7 Apps to Use During Quarantine to Kill Boredom

7 Apps to Use During Quarantine to Kill Boredom

Do you too miss that frantic run around the house every morning? That hour when every family member had to rush out, that clanking of spoons at the breakfast table, and those thuds of doors?

It feels strange, but we are all in the same boat of uncertainty these days.

Two years and most of us are still trying to get the hang of the new lockdown routine!

No matter how hard you try, being stuck in the home doesn’t get you the adrenaline rush you need to keep going. Boredom hits us hard, and we are just dragging ourselves through the day.

By now, you might have tried a million things to overcome monotony and looking for something completely escapist. Instead of staying alone, tensed, and bored, you could look for a few virtual stress-busters to help you. We believe that several mobile apps could aid you in this endeavor.

Without further ado, let’s check out a few of them:

  1. TruePublic

TruePublic is a place for honest opinions. It is a platform where you can ask anonymously, answer, and look for questions. This helps you find out where you stand as compared to others. Once you respond to a question, you can watch the statistical breakdowns to see where you stand compared to others.

You can answer serious questions and tap into fun questions that help you understand your fellows better. You might discover that about 5% of your co-workers are vegan, and 2% are night owls. This will help to remove the formal barrier and enable the users to have a closer network.

Leaders can use TruePublic to extract an honest sense of how employees are doing. This enables them to create a healthy culture that encourages the workforce to express and blow a whistle if needed.

The fun thing about this app is – it isn’t related to boring work-related stuff. You can ask and answer questions about almost all kinds of stuff. Make sure you stay friendly and ethical towards the community.

Also, don’t worry about the security of TruePublic. Its security algorithm aligns with the one used in airG scam free apps – one of the most reliable encryption technology out there!

  1. Color Happy

That feeling of entering a colorful gift shop makes us all delighted. Oh, how much do we love to fill our carts with stuffed teddies and glittery wreaths? We may toss these feelings in adulthood, but let’s admit we all adore being surrounded by colors. No?

Color Happy comes with the same motto. It is a “color by number game for adults.” It allows the users to splash some colors and enhance beautiful drawings. There are new coloring sheets every other day where you can pop colors and feel happy.

There are easy coloring pages and harder ones to make it viable for different age groups. It features floral patterns, Marvel, famous artworks, and Scooby-Do. The best part is, there are no annoying ads, unlike other coloring apps.

  1. QuizUp

QuizUp is a social trivia game where users can challenge their friends from social media. We all miss those fun hours where we challenged the general knowledge of our colleagues. Apps like QuizUp help us enjoy these fun times on virtual grounds.

It is a game that tests knowledge of cooking, world geography, TV show quotes, and several other topics (according to developers, there are 433). Such an overwhelming number of domains mean you will spot a few that match your interests.

You can participate in the real-time trivia that happens with players from around the world. Or challenge your friends, obliterate them in the “Name of the Pop Star” section, and brag about it nonstop!

The app is clean, colorful, and easy to navigate. This is what makes it the best application to use when boredom pushes you down to the floor.

  1. DuoLingo

Take the time in quarantine to learn a new skill or upgrade an existing one. Duolingo is one of the best apps you should install on your phone. It will enrich your mind and allows you to connect with others.

This app was founded as an academic project at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. The final launch of this app happened in 2009, and it has reached exciting heights since then. According to the Crunchbase report, the investors estimated the total valuation of this app to be $2.4 billion.

You can use Duolingo to teach you any words from any country you want. Who knows, you might end up touring that place once we are out of this pandemic? Its beautiful interface and visual learning features make the study all the more interesting.

  1. RunKeeper

Enough with the binge-watching and nonstop munching during self-isolation! Let us all tread towards a healthier lifestyle to beat this pandemic and all diseases. RunKeeper could be our best pal in this regard. This app allows you to keep your running time on track and make sure you get workouts when you are home.

It gets praises as one of the best running apps in the market. For instance, The Sweet Setup featured RunKeeper as its favorite run tracking application. The Shape also featured it as the best running app for all kinds of training.

Some features that stand out in this app are:

  • Audio cues
  • Running groups
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Challenges
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Having apps like this one helps create a health-oriented mindset, which is extremely important during these dull days.

  1. Project Foodie: Guided Cooking

Stated as “the cookbook of the future” by Food & Wine, this app sure has a lot to offer. Most of us are badly missing those yummy foods we devoured before COVID-19. But let’s not dump junk into our precious bodies and create our own culinary adventures.

Apps like Project Foodie are perfect for taking you on delicious journeys. It combines the best elements of books, apps, classes, and programs to help beginners learn cooking. There are fun and easy video featuring celebrity chef Daniel Holzman.

It guides your selection of ingredients and shows you how to cook. The app even shares the cultural history of every meal in tidbits. It is like creating an amazing meal while watching your favorite cooking show. The brilliant aesthetics coupled with enticing music gives you all the inspiration you need to make a finger-licking meal for the fam!

  1. Headspace

The bland routine nowadays may seem like a house arrest. It has taken a toll on our minds, making us feel abhorrent and extremely bored with life. A regular dose of meditation these days is what we need to deal with stress.

It leads you through guided meditation sessions while giving you prompts to think about things you should be grateful for. This will allow us to deal with uncertainty, anxiety, and hysteria. The design of Headspace includes a friendly interface with fun illustrations and a well-rounded library of resources.

Dive into the world of meditation before things up there get messier!

Wrapping it up!

I hope a few of these apps make sense and help you to deal with the current scenario. Or maybe they inspired you to seek different ones that align with your interests. There is no doubt that our active lives are just too boring nowadays. But we shouldn’t bury ourselves under the rubble of uncertainties.

Find a way to keep yourselves occupied. Don’t forget to tell us your game plan!

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