5 Tips To Do Proper Skincare With Skin Masks

5 Tips To Do Proper Skincare With Skin Masks

We all love using face masks that are one of the best ways of pampering the skin. The fresh and glowy feeling after removing the mask is simply mind-blowing. But not all of us know the right way to use it to ensure the benefits remain close to the skin. So here we have five essential tips to ensure a fruitful skincare regimen with masks.

1. Clean Is Better

The golden rule for using any skincare product or treatment is to always start with fresh skin. Removing makeup product traces from the skin is crucial to ensure your face is ready for absorbing the goodness of the ingredients.

Typically the pores are brimming with dirt, dust, oils, product residues, sweat, and other particles. The purpose of a skincare mask is to take its powerful ingredients to the inner layers that are rendered functional by these pollutants. Therefore, going through a thorough cleanup routine for the skin before laying out the mask is essential.

Start by wiping off the makeup with coconut oil or micellar water. These products effectively remove the cosmetic products from the skin. To cleanse the pores, choose high-quality cleansers such as cream, gel, or foam-based. Follow up with an exfoliation process as it helps to remove the dry and dead skin cells on the top layer out of the way.

Next, dab the skin with a mild toner that balances out the skin’s pH to increase the efficiency of product absorption. And, finally, we move on to apply a touch of powerful serum-like from augustinus bader to clear up concentrated problems such as pigmentation, dark spots. If your mask carries these problem-specific ingredients, you can skip this step and directly apply the mask.

2. Longer Is Not Better

Several healing skin products have a particular time of use specified on their labels. For example, face bleach needs to stay on the skin for about 15-20 minutes to give the best benefits. One common misconception about these timings is that they are the minimum requirement for effective results from the product. Instead, these timings are explicitly mentioned with minimum or maximum keywords on the labels to educate the user about safe use. Ignoring these keywords and assuming that leaving the product for a long time will increase benefits is a bad idea.

Remember, using a maks for too long can induce opposite effects and even cause excess dryness. Once the essence from the sheet mask drys out, it will start reabsorbing it from the skin, making the entire process counterintuitive. Similarly, face masks, once dried up, will begin cracking, reducing the skin’s elasticity. It can cause more harm than good. So make sure to set the timer when you apply the mask and remove it when it rings. Leaving a few minutes more than the recommended time cannot hurt. But make sure to read the instructions carefully and begin use with the best benefits.

3. Watch Out The Ingredients

Masks are an excellent way to nourish and enrich the skin with essential nutrients and compounds that promise an effortless glow. But that said, no one ingredient holds to power to do it all. It is one of the reasons why even a simple hydrating maks comes with a combination of different elements that blend to carry the benefits in the best manner.

Similarly, sheet masks and face masks come in several different chemical combinations, each intended to target one or a group of problems. The most crucial point to keep in mind here is to review these ingredients and understand their relevance to your situation before choosing which mask to use.

For example, hyaluronic acid and snail slime are common constituents of hydrating masks, whereas vitamin C, niacinamide is typically present in masks that promise brightening of skin and complexion improvement. Hence reading the exact purpose of the mask can help you make the best choice.

Another technique you can use to receive the best benefits from skin masks is double masking. Typically the skin under the eye is thin, fragile, and prone to damage. Your regular sheet masks cannot do as much good as an eye patch when healing the skin here. Therefore, you can pair up your mask with a patch to shower love all over your skin.

4. Don`t Wash After A Mask

In the case of sheet masks, removal is almost effortless and only needs you to peel off the cotton sheet and dispose of it. One of the most common mistakes committed by several of us is washing the face after removing the mask. This step is going to mess up your entire efforts.

Sheet masks carry serum that is absorbed into the skin upon use. Generally, when you remove the mask, you will observe that your skin feels wet and moist. If you decide to wash your face at this point, you are simply stripping away all the serum present on your skin that will waste.

A simple way to use up the excess serum or essence on your face is to massage it onto your face gently. Use soft, circular motions to let the serum penetrate the layers slowly. Use motions upwards to increase blood flow in these areas and achieve a dewy, glowing look.

  1. Don`t Stop At The Mask

A face mask can introduce intense levels of hydration and moisturization to the skin. It gives a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling after that is simply unparalleled. But just like the regime that you do to prepare your skin for the mask, it is essential to follow up the mask application with the rest of the skincare routine for the best effects.

Your skin is now brimming with the essence or serum from the mask. Therefore taking steps to lock in this moisture are crucial. So the next step after removing the mask would be to use an under-eye cream to supplement the benefits and treat the sensitive skin in this region. Use a cream or water-based moisturizer for the rest of your face to nourish it. Finally, give your skin touch up with ample sunscreen to protect it from the harmful UV rays.

If you use the mask at night, follow it up with eye repair gel and thick night cream. These products act like sealants to retain the serum close to the skin to ensure healing and rejuvenation.


Skin masks can have exceptional benefits when used the right way. Follow these five essential tips to utilize your face masks in the best way to soak in the goodness.


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