The Most Popular Apps of 2021

The Most Popular Apps of 2021

Digitalization has made our lives very easy. Today we can download any app of our choice, whether we want to order our favorite food or want to make online payments. We all are leading a very fast life. Every time, we don’t want to get our car out and drive again to fulfill our needs. Therefore people use the popular application to save their time and energy. We all open a website that is in our native language and if the website is not localized and does not resonate with the target market then people will remain a browser and they will not become your potential customer. Therefore, people go for website localization services. Unlike website localization, people opt to use an application that is localized. If you are an entrepreneur and want to keep up with fast life then you must develop an app for your business.

Which Technology to Use for App

Suppose you are an entrepreneur and looking for an innovative idea to reach customers before your competitors then you must develop an app for your business. Which is a handy platform for apps. It is a mobile phone. With the help of mobile apps, you can show your business existence to potential clients when they are on the go. Mobile proliferation in the market has made entrepreneurs think about developing mobile apps for their businesses. According to the online magazine eMarketer, US adults spend half an hour more on mobile devices in 2021. Moreover, they spent 88% of their time on mobile apps. People will use your apps if it is in their native language, moreover if it resonates with the target market. For this entrepreneurs must go for app localization services. Let’s dive into the top 5 most popular apps of 2021.


Uber is the world’s topmost ride-sharing app. It is giving leverage to 103 million riders and drivers in 70 different countries. Many other conveyance services have also developed their app and they are giving tough competition to uber. At present uber is dominating 71% of the market share in the USA. Additionally, they also have a presence in other important countries of the world like Russia and China. You must be wondering what has made Uber such a success. It is the first-mover advantage and the premium quality of their app. If Uber is successful in China, then it means they have used Chinese translation services so that Chinese consumers can understand and navigate the app successfully.

Instagram and We Chat

One of the world’s topmost media platforms is Instagram. Whopping 1.4 billion people used it on a monthly basis. With the help of Instagram, you can connect your videos and images on social media. It came into existence in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Generation Z and millennials use this platform immensely. If you want to advertise your business then do advertise on Instagram. One important thing about Instagram is that its app and website are blocked in China. Therefore if you try to access this app on mobile, the application will say unable to connect. Thus if you want to tap into the Chinese market then you must go for other apps because this app is not accessible there. Do you want to know which app is used in China? WeChat is the topmost popular app used in China. It has a whopping 700 million active users. Tencent Holdings Ltd is holding all the rights of this app.


Another most popular app of 2021 is TikTok. This app was developed by ByteDance which is a Beijing-based company. This important app helps in sharing videos. Marketers use this platform for developing short films. This marketing platform is very famous among youngsters especially persons under the age of 18. It is using a high-resolution algorithm through which you can analyze what consumers want to see and how they can become your loyal customer. Research shows that people spend 52 hours on a daily basis. Moreover, 90% of people access it on a monthly basis. If you are an entrepreneur then you should get leverage from this amazing app.


Airbnb is an online marketplace that brings people who are looking for accommodation and people who want to rent out their homes. This virtual business is operating in 220 countries and 100,000 cities. The name of this mobile app is derived from air mattress B&B. With the help of this application, you can earn handsome money from your property but the risk of damaging the property, and not finding the accommodation as it was mentioned is still there. Thousands of travelers who came to China for different purposes give importance to homes instead of hotels. Thus this app is very useful for entrepreneurs who visit foreign countries for start-ups.


At present, Amazon is a buzzword in the business world. The Amazon ecosystem is offering a wide range of services like cloud computing, digital streaming, and more. This app is offering UX innovation that helps consumers to buy products and services easily. With the help of this app, people can buy thousands of products from Amazon’s sites around the globe.

Wrapping Up

The best way to tap into any foreign land swiftly is to develop a mobile app so that people can use it anywhere and anytime. But for proper use of the app, you must go for app localization services so that the app is more useful for the audience. It will also help in your business growth.



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