A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make a YouTube Video

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make a YouTube Video

Making YouTube videos has become very popular these days. YouTube is still the biggest social networking site when it comes to video content. There is no other platform that is capable of delivering the kind of performance that YouTube has shown. According to recent reports, we can see that more than 1 billion hours of video content has been uploaded on YouTube every day for the last few months. That tells you a lot about how big YouTube has turned out to be in the world.

So, if you are aspiring to open your YouTube channel and post videos there, here are some tips that we will surely help you with right away. Meanwhile, you can definitely check out the best video editor for YouTube for 2021.

Things To Remember When Making Videos

Here are a few things that you should be keeping in mind when you are making videos –

  1. Find the best equipment – 

The very first thing you’ll have to do is to find the right equipment. Without the proper equipment, it is not possible to shoot good YouTube videos. You need a decent camera, a tripod, and an audio mic for capturing the sound. All of these will help you to create the best videos for your audience. If you want them to enjoy your videos, you have to invest in them. However, you can even use a good quality mobile camera to record your videos now. But it is to be kept in mind that you don’t need to blow up your account in order to buy this equipment. Go for a used or affordable lineup of the equipment.

  1. Use a good editor – 

Once you have got the video, it is time to edit it in a good video editor. Editing a video is not a very easy task, and that is why you need the help of the right editor to make it a little easier for you. There are many reputed editors like DaVinci Resolve, In Video, Corel Draw, Avid Editor, etc. All of them have unique features and advanced editing abilities that can help you to create the most mesmerizing videos from now. Just make sure that you choose any one of them and keep leaning only on that one.

  1. Plan your content well – 

If you shoot a random video and sit down to edit it, then there is a high chance that this video is going to be a super flop. You cannot make good YouTube videos without having proper planning for the content. There will already be some video or the other made on the topic that you have thought of. That is why it is important to create unique and creative content that will look intuitive and interesting to people. This requires planning and proper use of a strategy to chalk out all the input that is going to make the content good.

  1. Maintain a proper balance – 

There needs to be a proper balance in everything that you do in life, right? The same goes for YouTube videos. You cannot expect a million views on a video by shooting it in a thousand-dollar DSLR and getting it edited by a top editor if the storyline is a flop. There needs to be a proper balance between the creation and presentation. Every successful video maker in the world focuses not only on the making but also on the quality of the content. It has to offer something resourceful to the users for it to be popular over time.

  1. Keep up the experiment – 

Making and uploading videos on YouTube requires a creative mind. The only way to be successful on YouTube is by making out-of-the-box content that the majority of people have not seen in recent times. The best way to achieve this skill and work on your creativity is by experimenting with different edits. You can think, edit and create different videos to find out new techniques and methods of editing. Watch more videos and read more books about shooting and editing to get a better understanding.

All of these points will definitely help you to create the most amazing videos for your YouTube channel in the coming days. Now, let’s find out how you are going to upload the content that you just created on YouTube.

How to upload videos on YouTube?

Here are the steps you should follow when you are planning to upload a video on YouTube –

  • Navigate to YouTube in a web browser using your desktop or laptop.
  • Make sure that you are logged in to your own channel. In case you can’t see your profile image, click on the sign-in option available upfront.
  • Now, you have to click on the “Create a Video” button at the top of the home screen. The icon is in the shape of a video camera. Toggle the drop-down menu and click “Upload video.”.
  • Under the “Select files to upload” tab, you have to click on “Public” and choose the level of visibility you prefer for the videos you are making. Then click on the large arrow to choose the video you are planning to upload now.
  • It will take a few minutes for the video to fully upload on the server, and in the meantime, you can insert the name, add the description, and do other things.
  • Once the video is uploaded, make sure to check if you have put up all the resources that you want along with the video. Then click on “Publish.” Wait for a few minutes, and your video will be shown on your YouTube channel.

Videos allow you to use tone and music to convey a message that your potential clients remember. Whether it is promoting a new product or a sale currently going on, emotion carries stronger in voice than text. Studies show that people prefer audiovisual ads because they require less thinking. Moreover, it is important to set the right mood from the very beginning. Film Impact Premiere Pro video transitions are a great way to help you with this. You can share these videos easily on social media sites or pay for television time slots.

 Final Call

So, these are the simple steps that you have to follow in order to upload a video on YouTube. You can easily get used to this procedure by carrying it out a few times. Make sure to check out the blog whenever you face any kind of issues. Video editing and creation is definitely a tricky task to achieve, and it can get really difficult if you are new to this industry. However, have patience and keep following it if you love to do this. You won’t be too far away from success.




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