9 Magento 2 Extensions help Promote Your Ecommerce Company’s Sales

9 Magento 2 Extensions help Promote Your Ecommerce Company’s Sales

Magento 2 Extensions have always played a vital role in the e-commerce business. These are software codes that can be added to improve the functionality of your e-commerce store. As such, Magento has been turning tables for an online business for decades now with its unique functionality and support. Magento 2 Marketplace is a perfect blend of flexibility, extensibility, and scalability in one place.

Moreover, due to their function-rich codebase, Magento 2 extensions are crucial for the success of your e-commerce store. Many e-commerce store owners have been using them to enhance the website’s overall appearance and user experience. 

However, you might wonder where these Magento 2 extensions come from. Generally, extensions are a set of modules installed inside the Magento platform to extend its features and functionality. Therefore, modules are essential in developing the extensions you need for your website.  

Because of this, you might consider engaging in custom module development to make the most out of Magento 2 extensions. Thankfully, many professional developers specializing in custom module development in Magento can help you. They can assist in developing custom modules that are clubbed to form an extension designed to enhance your website.

What are the various Magento 2 Extensions used to boost your sales?

Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension

Every merchant needs analytical tools to know the performance of their store in the market. The right tool will help to understand the patterns of growth and decline. This Magento 2 plugin gives you dynamic reports based on the order, customer data, and products. As a business owner, you can use this data to tailor your store to target audiences and provide better services.

Some noteworthy features of Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension are:

  • Get advanced summary reports about your sales
  • You get to know the top searched keywords, inventory data, customer summary, cart abandonment, and more.
  • It will send the reports through Emails if required
  • As a business owner, you can configure the reports you need for your online business
  • The reports are structured in the form of a column view.
  • Admin can install and uninstall it without affecting any other Magento 2 Module
  • The overview will mention the location of the customer
  • This Magento 2 Extension provides conversion rate and traffic on your platform.

Indeed, Magento 2 extensions can be beneficial in various ways. It can provide the following:

  • Backend efficiency;
  • On-time delivery and tracking;
  • Cost-saving features;
  • Wider audience reach;
  • Better performance and scalability.  
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Generally, there are different Magento 2 extensions which are available on the market. However, not all options may be suitable for your e-commerce needs. Proper research and understanding of their unique features and capabilities are necessary to help you find the perfect one for your business.  

So, if you’re looking for the proper extension to boost your e-commerce company sales, below are the options to consider from the get-go:

1.  Magento 2 PWA Extension

The Progressive Web Apps Magento 2 Extension has been providing significant benefits to e-commerce store owners. It uses the latest technology to provide a mobile-like experience to the customers and enhance your store’s performance.

Key features of the Magento 2 PWA extension are:

  • The installation process of this extension is effortless
  • It gives an application-like experience by just enabling standalone or full-screen mode options for the customers.
  • It gives the capability to personalize the splash screen background to the developers
  • Provides the perfect combination of app-like functionality and web-browser capabilities.
  • Enable e-commerce business to reach its customers effortlessly.
  • Access to a variety of features to improve your customer experience

2.  Zoho Inventory and Magento 2 Connector

This is a boost for small and medium-scale businesses to handle the inventory effortlessly. It is an online inventory management system that will help businesses to grow in the digital market. The Zoho Inventory and Magento 2 Connector Extension helps to organize and manage the inventory.

Some unique features of this Magento 2 Extension are:

  • Synchronizes the contacts, orders, and products in the Zoho inventory
  • It will display the order in the Zoho Inventory and Magento 2 Store
  • Users get the freedom to schedule the events and grab the right opportunities
  • Integration of this extension is effortless with Magento store
  • Users can synchronize the data in the Zoho inventory automatically

3. Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2 Extension

This helps to improve the website loading when it has large images and files. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it might increase the bounce rate and affect your business reputation in the market.

The benefits of integrating the blur image lazy loader Magento 2 Plugin are:

  • It will ensure that customers will not leave your website due to poor loading
  • This extension will also help improve website rankings, as website loading speed is an essential parameter of ranking.
  • You can save the server bandwidth and money
  • It gives a smooth website loading transition.

4.  Voice Search Magento 2 Plugin

This is a superior technology that helps customers to look for products using voice commands. People today prefer the easiest and less time-consuming methods to get results. It is an efficient Magento 2 plugin that ensures a better customer experience and increases sales for your e-commerce store. Some noteworthy features of this extension are:

  • It has a recognition devices scope like desktop, mobile, or both
  • You get lifetime updates of this Magento 2 Extension
  • It is free of cost to install in your e-commerce store
  • Uses voice search functionality to ease the process of getting the products
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5. PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2 Extension

Running an online platform must have an effortless, smooth, and quick transactional process. This Magento 2 plugin helps to complete online payments without any hassle. Customers can complete their payments from the checkout page, which provides a great experience.

Some key takeaways of this Magento 2 plugin are:

  • Provides connection between the PayTrace and Magento 2 Store
  • User-friendly and hassle-free payment process which is highly secure
  • Allows saving card details in a PCI-compliant manner to keep the data safe
  • Usage of significant credit cards like Visa, American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and Discover is supported
  • This Magento 2 Extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.x, 2.3.x, and 2.2.x.

6.  One-Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension

This is a highly optimized extension that improves the checkout process. It has custom themes and high configuration to make the process seamless as it handles the whole thing on a single page.

Some noteworthy features of the One-Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension are:

  • It is easier to use
  • Auto-fill option to add an address with the usage of Google photos
  • Built-in delivery date with instruction fields and date picker
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Additional popup for extra confirmation
  • Highly compatible with the third-party modules

7.  Review Reminder for Magento 2

This enables the admin to send automated notifications to the target audience. The e-commerce store owner has control over the store view, customer groups, and customer section. This helps to get reviews of their products and increase the scope of improvement.

Some unique features of the Review Reminder Magento 2 Plugin are:

  • Customers can be contacted through emails, shopping cart, store view, and store view.
  • The reminder will be canceled once the customer leaves a reminder
  • It analyses customer behavior and sends consecutive reminders
  • The extension ensures no delays and sends the review reminders on time

8.  PayPal Multicurrency Magento 2 Extension

This extension helps the customers to complete online transactions on various currencies. This makes it easier for e-commerce store owners to accept payments globally and enhance user experience.

Some benefits of using this Magento 2 module are:

  • It provides faster payment processes around the globe
  • The Magento store replaces the base currency of the store into the selected currency. This avoids any hindrance
  • It gives high flexibility when it comes to currency conversions
  • This extension makes the whole process time-saving, quick, and smooth.


We have invested our knowledge, experience, time, and effort to bring you the best collection of Magento 2 Extensions. These are the basic ones that will help in enhancing the sales of your e-commerce store efficiently. Increasing revenue expects knowledge and experience to integrate the best one from the whole pile.


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