How to easily Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliance with simple steps

How to easily Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliance with simple steps

Do you want to know how to google analytic compliance with Califonia Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? Google analytic is known as the most popular analytical tool that is used in millions of websites. It is used to help you track your performance and understanding of the users. Keep reading to understand more about Google analytic.

What is CCPA?

CCPA is comprehensive data protection of the law in the United States. Therefore, CCPA aims to enhance the privacy and consumer protection of the residence of Califonia.

Here are some of the right of a resident of California under CCPA includes:

Right to be informed: Here, users need to know the data firm of the website is used to gather information.

Right to have data deleted:

citizens have the right to get their data deleted from the websites.

Right to see what data: A person can see the user’s data for the past 12 months.

Right for equal service and price: The website is not permitted to discriminate against the consumer for other users’ exercise.

Light to OptOut: Individuals have the right to opt-out of website renting and releasing the third party’s personal information.

Who needs CCPA compliant?

CCPA is not allowed to apply for all compliant to GDPR of European and privacy law. Here are things you need to meet first before making complies.

The site is supposed to have $25 million of the gross revenue

50% of your annual income is needed to come from personal selling personal data

Your site should sell from selling personal data

Suppose your site does not comply with CCPA of what happens to it. You may stand part of $7500 to find in the federal violation of the law.

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Is Google analytic need to comply with CCPA?

Now you know what CCPA and how to apply it for your business, the next question to know is: What does the CCPA with Google analytic do.

Google analytic is a powerful tool to understand and know how people interact with your website.

The tool work by assigning the user ID; you will need to record all the personal information like gender, IP, address, device, and vehicle.

Therefore, you can disable your Google analytic for CCPA. It is hugely measured to ensure that your service to decide for your company. The good thing to do is providing GA complies with law to make few changes.

Making Google analytic comply with CCPA

Do you look to know how to comply with CCPA? Then you can follow those three steps to make Google analytic to complete CCPA requirements.

Step 1: Install Monsterlnsights and its EU Complies Addon

If you are looking at managing your GA, you know the best Google analytic plugin that helps you do all that. You cannot get another tool that works well, like MonterInsights and managing Google Analytics.

This tool helps you automatically differentiate the process of making CCPA. For example, you can easily disable personal data tracking in Google analytic when you click the button.

Below are what an addon can do for you here:

Disable user tracking

Anonymize user IP of address Google analytic hits

Disable demographic

Disable interest report for advertising

Enables ga () of compatibility mode

You can make it easy for the GA to integrate with cookies WordPress plugin and cookieBot

will need to install and activate the addon:

When you are done with the addon, activate and go to Insight>Setting>Engagement to control the EU compliant. Below are changed for setting and disable for different tracking features in Google analytic.

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Step 2: Create an Opt-Out Consent Box

When you are done setting up MonsterInsight and EU-compliant addon for texting things to create an opt-out consent box, this is because of the right CCPA of the third party’s site data.

Free WordPress, like cookies, notice offers you a simple way of creating your website. Both of the plugins are built-in options to set up the opt-out for easily intergrade with MonsterInsight.

Example: Cookies can scan the site to create a cookie to declare the link for placing the website. You can get your information document to like and comply with the CCPA requirement.

Step 3: Update your privacy policy.

You must update your privacy policy once you add the opt-out consent box of the website.

The next thing you will start by informing the visitors about your website’s uses on Google analytic to collect the documents. You will need to explain all about the purpose of data collection that you can share with any third party.

Y updated privacy policy that includes all the different cookies to use track all your readers. You can outline the process of the users.

Final words

Google analytic used to gather your data to ensure the GA compliant with the Google analytic  CCPA Compliance. You can quickly meet the requirement of compliance with the new law. You can use EU compliant of disabling trucking for the few click of the button. I hope this finds you well.

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