People of all age groups use mobile devices, so the market for a mobile app is widespread now. However, not all apps are equally helpful. Numerous mobile apps with similar options are available now. So the marketers need to be highly attentive regarding the marketing strategy. From reaching out to influencers to leveraging the website, from featuring the app to creating demo videos—all come under a sound marketing strategy.

According to the digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, app downloads peak within the first couple of weeks after they launch them. The apps you launch must have impeccable community and marketing efforts to last.

Eight great ideas for mobile app marketing

No sooner do the marketers finalize app designs and concepts than they must think about mobile app marketing. Following are some of the unique and innovative ideas for a better marketing strategy.

  1. Initializing campaign and marketing before app launching

There are ample ways to cover when one starts planning the marketing. As notified earlier, one should not wait for launching and begin marketing the apps right when the app designs and concepts are built up. Marketers must visualize the ideal users, encourage them, and elaborate on the reasons for downloading the particular app.

Users love the newest apps with new features on the market, and early marketing can create anticipation. A recent study by Google claims that around 40% of mobile users seek apps through the mobile app store. Others find their chosen selection through blogs, videos, online tutorials, etc.

  1. Engaging potential consumers offers a good result

When an app is made, the app makers must have sound knowledge regarding the ideal users’ needs and design them accordingly. The apps must have some unique features to be acceptable. So, during the creation process, you can try to get feedback from your targeted users. Engage the potential consumers through social media and forums in relevant sites.

Monitoring tools are there to locate industry leaders and ask them for unbiased reviews. The influencers can help you manage your inclination.

  1. Starting a blog

Blogs help to share relevant information online and keep the users updated by regular posts. As soon as you are done with the website, create a blog for your mobile app. Share experience and engage readers through the blog. Thus, you can make the audiences involved in the app-building process and interact with them.

Communication has a pivotal role to play in such cases. You can indulge yourself in the inquisitiveness of your application even after launching the app.

  1. Thinking about teasers

You can start releasing teasers and sneak peeks to make your customers more excited regarding the application. The visual creatures love to see video promos, and app screenshots are more attractive options than mere reading or hearing about it. Thus you can also make an email list of keen mobile app users.

  1. Accumulating your press kit and launching materials

As you proceed for the launching date, make sure to prepare the press kit and launch materials accordingly. The entire website must be active before the video app development company launches. A blog post, press release, or video promo with the app’s key features could be of immense value.

Next, seek out industry influencers, relevant media, and communicable authoritative bloggers and reach out to them for valuable reviews and interviews regarding the application.

Once the launching procedure is entirely complete, you have some other responsibilities to perform with equal success.

  1. Reaching out for more feedback from your customers

The app stores mobile apps are ranked on value, ratings, and popularity. Try to get as many reviews and feedback as possible to increase the customer base. Never forget to incorporate the customer care number to contact whenever they encounter any problems, ask queries, and deliver meaningful feedback.

For a mobile app to stay in the market for long, you must respond to the feedback and consider them. You cannot simply sit back and rest after launching your product. Leave no stone unturned to improve the configuration based on negative feedback from your customers and influencers.

  1. Submitting apps for reviews

Blogs and video channels are there to review your blogs. Try capturing your audiences through your own YouTube videos and convert them into users. A comprehensive demonstration is always a competent option to increase the user base.

  1. Optimizing your app to fit into mobile app stores

You must ensure your app is optimized for acquisition. Using structured keywords and adequate research could be of help. Search ads can drive more downloads and increase app visibility. Last but not least, use the perfect timing.

Final Takeaways      

Make sure your mobile app matches user choices and requirements. There is no one-room-fits-all theory. Therefore try using creative marketing strategies for your app’s survival in the cutthroat market.


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