5 Best Practices For Salesforce Knowledge

5 Best Practices For Salesforce Knowledge
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It is common for customers and employees to have questions and confusion regarding your organization. It is your responsibility to provide them with personalized support and resolve their issues in the best way possible. The Salesforce support services help organizations streamline their support processes with the help of Salesforce Knowledge.

What Do You Mean By Salesforce Knowledge?

Salesforce knowledge is an integral part of Salesforce Service Cloud. It is essentially a knowledge management system that helps organizations in storing all relevant information about the company and the services they provide on a centralized platform.

Salesforce Knowledge allows companies to build an extensive enterprise knowledge base that can be utilized for providing seamless Salesforce support to customers and employees. This helps you in storing all necessary information in the form of articles, FAQs, blogs, videos, and other helpful content formats. Salesforce Knowledge allows your customers and employees to obtain answers to their questions and helps your support agents to provide personalized support.

Salesforce Knowledge helps you in providing streamlined support across multiple channels, including web, mobile, email, and social media. It provides you with utmost control over what content is published where and who is authorized to access the same. Join the Salesforce course to learn more in detail about Salesforce.

Key Features Of Salesforce Knowledge

Here are some of the key features of Salesforce knowledge that you must know before implementing the same within your organization:

  • Optimized search features to help agents find articles while interacting with customers
  • Reviews for the title, summary, and properties of every article and a provision to modify the same
  • Filters and data categories to refine the search results
  • Options for editing, publishing, deleting, and archiving flows attached to specific cases and sending PDF to the concerned customer for future references
  • Providing reports and statistics for identifying the most read articles and extracting insights on issues faced commonly by the customers/employees
  • Provision for reviewing customer searches to find missing information and creating new articles on the concerned topics
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Best Practices For Using Salesforce Knowledge

It is important for an organization to make the most of its knowledge base by optimizing it according to the needs of its customers/employees. Here are some of the best practices for using Salesforce Knowledge to provide extensive support to your customers and employees:

  1. Defining And Categorizing Articles

It is ever advisable to store articles randomly within your enterprise knowledge base. Always make sure that you put all your Salesforce Knowledge articles in specific categories to make it easier for the customers and support agents to find them. This helps your support team provide faster and more efficient assistance to your customers/employees.

Also, make sure that you set up specific rules and guidelines for the publishers about defining or categorizing articles effectively.

  1. Defining Your Target Audience

Along with defining the support articles, it is important for an organization to define its target audience for all the articles added to Salesforce Knowledge. This allows your system to provide the right material to the right customers/employees and personalize the support provided to them.

You can define your target audience and set up categories based on job profiles, experience levels, and other relevant parameters.

  1. Keeping Your Articles Updated

Your support would lose all its value if you provide your customers/employees with articles that are outdated. It is advisable to keep all your articles updated and edited to stay in sync with the current trends and technological advancements.

With the help of Salesforce Knowledge, you can edit the content of your articles offline and online to facilitate planned as well as unplanned editing of information. Keeping your knowledge base updated would help you in increasing the relevance of support provided to your customers or employees.

  1. Managing User Access And Permissions

The enterprise knowledge base of an organization often contains resources and information that is sensitive in nature. Always make sure that you monitor user access and permissions when it comes to utilizing this valuable information.

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Salesforce allows you to provide access to specific employees to view and edit the contents of your knowledge base. Make sure you maintain the security of the platform by giving access to authorized personnel only.

  1. Allowing Feedback On Support Articles

Allowing feedback on your support articles helps you and your team in ascertaining how effective your articles have been in providing support to your customers or employees. It is always advisable to have a feedback option for your customers to express their views and make honest suggestions about the relevance of your articles.

Based on the feedback received, the senior management can take important decisions on reinforcing the aspects that work and improve on the weak aspects of your support services.

Why Choose Salesforce Knowledge Over Other Knowledge Management Solutions?

A single Google search will provide you with several alternatives for obtaining knowledge management solutions. It is important to go with the option that best suits your needs and provides streamlined support to your customers or employees.

Salesforce Knowledge helps you in automating your support processes and provides you with advanced tools with simple functionalities. It helps you understand the context of the questions asked by your customers, scan your knowledge base, and come up with solutions that are tailored for the concerned customers.

With Salesforce Knowledge, you can personalize your support processes for satisfactory results. Organizations having implemented Salesforce Knowledge often consider its services to be high on user satisfaction and value for money. The Salesforce user license is affordable for organizations operating at all scales and belonging to all major industries across the board.

Combining support services with a CRM platform helps you centralized a number of processes and helps you leverage the support provided to your customers and employees.

The Final Word

These were some of the best practices you should follow if you are willing to implement Salesforce Knowledge within your organization. It is advisable that you make this switch to increase the productivity of your support agents and provide state-of-the-art support to your customers over multiple channels.

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