5 Things You Must Know About The Evolution Of Vape Technology

5 Things You Must Know About The Evolution Of Vape Technology

Vaping is a new classy thing. Many people are indulging in vaping because it is fashionable, discreet, and straightforward. Although many vapers favor traditional devices, it is not the only way available. There is a range of devices available in forms like,

  • Sticks
  • Hookah
  • Desktop Vaporizers
  • Mod Kits
  • Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS).

Whether for medicinal use or sheer pleasure, vapes are in demand. The same demand is driving the industry to evolve. The market is crowded with countless vaping products. However, not all of them can be safe. So, you should not blindly buy them, especially when you are newly exploring this territory. In fact, you should always buy your vape and its accessories from suppliers that provide trusted smoke starter kits in US. Along with this advice, here are five more things about the evolution of vaping technology to help you choose your next or first vape:

1. Beginning of Vaping

It all started in the 20s when Joseph Robinson had the idea. This idea was to make an electronic device that can produce medicinal compounds’ vapors. With time, the idea started taking shape and evolving into the modern vape as we know it today. Typically, a vaping device consists of two components that vaporize the e-liquid, namely, battery and atomizer/coil.

  • Battery: Provides energy to heat up.
  • Atomizer: Heats up and vaporizes the e-juice.
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More people were getting attracted to these modern-looking vapes. As a result, we have three generations of vape.

First Generation

In 2003, Hon Lik designed a device having a three-piece flavor cartridge, atomizer, and battery. His device underwent many changes and became the first generation of vapes.

Beginning of Vaping

Second Generation

These devices quickly replaced the first-generation vapes. They were designed by keeping an eye on the growing public demand. This is why these devices came up with longer battery life and more flavor options to improve the quality of vapors.

Third Generation

The vaping community calls them mods, meaning modification. Elf bar flavours The mods are a modern and better version that bring more power and personification to the table. The mods run on sophisticated technology, which is why they are also called Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV).

2. Incorporation of Modern Technology

The Vaping industry touched the value of US $ 13 billion in 2019. All this money came from the people who want a fanatic experience of flavored vapors. The vape NZ producers reciprocated to this demand by providing quality products incorporated with high-cut technology. The modern vapes are customizable to personalize the vaping experience. These devices develop exciting features like a digital display, higher wattage, better temperature control, etc.

3. The Choice from Two Types of Mods

Two Types of Mods

The mods are available in two types, named regulated and unregulated mods. But before going into their distinctive features, it is good to know their basic functioning. Both these types work on sub-ohm coils, which means the coil resistance requirement is under 1 ohm. A sub-ohm atomizer produces abundant vapors.

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Regulated Mods

They contain a chip, a safety mechanism, which regulates the electric current and prevents overheating. Moreover, regulated mods have a range of voltage that gives you control over the power output.

Unregulated Mods

They are meant for experienced vapers as using them requires basic knowledge of Ohm’s law. Also known as mechanical mods, they lack the chip; instead, they use the resistance of the user’s coil and discretion.

4. Customization for a Better Experience

The third-generation vape devices have the following unique features that make vapes more personalized to enjoy vaping.

a.     Variable Wattage and Voltage

It improves the experience by creating more vapors and an intense lingering flavor of the e-liquid on your taste buds. With this feature, you can control the power your device is using depending upon the resistance of its coil.

b.    Temperature setting

Everyone has unique flavor intensity preferences. This feature works on this idea. It allows you to regulate flavor intensity. Also, it keeps you from getting dry hits by maintaining coil temperature.

c.     Sub-Ohm Tanks

This feature is unique to high wattage devices. The devices with Sub-Ohm tanks store more liquid.

d.    Airflow control

Another fantastic feature that lets you enjoy better mouth to lung hits.

Better Experience

5. The Ultimate Goal of Vape Crafters

Vaping has become all about a smoother experience. Vape makers accommodate newer technologies and methods in the same direction. Many vape producers use titanium or nickel wires to improve the electrical conductivity, longer coil, and more flavorful vaping sessions.

Final Thoughts

While we are talking about the third generation vape, the fourth generation devices have started appearing in the stores. Vapers get to choose their favorites from hundreds of exciting flavors like exotic fruits, deserts, and many more. Many people simply go for essential oils like peppermint, lavender, or even hemp oil to experience their mind smoothening effects.

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