6 Tips To Maintain Globe Valves

6 Tips To Maintain Globe Valves

Globe valves are used for steam and other fluids whenever a throttling service is needed. A globe valve regulates the fluid flow in the pipeline through a regulating disk or a movable plug with a ring attached to a spherical body design. Globe valves get their name from their spherical shape. Internally, the body of a globe valve is divided into two equal parts by a baffle.

There are many different types of globe valves available based on the difference of the pressure class, the material used in manufacturing, and the size. Many things factor into the maintenance of a globe valve.

The durability of the valve will depend on how it is installed and how frequently it is operated.

Installation of Globe Valves

The correct installation of globe valves is important because, if wrongly installed, it can seriously impact the structural integrity of the globe valve. Globe valves control the flow of water in only one direction. The valve is supposed to be mounted vertically, which will allow one to access the handwheel operative part of the valve at the top. The installation of this type will ensure that the globe valve maintains its quality and no premature damage occurs.

Some other factors you need to take care of during installation include:

  • Removing debris from inside of the valve.
  • Not letting moisture get in prior to installation.
  • Attaching the valve to pies that are supported by some structure so that the weight of the pipes and the valves can be handled.
  • Tighten the bolts in a diagonal direction.
  • Do a cycle to see if the valve is running correctly.
  • Do a pressure check.

Operation of Globe Valves

Some tips that will help with smooth of globe valves are:

  • Do not excessively tighten the seal.
  • Make sure you are using the globe valves as they are supposed to be used. Refrain from keeping the disc suspended in the middle.
  • Never exceed the maximum pressure rating given for the valve. Pressure spikes can cause damage, and fluctuations can only be controlled by the client to maintain the durability and functionality of the valve.
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Maintenance of Globe Valves

Globe valves like any other piece of machinery are susceptible to wear and tear no matter how well-made it is. After you buy globe valves for your personal use, it is your responsibility to maintain the quality and functionality of valves. Ask a reliable globe valves manufacturer and they will tell you that specific measures should not be overlooked if you want your valves to perform better. If you regularly maintain your valves, they will give a return and will provide good performance for an extended period of time as compared to someone who never does maintenance for the valves.

The following tips will help you maintain your globe valves so that they keep functioning well are:

Keep Inspecting

The valve might not be showing any anomalies, but as the owner, it is your duty to check the valves at regular intervals to see if there is any problem that needs to be addressed. You should check for any leak or wear and tear in the mechanism and if you find any, seek professional help.

2. Grease

You should also consider greasing the valve if the function is halting. Crossbar if the valve needs to be greased by using a grease gun. You can also choose to lubricate the spindle if you feel there is a requirement for that. If you regularly grease the valve parts, clean the old grease before applying the new one.

3. Tightening

Consider tightening the gland bolts and adjusting the tightened seal if there is any adjustment required. Refrain from over-tightening as it can cause problems with the gland in the long run. If the leaking or flow still continues, then the gland may be broken, and it is time to replace the globe valve. Over-tightening can also cause the spindle to break, which will cause permanent damage to the valve.

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4. Keeping the Valve Open

In a professional setting, if the valve is to remain open for extended periods of time, there is a tip to ensure that the seal remains intact. If the valve operator’s shift is over, the operator should not leave the valve fully open. A quarter turn in the closed direction would ensure the longevity of the valve.

The subsequent valve operator is meant to check if the valve is open and will rotate the seal, which will open a quarter before resisting. This will signal that the valve is already open. Long term, this is an excellent way to ensure that the valve is protected from the necessary force.

5. Replacing Pipes

There might come a time when the pipes need to be replaced while the valves remain the same. In such a situation, the owner should take care that the pipes are the exact same size as before and fit the valves exactly without any excessive force applied. The use of crowbars can damage the integrity of the valves.

6. Know the Direction of Flow

Typically any globe valve you buy will have the direction of the flow marked on the body. In case the globe valve is not marked with the direction of the flow, there is an inherent understanding that for a globe valve, the flow of fluid is from below the valve disc or valve seat. This is essential to know, and you should ask the manufacturer in case any such marking is not visible. In case of the wrong installation, the damage to the valve will create a wrong flow pattern, and there will be a significant axial load on the valve’s spindle.

The Takeaway

The selection of the type of valves is dependent on the client and the maintenance, which will need to be done after purchase and over time with continued use, is also the responsibility of the buyer. You should follow the tips mentioned above to ensure solid performance from the valves and get your money’s worth. Maintenance is also good for the rest of your system.

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