5 Convincing Reasons to Choose Workpuls Over Time Doctor Employee Monitoring Software

5 Convincing Reasons to Choose Workpuls Over Time Doctor Employee Monitoring Software
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Before you decide to use the employee monitoring software, you have to question the reasons for implementing this effective tool in your workplace. 

Because most people still see these efficient tools as “enemies” trying to control them and invade their privacy. So If you only want to control your employee’s every move, using employee monitoring software doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Now that the demand for these advanced workforce analytics is soaring, there is an array of quality products to choose from. That’s why we wanted to help you by comparing Workpuls with Time Doctor, another quality productivity tracker on the market. 

Even though Time Doctor and Workpuls share similar features, they may not fit in similar working environments. While Time doctor, with its 10+ monitoring features, maybe a great choice for freelancers, a user-friendly Workpuls may be a perfect fit for large companies, employing over 500 people.

Here are some great reasons why you should choose Workpuls over Time Doctor when you start looking for the employee monitoring software that fits your business.

One of the greatest questions large company owners have to answer, nowadays, is how to successfully monitor numerous employees and teams. Workpuls may be the perfect answer, offering 2-click installation and on-premise hosting, which is not the case with Time Doctor. Once you set Workpuls up, you’ll learn how to use Dashboard in moments because it’s pretty intuitive. 

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So if you need to keep track of growing teams working from the office or remotely, you should opt for Workpuls.

  • Separates Data between Office and Remote Workers

One of the advantages of the Time Doctor productivity tracker is the ability to integrate with major project management and communication tools and platforms. Even though Workpuls can’t offer this desirable option to their users yet, it can make up for it by keeping track of different tasks and projects separately, dividing data collected between the office and remote workers. 

In this way, it provides you with detailed weekly or monthly reports filtered by employee, team, organization, and date ranges. In short, you’ll get a fascinating, in-depth insight into the entire workflow. This is a top-quality feature employer monitoring software like Time Doctor can’t offer. 

  • Workpuls Offers  Real-Time Activity Tracking

This is another feature you won’t find in Time Doctor. Namely, by tracking mouse and keyboard activities, Workpuls monitoring software will confirm your employees are working. Furthermore, this top-quality software monitors PC activity the second it turns on to the moment it shuts down. In this way, Workpulse provides 100% accurate information on your employees’ performance and time management.

Furthermore, Workpuls offers more insightful Web and app usage monitoring. Namely, contrary to Time Doctor, it labels websites and apps as “productive” or “unproductive” based on employee’s roles within the company and the way they’re using them. 

Finally, this automatically tracking feature makes it easier for employees to clock in and out by clicking one button, eliminating the risk of human error. 

  • It Gives You a “Stealth Mode” Option

With cybercriminals using more sophisticated methods to break into your network and steal confidential data, managers need to focus on cybersecurity and try to prevent harmful activities. 

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Workpuls may be your loyal partner in this battle for data security. By using this employee monitoring tool in stealth mode, you’ll be able to find out if any of your employees participate in shady activities that can cost you millions. 

Knowing that phishing has increased to 600% during the Covid-19, using Workpuls employee monitoring software to safeguard invaluable information becomes a must.

  • You Can Get Workpuls at a Reasonable Price

Last, but not least important, the price. Think of several factors like customization, simplicity, free trial, and cost when you decide to start using employee monitoring software. The fact is that Time Doctor offers more than 10 different monitoring options at the price of $10 per user. But, you’ll need to pay extra, if you want to use advanced features. 

When you compare Workpuls with Time Doctor pricing, you’ll notice a staggering difference. Namely, if you opt for Workpuls workforce analytics software, you’ll get all these features at $6 per user. This said, by choosing Workpuls, you’ll boost productivity and performance at a great value for money.

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