5 Tips on How to Land a Job in the Tech Industry

5 Tips on How to Land a Job in the Tech Industry

Working in technology is possibly one of the most exciting industries you can work in right now, thanks to its constantly changing nature. This means that there are great opportunities for recent graduates and individuals who are looking to change career paths and go into tech. If you’re dedicated to changing the future of technology and you want to be part of this development, then these five tips are definitely for you.

1.   Networking is key

This is one of the most basic tips we can give to any potential candidates for a tech job. No one knows the industry better than the professionals themselves. By speaking to them you can learn more, and you can also get your name out there. Make a great first impression, swap contact details and maybe meet for a coffee. Don’t go in by asking for an internship or job, instead, get to know the person and eventually ask whether any positions are going at their place of work.

2.   Keep an eye on your digital reputation

Most companies will do their research on their potential future employees, this isn’t unique to the tech industry. However, it’s even more important when applying for a role in the tech industry. Google your own name and see what comes up. Does an embarrassing photo from a party in 2010 come up? If so, it might be a good idea to delete it. Make sure that your digital reputation is up to scratch by having your profiles to show, but manufacture them to look professional and employable. For example, starting a Twitter account where you Tweet about your passions might be a good idea.

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3.   Always be willing to learn

A good way of starting your career in technology is to learn everything you can. Learn from experiences, professionals, and from online courses you can take. At first, it can seem overwhelming, but getting to grips with the basic knowledge of computer science or business is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re ready for a full-time role in the tech industry. Tech-focused websites can offer a lot of helpful information about current technologies and any upcoming trends. Before applying to any tech jobs, implement a mindset that means that you’re always willing to learn new things.

4.   Take internships with tech companies

Internships are a great way of working out what jobs you like and what jobs you don’t. An advantage to taking internships is that you only have to do the job for a week or a month. At the end of your internship, chances are you will know whether you enjoyed it or not. Securing an internship is also a great way to develop your current knowledge by working in a practical environment. A great candidate will not only have the knowledge needed for the role, but they will also have the practical experience and skills to go alongside it.

5.   Know what tech companies are looking for in their applicants

Each application should be tailored specifically to the company, however, a lot of employers are looking for the same kind of traits from their potential candidates. Employers want to hire a bright individual who is self-motivated and innovative when it comes to thinking of new ideas. One thing which can be hard to demonstrate is a true passion for tech. Large tech corporations just want someone who actually cares about technology, is willing to learn more and is invested in the future of tech; so if you possess this passion – make sure you show it!

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Staying curious is essential too

When you get to the point of the application process where you have secured an interview, make sure that you come across as curious. This can easily be done, for example by asking questions during the interview. Make sure that your questions are well-thought-out and relevant of course. Technology is all about change and being open to progressing forward, so by showing you’re a curious individual, it will get the interviewer thinking about what you can bring to the company. Interview technique is something which can be learnt, so try and master this before your interview day. Good luck!

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