All You need to Know Industrial Marking Systems in the Market – 2021

All You need to Know Industrial Marking Systems in the Market – 2021

Industrial marking system is one of the most important parts of industrial manufacturing and operations in regard to the industrial and consumer goods. This system is basically equipped with the machines which are used for printing the specific details about the product like expiry date, lot size, manufacturing date and other relevant details as well. These details are printed on the product itself and on its packing as well. The reason behind the process of industrial marking is to provide the authoritative information to the customers so that they can choose their products wisely.

Here, it’s not only provided for safeguarding the interest of the customers but it has also been done for the manufacturer’s as well for securing their brand names against counterfeits prevailing in the Industrial Engraving and Marking Systems market. Further, based on these markings, during the process of operations, any authorized person who belongs to this value chain system is able to track the exact location of the goods starting from the manufacturing unit till it leaves from the retail store along with the final user.

Now these industrial marking systems are kept on updating as per the industrial standards from time to time. Today, here I am going to provide you the predominant industrial engraving and marking applications in the market which are qualified to be adopted by various industrialists in the year 2021.

Based on the Segmentation:

The Industrial Marking System market has been segmented mainly on the technology point of view and further on the basis of type of use as well. Now if we consider this from the technology point of view, then here you are going to have thermal transfer, continuous inkjet, laser marking solutions, electrochemical etching and dot peen marking as well. From all these given technologies, the continuous inkjet marking is preferred by most of the industrialists in the industrial marking system market as it’s easy to install and utilize as well.

Apart from this, it has also been expected that the laser marking solutions are going to dominate the global marking system market in the year 2021 as it provides you with attractive as well as permanent marking for your logos and part numbers. These permanent marking solutions are mainly required in various industries like jewelry, plastic, aerospace, firearms, electronics, medical, pipes, leather, textiles and many more.


Now if we further talk about the segmentation of these trending portable marking machines on the basis of its usage then it could be categorized as pharmaceutical marking, food and beverages, industrial goods and consumer products as well. Here the food and beverages marking system market is further subcategorized into other divisions such as meat and poultry marking, fruits and vegetable marking, dairy products marking, pet food & animal feed marking and other subdivisions as well. And the industrial segment is also sub categorized into other divisions such as building material marking, automotive & aerospace marking, electric components & electronics marking, chemicals marking etc.

Based on the Dynamics:

The industrial marking systems market has been growing rapidly in these years. And its growth completely depends on the growth of other product markets as well. Here the main contribution for the rapid growth of the industrial marking system market is given by FMCG products whose demand has been increased expeditiously due to various factors such as demographic, socio-economic that eventually happen due to growing population, increasing urbanization and improving living standards of the society in which we all live.

Apart from this, the products demand for food & beverages has also been increased which eventually rises the demand for dot peen marking machines in their relevant industries. Moreover, the government has also pressurised the industrial units to fulfill the mandatory requirements for their manufactured and finished goods which has fueled the speedy growth of the industrial marking system market in 2021.

Based on Regional Outlook

Based on Regional Outlook:

If we see it geographically then the industrial marking system market has popularly trending in the major nations such as Latin America, North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, MEA (Middle East & Africa), APEJ (Asia Pacific excluding Japan) and Japan as well. Internationally, the APEJ (Asia Pacific excluding Japan) is becoming the fastest growing region in the industrial marking system market in the year 2021 due to the rapid growth of retail and industrial sector in this portion of the globe.

In addition to this, it has also been expected that the APEJ (Asia Pacific excluding Japan0n will be the one who is going to win this market whereas the North America region is counted as largest in terms of holding the biggest share of the industrial marking system market and it further has been expected to grow at more faster rate due to the more development in technology.



Here we have provided how this industrial marking system market is growing based on various elements such as segmentation, dynamics and regional factors as well. So, you can consider this well and then plan your business strategy accordingly.

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