6 mind-blowing strategies to create an awesome logo for a new website

6 mind-blowing strategies to create an awesome logo for a new website

Website and business owners spend a lot of money on developing visual instruments to communicate and connect with individuals. Today, the logo is not only a mark that helps to distinguish a business and its goods or services, but also to establish your brand’s reputation.

Designing your logo is a big responsibility because logos define your identity and aid the overall design of your website. A perfectly-created logo can establish a good relationship with the audience. That’s exactly what every organization or blogger of today is trying to achieve. Along with creating a captivating logo for your website, students can also improve their grades by submitting top-notch IT blogging assignments over the semester.

There are several ways in which a well-designed logo will serve your business and brand, so  here are six mind-blowing tactics to build an amazing logo for a new website:

  1. Reflect your brand

Any good logo has a meaning. Much beyond just a pretty sketch, solid logos, both visible and secret, is a message packed with meaning.  If you have a logo that relates to the core principles and vision of the organization, the customer can grasp at a single glance what you stand for and feel drawn to your services. The colours and pictures used in your logo and branding should be consistent with the organization you run and the items or services you sell. It is because a logo aligns with your company that it establishes a brand identity in the business environment.

  1. Get your colours right

The color palette is one of the most important factors for logo design. This is not a shallow judgment, it conveys concepts and thoughts in colour. In deciding the message of a company, colors play a key role. If you use red as the key color of your logo, for example, it will send the brand’s message of being enthusiastic and energetic. To grab people’s attention, use vivid and bold colors. But make sure that these colours also showcase the personality of your brand. Note that any color evokes an emotion, which for the viewers or customers becomes its message.

  1. Inspiration and Research

It’s much easier to design a logo if you have taken the time to look for ideas as the first move. You take the time to compile multiple ideas this way, and you will know more clearly which ideas you want and which you don’t. For students who aspire to get into the industry as web designers and graphic designers, understanding professional IT practices and becoming familiar with the industry is crucial. The good news is that to fuel your creativity needs, there are plenty of logo designs out there. If you know where to look, finding good logo design examples is easy. Do your research, see what suits your brand identity and get started.

  1. Choose you Font and Logo type

Logos come with a broad range of designs. There are several separate forms of logos- the most well known being text-based logos like Linkedin and symbol-based logos like Instagram. You’re going to have to choose the right font for it if you’re designing a logo with a text feature. For you to choose the right font, there is no lack of sites. You might want to start with Google Fonts if you’re looking for a free alternative. Choose and pick a form of logo design that suits you best. In addition, there are numerous types of graphic design styles like vintage, ultramodern, minimal styles that  you can look into for your logo design.

  1. Simplicity goes a long way

The corporate world is permeated by simplistic but strong logos, which still prove to be the best symbols for standing the test of time. A basic logo is a distinctive style as well. Many of the world’s companies are represented by their simple yet meaningful logos. When we talk of a basic logo, it means only one or two colours, fonts and other components can be used. At the end of the day, the viewers should get the message at first sight.

  1. Leave a lasting impression

A logo makes an enduring impact on the market and the clients. To mesmerize people, just a look at your logo should be enough. The logo works for an organization by constantly attracting consumers until they have a strong impression of the design. Make sure the logo is distinctive, stop the patterns overdone by clichés and pursue numerous possibilities. It’s great if you want to take the time to familiarize yourself with different branding and graphic ideas, but make sure that you don’t just follow the latest trends and stay true to your brand. That way you will be launching your website on the right foot and in a clear direction.

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It could take a few tryouts to get the right logo. Especially so if it’s the very first time you are creating a logo. It takes time and practice to get good at it. So, if you’re disappointed with your first try, just try again. Make sure you know the brand inside out and that your logo conveys a strong message to your audience.

Author Bio: Jane is an upcoming educator and co-founder of the Top My Grades. She

specializes in arts and design related assignments, helping students with their graphic design projects and animations. She has also collaborated with professional developers and web designers, having industry experience along the way. Beyond work, you can find her with a sketchbook, doodling away or writing poetry.

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