Are you an esports fan? Here’s how you can make money from it

Are you an esports fan? Here’s how you can make money from it

With the age of modern video games and streaming platforms well underway, it’s not a surprise that esports is now considered legitimate sports. Though it has been like this for a while, esports betting is also starting to become more popular now. Websites dedicated solely to esports betting exist, while numerous other regular sports betting websites now also include a section for esports betting.

Knowing all this, fans of certain esports are probably wondering how to profit from esports betting. While it may sound easy; make an account, place a bet, wait for the win, there are a few aspects to esports betting that may heavily impact your profit. From choosing the website where you’ll place your bets to the teams and games you’re placing your money on – the devil is in the details. For this reason, we have gathered a few tips to help bettors interested in esports get started on esports betting. 

Choose the right app

There is an abundance of apps made to facilitate esports, but not all of them are good. Some are hastily programmed, have bugs, or otherwise lack adequate technical and customer support. That’s why knowing how to choose the best sports betting app is important. Most review websites have strict criteria for betting apps, so you can be sure they take safety, usability, and quality into consideration. Choosing the wrong app can only serve to waste your time and money, so make sure to read reviews from trusted sources!

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Know the game

Choose games that you’re most interested in. The games you like are usually the games you play and know most about. Of course, knowing the mechanics, strategies, and current meta of each game can help you make the right decisions. 

Some games’ concepts and gameplay are simpler to understand. However, there are games such as League of Legends which require a lot of game knowledge for you to be able to successfully predict the outcome of a match. 

Furthermore, it’s useful to stay updated, as game developers constantly release new patches and content for each game. Sometimes, these are core updates that change the main mechanics of a game.

Another important factor is making sure the game you choose is popular and has a lot of sources and apps to facilitate the betting. Knowing the game yourself is one thing, but betting on a popular game that increases your chances of landing big bucks is another. 

Know the players

If you’re going to bet on a team, you should know about the skills and talents of each player. While the meta may be clear, some teams may not be able to follow through with it. There’s also a possibility that while the team itself is good, the opponents may just be better. 

Most esports teams also change out their roster for each coming season of the championships and leagues they play in. That’s why it would be good to research and take note of the players that excel in the game. Knowing how each player performs during an esports match helps decide which team to bet on. Betting on the right team, in turn, yields a higher chance of success and victory.

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Bet as much as you’re comfortable with

This is a very important factor not just in esports betting, but betting in general. Just because you place a bet on the team you think you’ll win doesn’t mean it will turn out that way. Because of this, you should only ever bet as much as you’re comfortable with losing. It will help you make smarter decisions in the long run.

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