7 BBA specialisations that are making a mark in the business world

7 BBA specialisations that are making a mark in the business world

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular undergraduate programmes in business management in India. A BBA degree can introduce you to key management disciplines such as accounting, financial management and human resource management.

These days, most Indian universities allow you to pick a management specialisation along with your BBA programme. ABBA specialisation helps you gain specific knowledge in a particular managerial discipline and seek high-paying career options in that field.

Read ahead to explore different specialisations for BBA admission that can help you get your dream job in the business domain.

  1. BBA in computer applications: Digital transformation of the business domain has made different computer applications a permanent feature in the corporate landscape. A BBA degree in computer applications can help you get a solid background in different computer applications used in businesses along with their pros and cons. This specialisation can equip you to handle management problems that emerge from working alongside computer developers and programmers.
  2. BBA in international business: In an age of globalised business operations, it makes sense to invest in a degree that allows you to specialise in international business management. A BBA in International Business can help you understand the intricacies of conducting business on a global scale as well as international trade regulations and tax laws. This course can also open the doors for your international business career.
  3. BBA in entrepreneurship: If you want to fly alone in the business domain and open your own company, BBA in Entrepreneurship can teach you everything you need to know for starting a business from scratch. You learn about the tax regulations and business compliance rules for your company, hiring and managing new employees and identifying new business The programme can also be ideal for those who want to join and grow their family business.
  4. BBA in financial management: A financial management programme is a great alternative for you if you have a knack for numbers and trends analysis. ABBA Financial Management degree can let you explore the administrative side of financial management operations. This specialisation would be an ideal career move for people interested in financial or accounting careers.
  5. BBA in supply chain management: Logistics and supply chain management constitutes one of the biggest business domains and offers a well-paying career scope. BBA in Supply Chain Management can help you understand the logistics needs of a manufacturing company and understand the business aspects of the product management cycle.
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You can also seek other BBA specialisations such as global business management, cybersecurity, marketing, sports management and healthcare management. A few more options include hospitality management, human resource management and information systems.

Researching into a wide variety of BBA specialisations along with their advantages and career scopes can give you a clear idea of what to expect from each of them. You should also look into the curriculums of these specialisations to check if any of the subjects resonate with you or match your career goals.

Start looking for an appropriate BBA specialisation today to find the best programme for your business career.

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