3 things to NOT say during an over-the-phone interview for a new job!

3 things to NOT say during an over-the-phone interview for a new job!

When you are interviewing for a new job, you need to figure out what to say to the potential employer hiring committee that can help your case. Instead of just listing off your basic qualifications and personality traits, tell them interesting things about yourself to make you stand out among the crowd. Ensure you cover the basics, like your experience, work level, past awards, certifications, college degrees, and other important qualifications that can ensure you are qualified – or overqualified – for the position you are interviewed for.

However, there are certain things you do not want to say to a potential employer or person in charge of the hiring process. Not only can this lessen your chances of being hired, but it could also put you on a list of who to never hire in the future – and you always want to keep the door open at every potential job opportunity!

Here are the top three things to not say during a phone interview for a new job!

3 things to NEVER say during a phone interview for a new job!

Even though you think the employer might want to hear about your weekend out partying or about how your grandfather makes great cookies during holiday events, they really don’t. Keep the interview professional, friendly, and short – you want to give them a sense of who you are without being too overly friendly or sharing too much. Make sure you use an online job site, like Pathrise, to find the perfect job for you!

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Complain about your last company

One of the worst things you can do as a potential employee to ask for a new business is to complain about your cold company! Why would an employer hire you if they think you’re just going to talk badly about them when you leave in the future? You want to only have good things to say about past employers so you can leave on a good note and ensure the new employer does not distrust you. Find the perfect job using an online site like Pathrise!

Express dissatisfaction with past boss or coworkers

If you complain about your boss or your other workers you collaborated with every day or for a physical project, you will show your future employer that you did not get along with anyone at your job. Employers always look for people who are easy to get along with, friendly, and professional!

Explain you don’t have experience

Before you even consider applying for a job, you want to make sure you have the basic level of experience before putting on your resume or agreeing to a phone call. Don’t go in over your head if you do not think you are qualified for the job. Further, do not say to the person on the phone that you are underqualified or don’t have experience – they will hang up right away.


When interviewing for a job, there are certain things to say and certain things you should avoid saying at all costs. Keep it professional and smart by mentioning your parts qualifications and work history. However, avoid any bad things to say about your boss, previous company, or lack of experience.

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