businesses Can Stay Afloat

Most businesses closed down when the first wave began to claim more cases. The economy of most countries also went downhill, and there was a global recession. But it wasn’t for long. Businesses worldwide began to offer delivery services, where you could buy your items online and have them delivered to your doorstep, following proper sanitation.

Through Technology, Businesses Can Stay Afloat

Although, before the virus, it was still possible, when coronavirus started getting worse, many businesses began to invest in ways that allow them effectively to sell products online, then deliver them to people’s houses.

Now, there’s nothing you can’t get online and have brought to you in the comfort and safety of your home. You could even buy shatter online or any Cannabis product, and the company selling it to you will bring it right to your doorstep.

By Using Apps, We Can Keep Track Of COVID-19 Symptoms and Other Health Measures

There’s been an increase of mobile apps by most governments, research institutions, universities, and companies to help them detect any symptoms and other health and safety information related to Covid-19.

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For instance, the COVID symptom tracker, with more than 75,000 people using it in the U.K., was introduced in the United States. Researchers now will have access to a more extensive database to assess why the symptoms of Covid-19 are so different for people across the globe.

The University of Oxford has also developed an application that lets people know if any of the people they’ve interacted with tested positive for the Covid-19. This is to prevent further spread and promote isolation if you may be infected. This app works by accessing any information about your location saved in your smartphone’s GPS history.

Thus, many experts argue that using smartphones for contact tracing is among the many ways of fighting the virus. The U.S. government is thinking of using GPS and movement data from its citizens’ smartphones, just as the application does, to reduce the coronavirus spread.

Technology Has Helped in Reliably Distributing Information

Messaging and texting apps are some of the most common forms of communication today. Governments now keep their citizens informed by sending them information about the current state of affairs regarding Covid-19.

A great example is in the United Kingdom, where the National Health Service or NHS began collaborating with various tech companies to correct the general public about Covid-19.

Additionally, Singapore’s government has been using social messaging platforms and websites to update the public daily to reduce the rate of infection. To further get the public informed, health institutions should use these tools to get Covid-19 related news.


To conclude, there are many other revolutionary ways digital technology can be put to use during this global pandemic. In this critical situation and time of need, we need to utilize these tools because we stand to benefit from the many advantages of technology.

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