6 Reasons To Use Pre Employment Tests As A Hiring Tool

6 Reasons To Use Pre Employment Tests As A Hiring Tool

 A bad hire can significantly affect the organization’s bottom line. It can substantially impact the engagement of the rest of the employees and reduce the overall productivity and profitability of your company. You will have to go through the hiring process multiple times and spend extra time, effort, and energy to successfully onboard them. Hence, it is essential to understand the candidates during the employment procedure better to avoid future casualties.

Integrating Pre-employment Tests in the hiring procedure can help you capture the candidate’s value proposition efficiently. It is a standardized approach that enables the recruiter to gather necessary information about the applicants and cross-check it to test if they are the right fit for the concerned job position. Pre-employment testing can significantly improve the hiring quality, enhance recruitment efficiency, and reduce turnaround time. It uses a data-driven approach for recruitment to make hiring decisions based on a candidate’s proven capabilities.

Pre employment assessment test is of different kinds. The test type is used to assess the candidate’s analytical and logical ability, reasoning capability, physical strength, motor skills, aptitude, and psychology. These tests make the hiring process faster, easier, and bias-free. It offers the best predictive value to test the suitability of the candidate for the concerned job position. The most common types of Pre-employment Tests are:

Cognitive Aptitude Test

It is used for measuring the problem-solving capability of the candidate. It also helps assess the candidate’s critical thinking capacity to use the given information in a particular context using logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It enables the employees to assess the general awareness level of the candidates.

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Integrity Tests

Integrity Tests are conducted to assess the candidate’s honesty, dependability, and trustworthiness. It is a valid measure of overall job performance. It adds a significant amount of validity to a job hiring process and can help to eliminate the less suitable and less productive employees. In the overt integrity test, the candidates are questioned directly to report any dangerous or counterproductive behavior. Covert integrity test includes a personality-type test to measure attitudes relating to dishonest behavior.

Job Knowledge Tests

It is used for measuring the candidate’s technical or professional expertise in specific knowledge areas. It helps to assess the candidate’s factual and procedural knowledge. It enables the recruiter to determine the competency levels of the potential employees.

Personality Tests

It helps to find a candidate whose character traits are best suited for the job position. It gives the recruiter extra insight to make better hiring decisions. The type and quality of Personality Tests give insight into the interaction style, behavior, motivators, preferences, and emotional qualities of the candidate.

Here are six reasons why you should use Pre-employment testing as a hiring tool.

Increase Hiring Efficiency

Pre-employment tests can help you to eliminate more than half of the unqualified candidates. It can narrow down your candidate pool and efficiently filter out unsuitable candidates. Using an advanced tool, you can sort out candidates who have a higher test score and quickly identify top candidates.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

Pre-employment Tests can reduce the redundancy in the hiring process. It makes use of proven methods to find the right candidate. The traditional testing method pushes you to prolong your candidate search, due to which you are required to spend additional time and resources. The pre-employment test helps you faster through the recruitment funnel, enabling you to increase the breadth and quality of applicants.

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Eliminate Bias

Pre-employment Tests help to reduce the hiring bias. It is an efficient and reliable way to gather insights into the candidate’s traits and capabilities. It uses scientifically validated assessments that enable you to control the input and generate reliable output. Elimination of hiring bias can lead to a diverse workforce to run a successful business.

Screen More Candidates

With pre-employment tests, you can reach a broader and more diverse candidate pool to select the best fit for a particular job. It can simplify the talent acquisition process and proactively reach out to more candidates while simultaneously saving time and recruiting costs.


Automation can lead to more consistent hiring decisions. In pre-employment tests, it can be used for grading the candidates. It can help to generate faster responses, reduce unconscious bias, eliminate errors, and provide a more positive candidate experience.

Perfect Measure For Performance

A pre-employment test helps to determine if the candidate will adapt and deliver high-quality performance. It enables the recruiters to test how the candidate will respond to the work atmosphere through a comprehensive analysis of their knowledge, communication, and aptitudes.

To Conclude:

The job hiring process is time-consuming and expensive. Hence, employers need to use the best hiring tool to vet potential candidates carefully. Pre-employment tests can efficiently save recruiters time, speed up time to hire, and significantly enhance hiring quality. It enables businesses to reap long-term benefits, including optimum business productivity and reduced employee turnover.

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