Vintage Glasses: The New Favourite Of The 21st Century

Vintage Glasses: The New Favourite Of The 21st Century

Vintage glasses are constantly in demand. Even in the 21st century, these glasses are iconic pairs that are loved by both young and adult people. While the adults want back the retro vibe and recall the memories of their time with the glasses, the youngsters want to recreate looks that are a mixture of the retro era and the modern 21st century. 

How about wearing a pair of round glasses or sunglasses with a classy and elegant outfit? What do you think, all the eyes will be on whom? No doubt, all the eyes will be on you! Round glasses are one such vintage or retro pair that was, is, and will be an iconic pair of glasses or sunglasses of all time.

Next is another pair, the cat-eye glasses. Cat-eye glasses and sunglasses are forever favourites of almost every woman. The women’s special glasses have taken a great place in the hearts of women. The different shapes and sizes of cat-eye glasses and sunglasses with different outfits make headlines almost every day. 

Without mentioning aviator sunglasses, the list would be incomplete. From a pilot’s glasses, it became the favourite of the common mass. These sunglasses are no longer for only the navy and the pilots. Instead, these sunglasses are for all.

Let us discuss briefly some of the sunglasses and glasses for a clear idea of why these glasses and sunglasses are considered vintage pairs.

Round Glasses

Round glasses are one of the first types of eyeglasses that were ever made by human beings. There are various geometrical shapes among which the round shape has been one of the most popular shapes of geometry and has been the first choice of people in making glasses. The glasses did not have any temples but later had temples, and they have been constantly experimented by the people of the eyewear industry.

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The first type of round glasses was the wooden round glasses. Later they were made with metals, tortoiseshells and other materials.These glasses became more famous when celebrities like John Lennon, Winston Churchill, and Mahatma Gandhi who were also known for their glasses, especially round-shaped glasses wore them. During the time of John Lennon, it was already the retro era and hence these glasses were also known as retro glasses. Lennon’s small round glasses are famous to date as Lennon glasses and various people opt for these glasses.


We all loved Harry Potter right? Do you remember the character Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe in the series? Do you remember the look with a black round round glasses that he used to wear in the series? The appeal of the character made him famous and today we all remember him with the round black glasses. Hence, the sleek black round glasses became one of the famous and popular eyeglasses of all time. 


After the small round glasses comes the funky and sassy oversized round glasses. From young adults to seniors, all love wearing round glasses. From classic rimless style to clear acetate frames, they have always been the centre of attraction among people. Since the round glasses are available in various varieties, they can be styled with different outfits.


Round Glasses are also available in oversized, full-rimmed, clear, and tortoiseshell variations (one of the most popular choices of glasses for people). Hence the round glasses are considered antique glasses as well as retro glasses.

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Cat-eye Glasses


Cat-eye glasses are considered vintage glasses. These glasses were first made in the 1930s and are considered glasses first ever made only for women. The cat-eye glasses were the most intimate fashion accessory for every woman since its origin. They were more famous as sunglasses than glasses at the beginning.


Cat-eye glasses were considered royal glasses. The elegant and classic cat-eye glasses were worn by various celebrities and common people. Audrey Hepburn’s look with the cat-eye glasses is famous all over the world. Cat-eye glasses became more famous after Audrey Hepburn wore them in her film Trinity Breakfast. The style of the glasses was out-of-the-box.


Cat-eye glasses were the first form of oversized sunglasses. The size of the sunglasses was large compared to the other sunglasses style. Cat-eye glasses were the first to introduce the concept of oversized glasses. After the oversized glasses and sunglasses, the era of tiny glasses and sunglasses came where the cat-eye glasses and the round glasses ruled all over. 

The eyeglasses have been considered an antique item along with other items that. With different styles of glasses evolving each day, these two glasses have remained in their same place with different designs changing everyday becoming more funky and elegant pairs of all time.

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