8 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home Against A Lockout

8 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home Against A Lockout

Did you ever dream out about being locked out? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, you have landed on the right page. No, this is not about dreams and their meanings but an easy yet effective guide to secure your home against the lockout tagout locks. Stick to these simple rules and you will not have to deal with the mini panic attacks standing outside a locked house or a vehicle.

Well, there is always a mathematical possibility of losing or damaging your keys but if you have worked out solutions beforehand, you can face the music with dignity. Before wasting any more time, let us dig into the top 8 ways to avoid exasperating lockout situations.

Use Your Key To Lock The Door From Outside

While we all love the convenience of hearing the click of the welock.com behind us, it is the culprit for most of the lockout situation reported at locksmith companies. The number one tip to avoid a lockout is to use your key to lock the door from outside. It works for vehicles as well as homes.

Instead of locking your car before shutting it or locking the doorknob before closing the door, make sure you are using keys to lock it. As you won’t be able to lock the door without a key, there is no chance of forgetting it inside.

Keep Spare Key(s) Nearby

If you are smart enough, you can hide a spare key nearby and never face the annoying lockout situation. Tap into the hidden con artist within you and find a way to hide your keys safely unless you want to give away the spot to a potential thieve or burglar.

Skip the basic ideas such as tucking away the keys beneath the doormat or rugs, hiding them in potted plants, or hanging bulbs. Intruders are getting smarter every day and so should homeowners. You can always purchase a lockbox, put the spare key in it, and bury it in a safe spot in your yard.

Double Check Your Keys Before Leaving

This goes without saying and still, happens to be in the top 8 suggestions. The simple reason is that it works for almost everyone. Make it a habit to check and double-check your keys before stepping out of your house. Place key hook or hanger anywhere the main doors so that it meets your eye. A lot of people choose shiny, bright, and conspicuous key rings to make them noticeable. Recite the mantra “Key, wallet, mask” before leaving your home and you can protect yourself against a lot of things!

Repair Or Replace Malfunctioning Locks

All of us have a habit of ignoring malfunctioning locks unless they give us a story to tell- leaving out the proactive homeowners. If you are seriously looking for a solution to avoid lockouts, start by repairing and replacing malfunctioning locks.

The best approach is to call a reliable locksmith, get the lock inspected and ask for possible solutions. Replacing a broken or damaged lock is going to cost you money, just like resolving a lockout, but don’t overlook the chaos of those few moments when you are locked out!

Install Smart Locks

Why not get rid of the keys altogether? Luckily, it is possible. If you have got the money, there are many different smart and electronic locks out there. Using a smart system frees you from the worries of lost or broken keys. The key is with you at all times, either in the form of a code or a fingerprint. Some models require an authorized app user to make your smartphone your house key.

Make A Fool-Proof Back Up Plan

Let’s be realistic and not rule out the possibility of a lockout. You are only safe when you have a fool-proof backup plan. Getting a spare key and hiding it anywhere near your house is a tried and tested technique. Other effective strategies include leaving a spare key with friends and family, keep the door keys with you at all times for power outages, and leaving an upstairs door unlocked.

If you are living in multi-story homes leaving a window door unlocked but closed is very beneficial. All you have to do is get a ladder to climb and get into the house. The garage door is another easy entryway for those who don’t have keys for the main doors. If your garage door opener does not operate in power outages, consider keeping a battery.

Get Rid Of The Self-Locking Lock Models

Putting our blames onto others is not good manners but a self-locking lock model still deserves that! Replace all such locks with highly reputable brands.

Find A Reliable Locksmith for Emergency Lockout In Atlanta GA

Instead of relying on last-minute searches for “Lockout Near Me Atlanta GA”, find a reliable locksmith beforehand. Save the numbers of the well-reputed locksmiths on your phone. Better keep it on speed -dial. When you are locked outside of your house the numbers written on post-it notes hanging on your refrigerator are of no use!


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