5 Inspirational Blogs For UX Designers

5 Inspirational Blogs For UX Designers

When it comes to UX design there are certain things that one should consider reading. Through this article, you will be able to understand more about UX design than ever before. We aim to bring you useful information and excellent blogs where you will get brilliant ideas on what UX design is all about. If you are just starting out on your design journey then this will certainly be worth reading.

UX design has come a long way since the 90s when the guru Don Norman joined the team at Apple and was the first person to be given the UX designer job title. He was the one who invented the phrase User Experience Design. The reason he called it this was because he wanted every part of the experience a person has with a product when they purchase it to be first class.

Top 5 Blogs for UX Designers in 2021

So, these blogs that are well worth reading, will certainly give readers a good idea of what it is all about, and how UX design could be the place for you. So with these blogs, readers will gain an insight at the beginner level and what the process of being a UX designer entails.

The Nielsen Norman Group

This was formed by the two gurus of the industry Jacob Nielson and Don Norman. If you head over to the articles tab in the Nielsen Norman Website, you will get all the key facts and figures about being a UX designer. It has everything a budding new UX designer needs to know to get better and work their way to the very top. Who better to get advice from than the man who invented the term user experience design.

This blog covers all the basics that you will need such as techniques, tools and web usability. It also shines a light on the psychology aspect of being a UX designer. By following what advice they give through all their articles and books you will become a better designer. This platform is comprehensive and detailed with no stone unturned. If you can not pick up little gold nuggets from these two gentlemen then it is best to go in a different direction.

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UX Collective

This platform comes at you from two designers Fabricio Teixeira and his friend Caio Braga. This site tries to get straight down to the meat of UX designing. It wants to avoid all the irrelevant stuff and make it easily understandable for the readers. On this platform, there are stories from experienced designers, user experience strategies and thoughts on well known products. Budding new designers are able to get career advice, tips on making a solid portfolio and brilliant hacks that will get you to the top. If you enjoy reading through their advice you can also sign up to their weekly newsletter, which adds even more help.

The UX Blog

This brings newcomers to the industry great insights and excellent up to date content. There are articles which will cover all sorts, such as interviews with respected people in the business. By spending time on their platform and taking time to read their content, you will definitely have a good understanding of UX design. They cover so many aspects of the field it will illuminate every reader.

There are also tips on new techniques on old traditional methods of UX design that are often used for online dating and other communication apps. Readers can also access a useful podcast which gives insights and knowledge accessible from the blog. This is certainly a blog that will keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the industry. It is a good way to see what other young designers are doing in the UX design field.

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UX Blog

Facebook Design

This really is a must read for everyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge of UX design. Who better to get some ideas from than the crew at Facebook. They share information on how their team works to better the brand. There are lots of fabulous tips and that every new designer in the game can put into practice.

There is even some data that will make you think about the social dilemmas about being a designer, and the responsibilities that you have. This Facebook Design blog gives a real behind the scenes look at what it takes to be one of the biggest brands on the planet.

Pix Teller Blog

With this platform designers will have lots of blog posts that will educate on all aspects of UX design and more. There are countless posts on this site that will enrich your design experience. Readers will get first hand advice from other designers and there is lots of great information that will only improve your designer skills.

If you head over to the UX design section of the site there is a host of amazing books that will get your juices flowing and your brain engaged. There are respected authors that give you all the ke you need to unlock the UX design door.


Through these websites new designers will be able to gain tremendous new knowledge about the UX design industry. There is everything you could ever want to know and learn at these platforms. UX design is everywhere and there is every opportunity to get involved in the design field. By following the platforms we have recommended you will be able to get started with excellent knowledge. As UX design is all about the user experience once you master this aspect of the industry, you will be able to make everything you do more enjoyable.

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