What are the Criteria for becoming a UI Designer?

What are the Criteria for becoming a UI Designer?

The user interface design field is full of new career opportunities in today’s market. This is a thrilling, challenging, and financially rewarding career option as well. Website design is playing a crucial role in business success these days as there is huge competition in design-led companies. They are always on the move to surpass their competitors. The demand for skilled UI designers will only grow with time because organizations are realizing the importance of website design. Currently, UI designers earn an average base salary of USD 81,794. Along with the salary, there are other benefits for a UI designer like getting featured in the brand’s success story by shaping the user experience.

Before stepping into this industry, and eventually becoming a part of a top UI design company, it’s important to know what are the job responsibilities and the skills you’ll need to move further. In this article, we’ll help you know every important thing you need to know about becoming a UI designer.

Here are some of the main questions that will be answered in this article:

  1. What does a UI designer do?
  2. How to know whether UI design is right for me or not?
  3. Is certification required to become a UI designer?
  4. How to start your career in UI design?

Let’s start with the first question

  1. What does a UI designer do?

The UI designer creates the user’s visual and interactive experience for an app or a website. For example, when you make your way through an app, you will swipe, scroll, and tap various buttons to move between different screens and perform various operations. All of these tip points are created by the UI designer. UI design is a very creative role along with that there are many more things related to it other than designing the interface. The UI designer should have an understanding of the client, their brand, and the target audience. The most important thing is knowing the requirements of the end-user for whom they are designing. You should do the proper research before starting the creative work. You’ll also have to collaborate with the UX designer throughout this process to provide the best results.

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A UI designer has responsibilities like:

  • Modeling and testing
  • Communicating with developers to provide the best application
  • Designing navigational elements including screens, buttons, scrollbars
  • Researching the target audience’s requirements and demands
  • Working together with the client and UX designer to deliver the best results
  1. How to know whether UI design is right for me or not?

It is understood that designing ability is a must-have. UI designers should know color, spacing, patterns, and typography. Because this knowledge is not just used from an aesthetic but also for readability and other important aspects. It’s critical to design these functional interfaces properly as they play an important role in the effortless use of the application. Therefore, it is most important to understand the value of each visual element as they affect the overall user experience.

The best UI designers can see things from the user’s point of view, forecasting their needs and expectations while creating the product. If you are capable of stepping into someone else’s shoes and understanding their requirements then you are for this industry. Communication skills are also key. From clients to UX designers, and developers, you’ll be working with others so you will have to articulate and discuss your ideas.

  1. Is certification required to become a UI designer?

To start a career in UI design, there is no such course of study that you need to follow. Some background knowledge of graphic designing can be useful. There are some important skills that anyone can learn and become a UI designer.

The skills are:

  • Wireframing and modeling
  • Knowledge of style guides
  • Communicate design principles
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Branding, typography, and color theory
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Sometimes employers prefer people with formal qualifications or certification in the related field. The CIW User Interface Designer certification available in the market to validate your skills and knowledge of this industry. With this certification, you will be able to showcase your ability to create user interfaces for mobile devices and usability concepts such as clarity, ease of use, simplicity, and detectability.

  1. How to start your career in UI design?

If you have decided to start your career in this industry then there are plenty of options available. Firstly, you will have to be familiar with the industry like its current UI trends, see what are the latest and demanding things in the market. Secondly, you’ll have to learn the key skills to grab the attention of your employer—and this is where uCertify comes into the picture. Its UI Design course will help you become an expert focusing on UI design theory as well as its practical application. The course is divided into different modules along with the labs to help you master the skills. With all these skills you will be able to create an app from start to finish based on the user requirements.

So, now you must be very familiar with all the important aspects of this industry you are now able to start your career in this. Our course will help you master all the skills to get a good job.

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