7 Best Android Mobile Website Themes

7 Best Android Mobile Website Themes

According to ApricotDental, a digital marketing firm working heavily with SEO for dentists, it is essential to build mobile-friendly; responsive and beautifully designed website in a way that fits the width of various screens. More than 40% of internet users operate with mobile phones in their searches.

What Makes a Theme Mobile Friendly?

Two factors are essential to ensure a mobile-friendly theme. Now applying client friendly theme such as Blesta theme would enable the client include their logo and the appealing colours they desire. Second, make sure the theme is lightweight; the web servers need to build the page as expected and with haste.

Lightweight websites are essential for mobile viewing. The best way to improve this feature is to understand how mobile phones lack desktop devices’ computing power and use a speed-optimized theme to solve the problem.

Best Android Mobile Website Themes

1. Divi

Divi builder is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is easy to customize and fits different screen widths depending on what one desires. The article is also responsive and comes with hundreds of website designs that are mobile-friendly. You can have the font and color you like all within the package. It would be best if you didn’t worry about optimizing yourself; the website will do it for you.

2. uDesign

Don’t worry about your knowledge of coding when using uDesign. Little or no knowledge of coding will not throw you outside the box. It is possible to build a professional website from scratch. 

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With responsive page layouts, uDesign can easily conform to smartphones and tablets. Also, ensure your SEO technique is sharp enough to enable your website to appear among the first search for the best results.

3. Kalium

Kalium is an easy-to-use tool for building a website with a unique WordPress theme that can enhance creativity. Kalium looks fantastic on screens of tablets and smartphones.

4. Avada

If you are looking for a 100% mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress theme, Avada is here for you. It has global styling features with various designs that fit different screen sizes. You will maintain a high-performing website that is visually optimized to draw attention to the customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in web design; obtaining a professional website is workable.

5. Neve

Neve comes with several demos for different websites, and it is mobile-friendly and compatible with most mobile phones. Another added advantages are the mobile headers and firm support for mobile pages. Neve is a free theme from Themelesle, a reason not to have any doubt when it comes to the expectation of your mobile browsing experience.

6. Webify

The layout is optimized insanely to adapt to any mobile device effortlessly. It also includes stunning website demos you can use to create whatever your client requests. Webify will help you take care of all the aspects required to put a website together.

7. Spacious

Spacious is perfect for middle-sized businesses with more than fifteen website templates and advanced typography, a handy package for a starter. The theme files are optimized by search engines and very responsive, loading with a good speed.

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Choose the Most Responsive Theme

A responsive page layout will draw clients to your website. No one wants to wait an eternity trying to log into a service when there are substitutes. Web designers should also ensure the content is easy to read through.

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