4 of the Best Fashion Watches You Can Buy Right Now

4 of the Best Fashion Watches You Can Buy Right Now

Fashion watches have a special place in the industry. While there was a time when watches from fashion houses were frowned upon by purists and connoisseurs, in the past few years, these brands have truly stepped up their game. 

Emporio Armani Skeleton Automatic Watch

Suppose you can get an automatic from a fashion house, get one. That’s exactly what Emporio Armani’s Skeleton Automatic is. It’s the perfect everyday driver for most people – it’s light, thin, and works as hard as you would. With its skeleton dial, the beauty of the movement is showcased all throughout the display, and there’s nothing to hide from the world.

This is the watch to buy when you’re looking for something that’s attractive yet sophisticated at the same time. The Skeleton Automatic is one of the better Emporio Armani watches in their product lines, a shining star amongst some unremarkable quartz. The beauty of this watch is that it needs to be worn every day for you to appreciate it truly. And the kicker? You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy one!

Bvlgari Diagono

Bvlgari has had some fine watches in its product line – the Serpenti and the Finnissimo. But the Diagono is a cut above the rest. Bvlgari may be most known for its luggage, bags, and jewelry, but in terms of watches, the fashion and jewelry house, the Diagono is a winner. Crafted from magnesium, ceramic, and polyetheretherketone, the watch looks splendid in daylight and sharp in low light settings.

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The bezel is virtually unscratchable, produced by a manufacturing process that’s uniquely Bvlgari – a high-tech ceramic that’s unlike other ceramic watches on the planet. The Diagono dials are made of anthracite, like the Chanel 1, but in this timepiece, they have more color and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions. 

There are two versions of the movement inside a Diagono: mechanical and quartz. Pick quartz if you want a high-accuracy timepiece, not limited by the winding and kinetic movement needed to power up the gears and springs of an automatic. But if you’re going for a watch that’s more classic and will stay longer with minimal care, the automatic should be what you’re eyeing.

Chanel Monsieur Calibre 1

If you have to get a fashion house, it’s got to be Chanel’s Monsieur watch. This is the first watch from Chanel that’s truly a true rival to Swiss, Japanese, and German mechanical watches. Chanel really hit it out of the park with this one, an impressive in-house caliber watch movement encased in what is Chanel’s best watch case to date. 

Caliber 1 is a self-winding mechanical movement with a jumping hour retrograde. The power reserve is 72 hours, which is more than enough for the two days in the weekend for a diver or a pilot. It’s not your typical dress watch dial, and it leans toward a more A. Lange and Sohne vintage dials. A fine choice, of course, and Chanel has really put out a dial that’s worthy of its movement. 

You’d expect this watch to be astronomically expensive, and yes, the price is not too shabby. You can compare it to a true blue luxury watch price, but you’re not going to get out of the deal with just another watch. The Chanel 1 is pure black anthracite, and it’s stunning. At 40mm, it sits well with any size wrist, so you really might want to sign up for it.

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Emporio Armani Aviator Watch

Another Emporio Armani watch that’s a bang for your buck is the simple Aviator watch under the brand’s watch line. Pilot watches were kind of a thing for a bit, and the vintage renderings of these timepieces were still applied to pilot watches made to this day. Aviator watches nowadays have lessened in function, as more and more people only want a pilot watch without truly needing its inherent functions. 

Functional is what you can call the Emporio Armani Aviator watch. The black dial highlights the numerals for better legibility. Paired with a Milanese loop, you have a watch that will compete with the best of your daily drivers. The water resistance is at 50 meters, so basically, it’s best-worn every day as it can stand light splashes and even a dip in the pool. 


These four watches are some of the best watches from any fashion house. Make a good impression with a beautiful arm candy that suits your personality. Get one today and see all the fuss!


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