9 important tips to find a reliable automobile dealer online

9 important tips to find a reliable automobile dealer online

So, you are buying your first car; congratulations! But have you researched which car dealership is offering the best value to you?

Finding a trustworthy automobile dealer is an arduous task. Unless you have a relative who runs an automobile dealership, or you know someone who has an acquaintance with a car dealer, you won’t find a trusted source.

Most of the dealers in the market are there to earn profits only and will lie to you to make a sale. They don’t build customer relationships and prey on beginners with little know-how of the automobiles.

However, you can save yourself from being conned if you go prepared. By doing your due diligence before searching for Nevada Lincoln dealers near me, you can find a great dealer who will sincerely guide you about cars you should buy.

They will also help you at each step of the process, including its licensing, registration, and payment.  Some of the best dealerships will also offer post-sale services such as car maintenance for the first six months.

In this blog, we have listed nine tips to help you search for the best car dealers available in the market and how they can help you find the most appropriate vehicle that will cater to all your needs:

  1. Through Your Contacts

As said earlier, if someone in your social circle has bought a new car recently, then you should ask them about the dealership they used. To start, you can ask a few questions like:

  • Why did you choose this dealership?
  • Are you satisfied with the service they provided?
  • Do they offer any perks or facilities to their customers?
  • Do they deal with a specific car model, or do they offer dealership of all cars?
  • Can you bargain the price, or do they offer a fixed price?
  • How do they behave while talking to their customers? Are they rude or friendly?

These questions will help you evaluate the dealership and whether you should opt for them or not.

  1. Check Ratings

Many websites offer dealership ratings. They help people find out if a particular dealership is trustworthy, customer-friendly, offers support and post-sale facilities. You can check these ratings to form an opinion about the car dealership.

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It would be best if you can create a checklist for each dealership. The list should include rating, reputation, pricing, and more.

You can also opt for websites that only feature verified dealers like Auto Coin Cars. These dealerships offer you the best price, along with post-purchase services like free six-month service and maintenance, etc.

  1. Check License and Certification

Each state provides a license and certification to car dealerships operating in their area. You can search for licenses online on government websites. It would verify that the car dealership you are aiming to hire is authorized to conduct the deal.

It is also essential to know about their license so that in case of a problem, you can get help from the government to hold the dealership accountable. If the dealership is not licensed and not controlled by the government, it gets a lot difficult to hold them accountable later.

  1. Check Reputation

To find a reliable automobile dealership, you can seek help from online forums to make sure that you are making the right choice. They offer testimonials, case studies, and even customer reviews about dealerships.

You should also check reviews on third party websites because these third-party review websites are mostly unbiased. By reading those reviews, you can get to know the good and bad about these dealerships.

If the dealership has replied to the concerns of their customers, then you will know that these dealers value their reputation and are sincere.

  1. Check Longevity

The experience of a car dealer is an indication of its reliability. The more time they have spent in the business, the more trusted they will be among the buyers. It also means that they build a lasting relationship with their clients.

They will also offer improved customer service and better offers and facilities than their peers.  Similarly, the more time a dealer has spent in the business, the more likely they are to provide the best cars to first-time purchasers.

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It is because they also know the things that matter the most to a new buyer. They will also tell about the shortcomings of each car so that the buyers can make an informed choice.

  1. Compare Prices

It is always essential to compare dealership service prices just like you compare prices of any other product. Comparing prices will not only tell you about what budget you should have in mind but also help you find a dealer that offers quality service and a reasonable price.

  1. Evaluate Benefits

It is also important to understand what post-purchase services the dealership has to offer. Evaluating the perks of any service is difficult. So, you should get help from relatives or friends who have used a dealership before.

You can also find the customers of the said dealership on social media and contact them to ask about the benefits they received.

  1. Search Inventory

Some dealerships only deal in specific car models such as Nissan, Toyota, or Honda, etc. So, if you want a Toyota car and the dealership only deals in Nissan, then they are not right for you. So, make sure to search the inventory of the car brands they offer.

  1. Are they Profit-Focused or Customer-Centric?

Finally, the most important question: What type of dealership is it? The only way to find the answer to this question is to visit the dealership in person and see how they talk to potential customers.

We would advise you to visit all the dealerships in your area so that you can make a conscious decision.


Now that we have told you all the tips to choose the right automobile dealership online, it is up to you to research about a dealership before you finalize one. It will help you land the best deal possible.

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