6 Interesting Facts About E-Mail

Emails have been here for a long time. Yet emails are significantly essential and popular still now among most Internet users. Based on a significant survey, over 3.9 billion people transmitted emails during 2019, with that figure predicted to soar to 4.3 billion before 2023.

Practically every industrial sector depends on emails, with advertisers utilizing email to deliver special deals, client service messages, purchase tracking announcements, valuable publications, condolences, cautions, and company announcements – the list appears practically infinite.

The following E-mail stats and intriguing information regarding the email listed here by these email solutions Kitchener show its use and adaptability. Did you guys know these amazing facts? Let’s check out!

  1. According to user stats, the majority of people view personal emails via their mobile devices.

People are changing their email checking habits every day. Before mobiles, most individuals checked their emails using desktops. Mobile-friendliness of people skyrocketed with the up-gradation in technology. Today, people are dependent on smartphone devices for everything from surfing, watching reviews for a product, watching their favorite movies, to shopping! This dependency on these compact devices made professionals access their work emails to check on phones as they are accessible 24*7 as compared to laptops or desktops. However, a new survey verifies an intriguing truth regarding email: around 55 percent of emails messages are now accessed on mobile gadgets directly.

These email stats are significant if you plan to use emails for future marketing campaigns. If your business continues to stress establishing email advertising techniques only for desktops, you might miss a majority of the smartphone-focused consumer base. And then you would have no other option than see your rivals advance.

  1. Email stats shows that e-mail media is becoming more prevalent.
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Email’s supremacy as a method of online communication has not been endangered by the growth of chat applications and associated tools.

Email circulation figures, on the other hand, speak the opposite; as previously said, analysts project that 4.3 billion individuals worldwide would be employing emails to communicate by 2023. It is enough to reflect that emails have been and are still here to stay for long. Its effectiveness and ease of formal connection can solve the professionals’ major communication issues and make the workflow smooth.

  1. Office professionals receive a large number of emails.

According to email stats, a typical office employee receives 121 emails per day. As a result, topic lines must be carefully designed to pique an email receiver’s interest. Being in the corporate world requires having a medium that provides a platform that removes the physical distances and makes people connected. Professionals encounter a considerable number of emails in their inboxes, which establishes a medium of communication for the people of all the hierarchy levels.

Now it might be more complex than ever before to distinguish your email among the many in an inbox. However, checking out some innovative email marketing practices can assist you in attracting your receivers’ attention.

  1. Professional workers choose email as a means of interaction.

According to studies, most professionals still believe email is the most significant networking medium for business work purposes. An email has been a great source of corporate communication among professionals for a long time. It has enabled the companies to have greater reach and virtual teams to engage in conversations and tasks without having face-to-face connections in real-time.

  1. Email Opening Rates (%)
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To improve read rates, digital marketing strategists must calculate the number of emails to distribute per week or month. Interestingly, mailing a single email monthly seems to provide the highest opening rate, 25.24 percent. This data shows that email marketing is not dead yet, and if appropriately optimized, marketers can reap benefits for their clients.

  1. An essential Email Reality: Video Increases Click Rates

Today people quickly jump to watch videos for their queries, which has compelled companies and professionals to use video content for marketing their products and services. Video is also a great way to lure the recipients through constituting creative and catchy content and it is becoming increasingly prevalent on the internet, and this trend transcends to email advertising as well. For example, data reveal that whenever emails incorporate videos, open rates increase by about over 300%.

As per experts using email solutions Kitchener, Video emails are beneficial for email advertisers since they enable a massive quantity of content to be compressed and absorbed in merely a matter of minutes.


Perhaps you are a digital marketing strategist or just curious about how humans act on the internet; these fascinating email trends and stats are worth remembering as we enter the new innovative age! If you are looking for strategies to use email for online marketing, IT email solutions Kitchener could come in much handy.

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