How to Transfer OLM to PST File on Mac?

“Microsoft offers two different email clients for Windows and Mac OS to facilitate exchange connectivity. These two email clients are MS Outlook and Outlook for Mac respectively. While both the email clients are similar in terms of user interface and working still they have some advantages and limitations over the other.” 

Outlook for Windows uses PST files to store mailbox data. It also supports the OST files when connected to the exchange server. MS Outlook stores the mailbox data in PST format when it is configured with POP3 accounts. However, when the user works in offline mode with an exchange server it stores the data in OST format. 

On the other hand, Outlook for Mac uses OLM files to store the mailbox data. This implies that MS Outlook for Windows doesn’t support the OLM files. Therefore, we need to transfer OLM to PST format so that the file can be imported into MS Outlook for Windows. Apart from this, there are some more significant reasons of Why we should convert OLM to PST?

Here we are going to explain the step-by-step procedure to export Outlook Mac to PST files manually and a professional solution for OLM Converter for Mac. Before that let’s discuss some reasons to export Outlook Mac to PST.

Needs to Convert OLM to Outlook PST

Basically, the two common scenarios can happen that require to convert from OLM files to PST. 

  1. If a user wants to switch from a Mac system to a Windows system. So, he has to migrate from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows.
  2. If someone is using a Windows computer on a temporary basis at the office or home. Then, to access the mail of Outlook for Mac he has to convert his files from OLM to PST format.

However, there are some advantages to convert OLM to PST which makes MS Outlook for Windows a better preference. Let’s go through some limitations of Outlook for Mac.

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Limitations of Outlook for Mac

Some of the limitations of Outlook for Mac are discussed here.

  • There is no preview attachment feature available for the user.
  • Saving OLM files as HTML/TXT is not possible in Outlook for Mac.
  • The customization of the folder is not possible with Mac.
  • A user can’t share the available information with the external user.
  • The user can not access office 365 groups.
  • It doesn’t allow the auto synchronization of Gmail folders such as drafts, deleted items, etc. 

After going through the need to transfer OLM to PST file and the limitations of OLM files. Let’s take a step ahead to discuss the manual technique of OLM to PST conversion.

Manual Technique to convert OLM File to PST

We can convert the OLM file into PST with the help of an IMAP Account. The four steps which we need to perform one after another are as following.

Step 1 – IMAP Account Creation

Follow these steps to create your IMAP Account.

  1. Go to the Settings of Gmail or any other webmail.
  2. Now, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in Settings.
  3. If the status of IMAP is not enabled then Enable IMAP and Save changes.   

Step 2 – With IMAP Account Configure the Outlook for Mac

Now, you can easily configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP. 

  1. Navigate to the Tool tab and select Accounts, after opening the Outlook for Mac.
  2. Now, select the Email and enter your login credentials and other details.
  3. Select SSL connection after entering the IMAP server.
  4. Enter SMTP server and 465 as a port number.
  5. Now, click Add Account.

Step 3 – Export emails from Outlook for Mac to IMAP Account

These step by step procedures will help you to export emails from Outlook for Mac into IMAP account

  1. Select the item you want to move after opening Outlook for Mac.
  2. Select the folder and right-click on it then Move> Copy to Folder.
  3. Find your IMAP folder and then copy it.
  4. Then, update the IMAP folder with Send/Receive button. 
  5. All the OLM emails are now in your IMAP account.

Step 4 – With the Same IMAP Account Configure the Outlook for Windows

Now, Configure the Outlook for windows along with the same IMAP account.

  1. Go to Control panel and then Main>Email Accounts>New.
  2. Choose Manually Configure server settings then click on the Next button.
  3. Select IMAP/POP Settings and then click on Next.
  4. After entering your IMAP account credentials and Incoming and Outgoing server details then click on More Settings.
  5. Go to the Advanced Tab.
  6. Enter 993 port number in IMAP server and select SSL Connection.
  7. Enter the SMTP Server port number as 465 and choose SSL then OK.
  8. After that, select Next it will take few minutes then click Finish.
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Now, you are able to transfer OLM to PST files for Mac. But, these manual techniques are not enough to provide all the solutions. Hence, to overcome its limitations some expert techniques are introduced nowadays. Before discussing the expert techniques let’s go through its limitations.

Limitations of Manual Techniques

These manual techniques are always free to use. However, it also has some limitations which are as follows.

  • This technique requires a piece of technical knowledge and expertise.
  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • The steps are always complicated and risky for a non-technical user.

To overcome these limitations we have some expert techniques to transfer OLM to PST files. These are risk-free, time-saving, and easy-to-use techniques.

Expert Technique to Convert OLM to PST

We have gone through the manual techniques to convert OLM files to PST. However, It also has some limitations. To overcome those limitations we have the Mac OLM Converter Tool. It is a reliable tool that allows you to perform this task. It helps you to convert OLM files in PST, PDF, MBOX, OST, EML, CSV, HTML, and various other file formats. 

Additionally, this tool helps you to import the Mac OLM files into Gmail, Office 365, Live Exchange, IMAP, iCloud, etc. It supports the OLM files created by all Mac Outlook versions. Mac OLM Converter Tool also provides you the facility to migrate selective email from selected OLM files. It supports the bulk conversion of OLM files and helps you in deleting the duplicate emails from OLM files before migration.


We have discussed the two email clients offered by Microsoft for Windows and for Mac OS. Now, we understand the need to transfer OLM to PST files in Mac and the limitations of Outlook for Mac. Along with these insights we have provided you the step-by-step procedure of how to convert OLM to PST for Mac. As we know the manual procedure has its own limitations and to overcome those limitations we have the best expert technique in the form of the Mac OLM Converter Tool. Apart from OLM to PST Converter, It will also allow you to perform various other operations.

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