6 Battle-Tested Ways to Transform Your Small Business Into a Brand

6 Battle-Tested Ways to Transform Your Small Business Into a Brand

Whenever you and we hear the word brand, more often than not our minds fly to the names we trust in the market.

Be it a clothing brand like Calvin Klien, a sporting goods company like Nike, or even a consumable item like Coca-Cola in beverages — these are labels that have created a place for themselves not just in the markets, but also in the psyche of the masses.

Regardless of whether you buy from them currently or not, you clearly recognize them and probably even hold their products in higher regard than those not-so-famous ones you get at the local marts.

However, these companies also had a starting point before they reached the higher-ups. For instance, one of the most popular names in the computer industry, Apple, began its business through a garage.

If you too own a small business and wish to transform your commerce into a well-known brand, hereunder is a list specially curated for you. ALso, you must read The E-Myth Revisited once. These are some simple steps that you can adopt and follow in your daily operations to see your company grow.

Transform Your Business Into A Brand

Stepping up towards becoming a brand after being a small business for all its past — it may not sound easy, but if the right path is pursued, it might not be as difficult either. The list underneath consists of 6 tried and tested ways that can bring you a step closer to that ultimate goal.

Build your Brand

Building one’s brand is not only about having a good product, but also a lot about the company itself. The goals, alongside the principles that guide a business form a foundation upon which a customer places their trust. In fact, it has been noted that about 89% of shoppers are willing to stay loyal to the company that shares the same set of values as they do.

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Simultaneously, your logo also needs to reflect these values and choices and be attractive in a way that it quickly turns to being easily recognizable. Coca-Cola is a prime example for this as almost every adult in the world is known to be familiar with it.

Connect with the Potential Market

It is of vital importance that you connect with the right audience when putting a product out. Firstly, the market you’re reaching should consist of people who may want to use it. And secondly, your target population should actually have a use for it. Unless you transform yourself into either a necessity or an inexpensive luxury, your item may not gain as much traction as you want. Cords developed specifically so you don’t lose your airpods (which were meant to be wireless for a reason) is one such product that is creating a place in the market for itself.

However, it may be wise to invent a product that can run long-term and not just for a short time period like the aforementioned example.

Update your Internal Working

Understandably, you will do all you can to build your business into a famous brand, but that includes paying attention to your company’s internal working system as well. Being a small enterprise means you can do away without a lot of necessary tools and softwares by sticking to the basic ones, but when you need to prepare your employees for the upcoming growth as well.

This development is sure to be met with a series of technological and work-style changes as well, which can be difficult to keep a track of but a streamlined change management process can help you go a long way.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you’re trying to build awareness or woo customers into trusting you. That is precisely why it is essential that you maintain the same image regardless of what platform you are spreading your message from. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or a popular blog you know of, if you’re going to be using it to get in the public eye, make sure your personality and brand image is not being altered with each.

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Also, all your messages should be in accordance with your company principles so that no two communications stand out to be contradicting each other.

Be Consistent

Focus on Long-term Relationships

Many small businesses make the near-fatal mistake of focusing on the customer only in the present, instead of thinking about how a long-term relationship with them can benefit much more.

By providing good customer service alongside a truly brilliant product, you are ensuring that they become loyal to you and stay with you for a longer period. Reminding them of your existence and engaging in light conversations regularly is also a great way to share that you care.

Dare to be Different

Last, but certainly not any less important, be different. Dare to become the distinguished face in the crowd rather than just crowd itself by ensuring that either your product or your operations and customer service make you stand out. Do something different or the same things differently — it is entirely your choice, but making a difference only happens when you try to be different.

Closing Thoughts

Every small business dreams to make a name for themselves in the big league but it is only a handful that succeed. Now this may be because often, they do not know how to traverse the path ahead, but luckily for you, now you do.

So stop waiting and start growing, today!

We’ll see you on the other side.

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