What to Know Before Hiring a Resume Writing Service?

What to Know Before Hiring a Resume Writing Service?

Hiring a professional resume writing service is essential because it saves you time, and you will get a CV that increases your chances of getting employed. You can go through resume writing services reviews for the best resume writing service.

There are several things you should understand before hiring a resume writing service. We will look at them in detail.

How do I find the writer I need for my resume?

Two solutions are available to find the right partner in your quest for the best CV.

1st solution: An online search on a search engine (Google, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

A simple search on the internet and dozens of potential writers are available. The hardest part is sorting it out and for that, follow the steps detailed below. To put it simply, your online search gives you 2 types of providers:

  • companies specializing in professional CV production,
  • online marketplaces bringing together editors directly.

In both cases, you realize that very few actors are unfortunately certified and experienced in creating CVs by deepening your research. After scanning the first 2 pages of Google, there you are with 4 or 5 names of companies or writers who can help you.

You have two things left to do before contacting them. First, read testimonials from past clients on their sites. Then, still on your favorite search engine, enter the following query: company or editor name + testimonials, comments, or ratings.

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For example: “John Doe testimonials.”

This search brings up all the positive or negative comments on third-party sites other than the one you found the service provider.

2nd solution: By asking around you

People around you can recommend a suitable resume writer. You can ask :

  1. i) Your colleagues and friends who have used a resume writing company.
  2. ii) A guidance organization or an association supporting job seekers.

iii) If you are being laid off, your human resources department can be of some assistance in directing you to a trusted partner.

Tip: Solicit 3 different partners before choosing an editor for your application. A smaller panel gives you fewer elements of comparison between providers. On the other hand, if you solicit more service providers, it will take too much time for you to decide between them.

How much does it cost to write a CV?

Prices usually vary depending on a variety of factors like:

  • the service chosen, a correction of the CV costing less than a rewrite, not to mention any additional services (writing of cover letters or LinkedIn profile, etc.),
  • your situation, depending on whether you want to be promoted internally, get a new job, or even change careers,
  • and finally, your hierarchical level. The production of a CV for a management position is generally charged more expensively.

Compare rates between different resume writing experts

What can I concretely expect if I hire a professional resume writing service?

You’ve taken the time to research and carefully selected a resume writer.

Here’s what to expect now:

The steps of a collaboration with a resume writer:

Step 1

You fill out the form to share your needs and objectives.

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Step 2

The writing company connects you with a copywriter. This step is only valid if you go through a writing company and not a writer directly.

Step 3

Your partner offers you a telephone interview between the writer and you.

Step 4

The editor completes your application and sends you the first draft of your resume. You send him your comments and requests for changes.

Step 5

You are called back by the editor to discuss any corrections to be made to this first version of your resume.

Step 6

You receive a final version of your resume.

From your first telephone conversation, ask your interlocutor the steps of his accompaniment. If any of the steps listed above are missing, then continue your search for a better resume writer.

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