7 Steps From Starting A Fashion Blog In 2023 To Its Monetization

7 Steps From Starting A Fashion Blog In 2023 To Its Monetization

The idea to start a fashion blog might not be new but can be a good source of making money.It’s not new because, according to Web Tribunal, last year more than 600 Million out of 1.9 Billion websites are blogs, worldwide.

While the same source shares that <10% of bloggers get profit from their blogs. There is a reason for any unsuccessful blog, i.e. they don’t start it right!

This article is for people like you who are smart enough to look online for expert advice that will help you create a profitable blogging site.

As the title suggests, it will take you 7 steps from starting a fashion blog in 2023 to its monetization to start earning.

1. Decide Fashion Niche

The fashion business has a variety of niches. Therefore, finding your ideal niche might seem a little difficult.

This can be made easy if you start with what you like. Something, in which you think you are a pro and have the best pieces of advice and extensive knowledge to share.

Sticking to a specific niche will help you narrow down your audience initially and help you target them 360 degrees, i.e. by addressing their minor to major queries, before expanding your blog. 

With time, you’ll get to find loyal readers and your brand’s trust in them.

2. Decide your Blog’s Domain Name

To start a fashion blog site, you need to think of a perfect domain name. 

Wait, what’s that? – Domain is the name of your blogging site. For example, if your blog’s name is XYZ, the recommended domain name should be xyz.com.

Free Versus Paid Domains – Paid domains are similar to the example above while free domains are usually subdomains. For example, your XYZ blog can be a subdomain of any ABC site, like xyz.abc.com

Also, it is recommended not to fall for free domains, as your subdomain provider reserves all rights and authority on your blog.

What’s a good blog name? – A good blog name should be short, simple, unique, and relevant to your fashion niche.

Where to buy a domain? – You can buy a domain using any affordable and reputable domain registrar.

3. Select a Good Web Hosting Service

Let’s discuss some more technical stuff, that is important for you to start a fashion blog website.

What is a hosting service? – The web hosting service will facilitate you to make your blogging site accessible on the internet.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a credible web host who will keep the functionality and security of your website.

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Bluehost, Cloudways, Godaddy, etc. are the names of some companies that offer a reliable hosting service with good customer support. So you can consider any of these to start a fashion blog.

How to select Web Hosting services? – A good hosting service should be bought by considering the following factors,

  • The offered uptime should be above 99%.
  • Your hosting service should offer you enough disk storage to keep your website running.
  • The service should include unlimited data traffic.
  • Your web hosting provider should offer data security.
  • Your hosting provider should either have a simple installation of an open-source CMS like WordPress or its own user-friendly CMS.

Along with these inquiries, you can always ask for a free trial.

4. Select a Suitable Blogging Platform and Theme

Tumblr and WordPress are considered the most popular platforms for hosting blogs. 

According to Web Tribunal 2023 updated stats on blogging sites, 518 million blogs are powered by Tumblr while 60 Million blogs are hosted by WordPress.

However, WordPress offers you a good range of blog themes, that can be customized as per your requirements. While WordPress Themes are both paid and free. 

To recommend some free WordPress themes to start your fashion blog are Astra, Elegant Magazine, and Blossom Pin.

While some paid WordPress themes you can consider starting a fashion blog are Gillion, Mag Plus, and News Mag.

5. Content Composition and Blog Posting

You are now ready to begin composing and posting your fashion blog entries.

But hold on! Your write-ups without a plan and strategy won’t help your blog to grow. 

You need to learn a little about search engine optimization (SEO) to help you rank and get visibility against the search queries made by your target audience and your blogs should be the answers to those queries. 

Further, it is important to create a posting schedule and upload content on regular basis to get daily readers and search crawlers will often visit your website for new content (That’s an SEO thing too!) 

Importantly, apart from your blog posts your website must have About Us, Contact US, and Proper Category Pages.

6. Promote Your Fashion Blog

Every Business needs to promote its services to expand its reach.

After all, what is the benefit of creating a blog, if it is not reaching your audience?

If you want to grow a following for your fashion blog and ultimately monetize it to make money, you must actively promote it.

Let’s make a reality check here, promotion requires the investment of both your time and money.

How to promote your blog? – Well, you can do that in different ways! Some of them are listed below, 

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Leverage Social Media Platforms

Using social media like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for your fashion blog could be a great way to get plenty of traffic.

Both Pinterest and Instagram are very popular in the Fashion niche and could ripe great results.

Pinterest can also be a great tool for promoting your fashion blog as the fashion niche is very popular on Pinterest.

Also, you can get more conversions and sales by getting traffic from Pinterest as according to stats, around 80% of Pinterest users are always purchasing new things.

So, give Pinterest a try and your results will skyrocket.

Moreover, if you want to succeed in your social marketing, you can use some great social scheduling tools like tailwind to take your social reach and engagement to next level.

Check out this Tailwind review to learn more about its benefits and how it could save your precious time by auto-scheduling social media posts and photos.

SEO And Google Search

Make your blogging website SEO-friendly so that your websites get exposure through search engines.

For this, you need to work on your link building as well as focus on on-page SEO like website speed, Sitemaps, crawlability, link structure, and more.

Email Newsletter

Try Email Newsletters! professional bloggers use it as a key method to stay connected with their readers and make money from them.

You can use Constant Contact or Mailchimp to acquire emails from website visitors and send them personalized emails for getting conversions.

7. Monetize your Blog

After coming this far, from starting a fashion blog to developing an audience of loyal readers, it is time to look for ways to monetize it.

You can use the following methods to earn money from your fashion blog: 

  • Display Ads – using Google Adsense or offering a banner ad opportunity for interested businesses.
  • Partner up with some affiliate programs, to get a good percentage of sale commission after the referral from your site.
  • You can offer paid guest post opportunities on your blog, by giving proper guidelines to make sure you don’t compromise on quality and adding value to your audience. 
  • Allow fashion businesses to outreach you for sponsored content or product reviews by displaying proper contact information for business inquiries. 

The options are not limited to these. There are several ways to generate revenue out of your fashion blog.

Summing Up:

Fashion blogging can be an extremely satisfying, thrilling, and extremely profitable experience… Especially if you are an enthusiastic fashionista.

Start a fashion blog with a careful selection of a niche, domain name, web hosting service, and suitable platform to build your blogging website.

Next comes your effective strategy to compose, post, promote, and monetize your fashion blog.

Hope the seven steps discussed in this guide have helped you in establishing a clear route in your mind for starting a fashion blog.

Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below!

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