What top 4 features are a must for any eCommerce site?

The competition is no longer about physical shops buying online presence. The internet has made the world a global village. Everything has changed including the way we shop. Nowadays people prefer to purchase goods and services online to visit a physical shop. As a business owner, you should own an eCommerce website Sydney because that’s the new gold mine of business. When it comes to eCommerce websites, you need to use them efficiently to get customers. The success of an eCommerce depends on its functionality, design and features. There are certain features every eCommerce website should have. Every website has its magic but there are some things common in them. We shall discuss those features in this article.


If an eCommerce website isn’t friendly, it will chase away customers. An eCommerce website should be simple so that it loads easily. Reports show that 81% of customers reveal that the most important feature of a website is the ease of use. If an eCommerce website lags a lot, customers will leave the website and shop in other places. The majority of customers access websites via their phones. A website loads differently on computers and mobile. A successful eCommerce website should be mobile optimized so that it can be easily accessed by mobile users. Users should be able to search the website and purchase on it easily.


One of the main hindering factors of online shopping is theft. People are scared of data theft. That’s why you have to be extra careful with your customers’ vital data and information. You should make sure that your eCommerce website has an SSL certificate that will authenticate a website identity and protects every IP address that logs on to the website. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and it’s the technology behind HTTPS. Everybody wants to make transactions on a website that is secured.

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High-resolution photos and videos

One of the things that appeal to buyers is graphics. You are selling something and you need to convince your audience that you have it, that’s where visual representation comes in. Your audience wants to see multiple evidence of the goods or services you are offering them. They want to know that they are getting the real thing. If you offer services, you can do a video of how you operate. Use high-resolution images or videos as your customers will have a clear preview of the products. You should make sure that the images or the videos don’t take a long time to load for people to preview.

Payment options

An eCommerce website without payment options is useless. After convincing the visitor to buy and they can’t purchase the product, they will leave. You can prevent such incidents by allowing multiple payment options. Some buyers prefer online payment while some prefer cash on delivery. There should be different options of cards, digital wallets and other viable payment options. There should be payment options for international customers too. This way everybody will be attended to and you will experience a boost in your business.

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